Rainbow Six Siege How to Win More Rounds in Ranked

And Be a Smarter Team Player by Jotangs12

In this guide I will run through what you should do during defensive and offensive rounds in order to win more rounds which in turn can help you win matches and rank up. These tips will be based on bomb and not secure area as bomb is the most popular and more competitive game mode.

On defense the preferred setup would be 2 anchors 2 roamers and 1 lurker/one entry denial (someone in between like lesion or mute/bandit).

This is because having too many roamers can leave you vulnerable on site and if the people on site get overthrown then it will be harder to regain site when probably the whole attacking team would be there. Too many anchors would give nearly full map control to attackers and makes it easier for them as they don’t have to worry about being flanked and soon enough they will flush you out or kill you one by one.

A decent lineup for bomb would be Echo,Maestro/Lesion,Lesion/Valk,Jager and Pulse. Echo can stop the plant and give intel to your team if they manage to get on site, Maestro and Lesion can both give intel and damage the attackers. This can cause them to waste valuable time and maybe rethink their push. Valk is good as she has C4 which can deny plants and cameras can help you play more aggressive (dont put cameras on site). Jager is nearly essential for bomb as there will be smoke grenades,frags,stuns every round and on bomb these are crucial to helping get the plant down. Pulse is effective in higher level play to stop the plant from below or give calls to teammates about when the attackers are entering the site.

For bomb, roamers should not go for kills and instead should focus on wasting the attackers time by having an off site presence. If you die but waste 1 min then your job has been partly successful. A high level roamer will know common entry spots to get a early pick and know good rotations so late into the round they can get the all important late flank 3K to deny the plant that all roamers dream of. Lurkers should wait around site to see if anyone enters through their room and if not wait to see if the anchors need help on site then come back.

Anchors should watch cams and give calls to roamers and lurkers to ensure that site does not get taken over by attackers. Usually an anchor like Echo should stay alive to the dying moments and try and stop the plant using a yokai drone. Mira is also really good but only with specific strats like Laundry on Oregon or Penthouse on Coastline or Server room on Bank. Mute/Bandit is also good for entry denial. Mute can also prevent phones ringing and lion scans etc which can help the anchor focus on the obj.

On attack you should bring 1 hard breacher (Hibana for hatches or Thermite for garages etc) 2 objective players preferably with smokes (Jackal, Dokkaebi, Monty, Capitao) 1 Support (Thatcher or Twitch) and 1 fragger/the sweats best player (Ash, blitz, Lion, Zofia).

The bomb should be given to either the objective player or the support player. In the prep phase the fragger should find the objective as they wont need their drone (explained later) and tag operators so the attack know who to look out for. The hard breacher should drone upstairs for the hatch or leave their drone outside the garage.

The objective player(s) should keep the drone at the entry point for the fragger as they need to stay alive anyway so instead of the fragger wasting time droning the obj player can drone for them until they die/clear upstairs for roamers. From 3:00 to 2:00 the hard breacher and support should waiting to be cleared onto the hatch or be breaching the garage and the obj/fraggers should be looking/droning for roamers.

Depending on the hard breachers success 2:00 to 1:00 should be rotating to the open garage or if hard breach not available/failed then killing roamers above or below obj. The last minute should be pushing site after hopefully all roamers are clear and flushing out anchors. You should use the fragger to use stuns to burn any ads’ and then smoke and plant. Now Monty can sit on bomb, Dokkaebi can call or watch hacked cams and the rest can either watch the flank or sit and wait as the defenders have to come to you.

Doing this in a coordinated team can easily win you more matched and help you become a better team player to adapt when you don’t have a full 5 stack.

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