Rainbow Six Siege Mozzie Guide

by gnakjack

Decided to make a guide off of my personal notes having played around with him, please feel free to critique or let me know if I’ve missed anything.



Both of Mozzie’s primaries are solid and very stable weapons. They barely have any recoil and are accurate weapons. He has a slick reload animation and quick reload time as well.

For attachments, I’ll cite Cynibot.

Commando 9 (credits to Cynibot) – Muzzle Brake due to high stability and lack of necessary recoil control from other barrels.

P 90 Roni – Compensator due to lack of muzzle climb, so all that’s really necessary is horizontal control.

Which to choose? Honestly, GetFlanked and Rogue9 have some great videos on this if you would like to check them out. But in short, Commando 9 is the superior weapon with better damage range yet longer ADS, but the Roni has a unique Holo sight and is quite the laser as well. My choice? I choose based on the map, playing on close quarters? Roni. Longer ranges? C9. If you have the time to play around in a custom, play with both and see what you like.


By far the only choice you should be taking is the Super Shorty. It’ll allow you to make rotate holes for people to go through between bomb sites, break open hatches if you’re retreating from a firefight offsite, and toxicly end people’s lives with a blast to their faces. Plus, it’s a pretty cool shotgun especially as a secondary and there aren’t many secondary shotguns.


Both are viable choices based on playstyle.

  • Think you’ll use a drone like a Black Eye and play like Pulse? Go for C4.

  • Think you’ll spend more time on camera placements and want movement denial? Go Barbed, drop the wires real quick, and focus on your camera placement in prep.

TLDR: C9 is better, but P90 Roni has a sexy sight. Grab Super Shorty and bam bam. C4 for cool boom boom, barbed for slow rustle rustle.


The pests are a simple gadget, they capture drones, stealing one from the attacking team and giving you control over it. It is notable that you’re not able to pick up their drones like you can as an attacker, so you can’t just pick them up and throw them into a higher spot you’d like them in. You have three of these and can pre-deploy them onto spots drones will most likely pass through, ie. stairs, drone holes, doors or open windows, or use them immediately onto a drone provided you land the pest perfectly onto the drone. Attackers however will be notified with a red warning that a pest is nearby where they’re droning alongside the bottom of the screen and if they’re fast enough, stop and drive away. Most importantly to note, attackers drones will flash red while being used, and Mozzie’s will flash blue.

TLDR: Steal drones, get info, use Aussie accent when you callout people for bonus points.

Prep Phase

  1. Immediately place two pests down at high traffic or highly probable spots drones will come through, note that the pests have a small radius so placing it at a doorway side gives drones opportunity to slide by if they’re smart, but most of the time, smart players will see the red warning and back off.

  2. Reinforce, put down barbed if you chose it, and get rook armor if it’s available.

  3. Here’s where playstyles can differ on how you play Mozzie, (note that the following is assumed that most of the times, one pest will have hacked one drone and the second pest still available)

  • Roaming? Go ahead and pick up any pests that didn’t catch a drone, most likely one out of two would have, and run to a safe hiding spot. Position your drone into a good spot on site or near the site that your team can use for themselves, and then get on default cams to gather info for yourself.

  • Semi-roam? Leave the second pest if it didn’t get any drones, reposition it into a drone hole or common attacking door even. Make any small rotate crouch holes between site if necessary. Then roam 1-2 rooms away from site. Then once at a good holding spot there, position your drone(s) into drone spots that look over hallways or rooms next to you and near the site so you’ll have info to flank, roam in between, and make callouts.

  • Anchoring? At this point, I’d go ahead and use all three pests to hack drones, then spend the rest of prep phase setting up drones while on site. Maybe keep one pests for Twitch, but the point is to set up three drones into good cam positions and just anchor while being on cam duty or rotation hole duty.

The reason you’ll most likely keep one pest in your pocket especially while roaming is to catch any idle drone attackers leave out in the open and use it against them to flank them. These drones are especially useful to get any information on anti-flank gadgets like airjabs or claymores, and allow you to find a route around these or even get rid of them with a Twitch drone.

TLDR: Pest->Reinforce, pick up armor->set up drones on site or in hiding spot as roamer.

General Notes

  • Do let people know that you’re Mozzie so they can callout for you to hack drones near them, else if you don’t need them, let them know they can destroy the drones.

  • Make sure people don’t ping on your drones, well hidden drones can be more noticeable than well hidden Black Eyes are.

  • Remember if you’re backing up someone else on the flank or firefight, use drones to distract the opponents while pulling off sick breakdance moves that while they’re in awe, they’ll get shot by your teammates. More importantly, have your roamer follow up on your drone as you call out where the attackers are and aren’t.

  • Do some extensive research on good drone spots, valk cam spots, and see if you can recreate them. There’s some great ones on Hereford Base’s Attic and Theme Park’s Train Station.


In the right hands, Mozzie is a very strong information gatherer. Placing his drones in the right spots, he’s useful even after death provided his drones have a good range of vision with the limited drone movement. Even without vision, live drones provide sound and that by itself can be of value. Depending on how you play him, you can be an aggressive flanker knowing where Nomad’s placed her airjabs or claymores are and unexpectedly flank them with reassurance thanks to your drones. You can waste info as an anchor, scanning attackers with a well hidden drone high above and have them on edge as they push. Lastly, you got a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses. Hope the guide helped!

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