Azur Lane Terms and Slang Glossary

by renn28

Apologems = Gems/diamond as compensation for dev’s mistake.

Belfast gun = Triple 155mm (3rd Year Type) best (?) gun for Belfast and her Burn Order skill

Clevedad = Cleveland. Her name from Chinese WoWS community.

Confetti gun = Twin 410mm (Type 3 Shell). Fires fragments mid-air like confetti.

Crane sisters = Shoukaku-class carrier. Shoukaku & Zuikaku. The last kanji in their name translated as Crane.

Dog mine = Chapter 6-4. ship drop: Yuudachi (the dog) Also called Poi Mine (Poi = KC Yuudachi catchphrase)

Dork = Duke_of_York. sometime DoY

Drunk sleepy loli = USS Laffey. she’s drunk, always sleepy, a loli.

Fox mine = Chapter 3-4. ship drop: Akagi & Kaga (the fox sisters)

Irisviel = USS Yorktown

Jihad = Suicide boats

Nakaga = Nagato + Akagi + Kaga (one of PVP meta combination)

Nambah WAN ship = USS San Diego one of her skill called “I Am No.1!” + her often appearance in gacha pull despite being SSR (?)

OWARI DA! = USS Enterprise‘s “Lucky E” skill activation line (deal double damage & imune to all attacks for 8s)

Rainbow dildo = Type 93 Pure Oxygen Torpedo

RNGer = USS Ranger

Saber = HMS Renown

The Adopted = IJN Maya. She look different from the rest of Takao-class.

The Nun = USS Vestal

Useless titty boat = HMS Illustrious, Voiced by Amamiya Sora just like Konosuba’s Aqua (damegami/useless goddess)

WASD = USS Washington + USS South Dakota (one of PVP meta combination)

Warspacito = HMS Warspite + Belli dura despicio (skill activation line) + despacito.

Edit: Addition from people in comment

1:1 = fleet consist of one ship in main fleet and one ship in the vanguard (typically refers to fleets with two max out shipgirls)

3D5 = USS San Diego. Her name sounds similar to this in Japanese (San-D-Go)

Akaga= backline fleet of Akagi+Kaga

Amakaga= backline fleet of Amagi+Akagi+Kaga

Anti-torpedo bulge = Boobs :D

Ayaya = Ayanami (may or may not be a reference to Kiniro Mosaic)

Bakaga = Battleship Kaga (Crimson Echoes event ship/IJN kaga before converted to cv) also called Baga

Belfap = Belfast (fap to her glorious body)

Big Wasp = USS Hornet

Bucky = Fubuki (her nickname in KC)

Displacements = Bust size

Derpitz = Tirpitz. From WoWs community. also called Torpitz, Thinkpitz

Egyptian Gods = Helena/Cleveland/Wichitaor Jintsuu/Naka/Sendai (a reference to Yugioh because of their color scheme; the latter three are sister ships while the former three are a popular meta vanguard fleet)

Enterprise Alter = The evil Enterprise from the future in Fallen Wings and Winter’s Crown (Alter is a term from Fate/Grand Order used to refer to evil alternate versions of a character)

Exodia = Backline consisting of USS Enterprise + 2 other powerful carriers. This is quite old and really rarely used nowadays.

Facetorping = In manual control, running your fleet right up to the enemy and launching torpedoes point-blank.

FusouHK/YamashiroHK = Fusou / Yamashiro retrofitted up to and excluding the modernisation and airpower enhancement nodes.

Hamuman = USS Hammann (it’s how her VA sounds when pronouncing her name)

Honolulewd = USS Honolulu (her skin is lewd)

Hot Maid Ship = Royal navy’s ship/HMS (some ship is modeled as maid)

Jaberin: HMS Javelin (it’s how her VA sounds when pronouncing her name)

Jesus = USS Juneau and her War Martyr skill + Pearl Tears, when she die she’ll heal your entire fleet for certain amount.

Jewcat = IJN Akashi, she want your diamond (irl money)

Kai = Retrofit

Lusty = HMS Illustrious (Her historical nickname)

Long legs monster = Souryuu joke mocking the unnaturally long legs on Souryuu’s in-game art.

Mahans = Mahan-class destroyer Cassin + Downes

Mountain Mama = West Virginia (in reference to John Denver’s song, Country Roads)

Nimi = Z23 (it’s how the numbers in her name are pronounced in Japanese) also called Nimi Sensei

NoCal = USS North Carolina

PoW = HMS Prince_of_Wales

Roomba = Twin 113mm BD RP10 Mk also called UFO

Shiro = Z46 (in japanese Shi=4 Roku=6) also called Fiize (Vier=4 Sechs=6)

SKK = Shikikan (The Commander/player, AKA you)

SoDak = USS South Dakota

Soft Landings = burying your face in Illustrious’ high center of mass (one of her lines) or in any girl.

St. Lewdis = USS St._Louis (She’s lewd)

Tabasco Gun = Twin 150mm (TbtsK C/36)

Uniyan/Destroy Mode/NT-D = Yandere Unicorn (the first one is an emote in the game that’s a reference to her “Unicorn isn’t a good girl” line, the latter two are Unicorn Gundam references)

Washi = USS Washington

Zombie Ship/Fleet = Ship/Fleet with self-heal skills like the Mahans, PhoenixMinneapolisYorktown

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