Rainbow Six Siege How To Kill Blitz Guide

by Allopathological

Here are some tips on how to effectively counter blitz which seems to be the question everyone is asking. Shields really aren’t OP as many think, a good, well coordinated team can easily counter Blitz. I find that the players who think he is OP simply don’t know how to play against him, but you really do need certain loadouts/operators to effectively counter him.

So here is a list of ways to deal with blitz. The ways I find myself being countered the most after 2+ years with Blitzy Boi.

  • Shoot his exposed gun hand and shoulder, it will always be out and unless he is a skilled blitz player he probably isn’t using environmental cover to keep his gun hand safe. Constant, well-placed shots to the hand will force a blitz to back off. You can drill down his health and even kill him very quickly this way and from a safe distance.
  • Shoot his legs while he runs. This is effective at stopping a blitz rush before it starts. If you are at a decent range (not close enough for a flash) almost every blitz player will crouch to protect their legs. The closer they get to you, the harder it is to to hit his legs and the more likely you get flashed and killed, so try to keep your distance.
  • Put rounds on the shield at the corners where his shoulders are. Too many players just shoot the bulk of the shield hoping to magically penetrate it. Shoot those corners! even if you can’t get a clear shot on his gun hand, the small damages really add up and will make blitz much easier to stop during future rushes.
  • Get around him and shoot his hips/back. You should always be trying to flank him. The worst thing you can do with a blitz in the room is stand still and shoot the center of his shield.
  • Never stand still or stare at blitz. Blitz can line up headshots and quickdraw you with his ADS/Laser site veryquickly and one-tap you if you don’t keep moving. Seriously he’s like McCree from overwatch, he can get so many kills this way by peeking into a room and one-tapping all the heads that pop up and stare at him.
  • If he crouches close to you, rush him and try to shoot over/around his shield. If you can force him to crouch by shooting his legs, pushing up hard can net you a skilled/lucky headshot or at least enough rounds on body to down him.
  • If a blitz is rushing you and you are blinded, crouch or lay down when you spray. You are more likely to hit his legs and survive the flash, plus changing stances makes you harder to melee/pistol spray when the adrenaline is pumping.
  • Use Lesion. His darts are super annoying and can chip away a LOT of health from a blitz player. If you can dart him 2-3 times, you severely compromise his ability to rush. The most effective blitz rushes are the ones where he starts with full health. Headshots on blitz are rare, so it really is a numbers game. The more you chip away from his health the easier he is to stop during the rush.
  • Use impacts/C4. I find impacts to be more effective than C4 at stopping Blitz because they deploy faster than blitz can react. A good blitz player can actually counter C4 quite well. C4 is slow to deploy, with a long airtime and short flightpath. The sound it makes being pulled out is loud and blitz will know to haul ass away when he hears it come out. Plus, you need to swap off your weapon longer to arm to throw C4, meaning a really good blitz can rush you without worrying about bullet spray while you try to aim the C4. I’ve killed several very surprised valkyrie players by rush/melee while they threw their C4. Most players will want to avoid killing themselves with their own bomb so they also wait before detonating, giving Blitz ample time to come up and get close. Even if they panic detonate, they usually end up killing themselves +/- blitz in the process. Impacts are faster, aim them to the R/L of the shield and just behind it. Alternatively, aim at Blitz’s legs if he is standing. Blitz can do almost nothing about it, and two well-aimed impacts can reduce blitz to around 20 health or even kill him. Just make sure you don’t pop the impact and then hold it to aim. If blitz sees you holding the impact he will crouch and prepare to absorb the explosion. Try to throw them quickly and catch him off guard. If you prefer C4, always throw it above him and try to detonate it in the air. If you can’t do that throw it towards his side and try to get it behind the shield if you can.
  • Blitz’s gun hand can be melee’d if your aim is good enough during a rush
  • The melee mechanic seems to have a better chance of getting past the shield, so if possible try to rush his side quick, spin around and knife him. Think of making a fish-hook like path around his shield. This can be very effective when combined with a few shots to the leg, forcing him to crouch, giving you a much larger target to knife when you get close.
  • A good blitz uses his gun only when he knows he can kill you, because aiming is so slow and exposes him to fire. If a bad blitz tries to shoot you head on, aim at high chest so your recoil gives you a headshot.
  • Pick Smoke. For the same reasons lesion is so effective vs blitz, smoke can chip away a lot of blitz’s health without exposing himself. This means that later on a lucky arm or leg shot can kill blitz while he rushes. Smoke can also rush blitz through a smoke grenade. Spam your toxic babes and then try any of the moves I mentioned previously to kill him while he retreats.
  • Double team him. The best way to stop blitz is to have two players on him. Try to catch him in a cross-fire by both shooting the sides of his shield. He will usually try to focus on blocking all of one player’s shots instead of blocking most of both player’s shots. When he turns to block one player, the other player shoots him. Alternatively, have one player rush him to the side and another waiting to shoot him. Blitz will have no choice but to choose one player to defend against, allowing the other an easy kill.
  • If you think he is about to flash you look off to the side really quick. His flash shield really only works if you are looking straight at it. Try and bait him to flash you by pushing up on him quickly and then pulling back before getting into flash range. Many blitz’s will flash you as you run towards them to stop your rush. If you can get him to waste his flashes he is much less effective in close quarters.
  • If you land a melee on his shield it will be knocked aside, exposing his body for you to hip-fire. This trick can save your life if you are blinded.
  • Don’t play passively against blitz. You need to really get on him. Shoot his shield near the corners, throw bombs, move around him, never stay still. Even if you don’t get that headshot kill you still chip away at his health.

The biggest issue I see is that players want an easy way to one-shot blitz and that just isn’t how to counter him. The best way to beat him 1v1 is by attrition, chipping at his health with pot-shots, bombs and area denial operators like lesion and smoke. The best way to deal with him in general is by just double teaming him.

Above all play aggressively, don’t give him time to think or room to breathe. Play him from a distance and close in for the kill if you have to. Playing him 1v1 in close quarters is a generally bad idea.

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