Rainbow Six Siege Blitz Strategy Guide

by Allopathological

Been playing a lot of Siege over winter vacation, and I’ve noticed a lot of blitz players making pretty elementary mistakes. I’m a Blitz main, and I’ve gotten several aces with blitz and I’ve played him since launch. Here are some tips I’ve compiled over 2+ years of gameplay

Universal Truths of Playing Blitz:

  • Blitz is a shield operator with a gun, NOT a gun operator with a shield. 75% of your kills or more are going to come from MELEE and not your pistol. If you try to use your pistol as your major weapon you are going to be an unsuccessful Blitz.
  • When you are rushing with Blitz, act like it. If you start an aggressive push, you need to commit to it fully or you won’t be successful. Being hesitant and breaking your momentum at the first sign of trouble gives the enemy time to calm down and figure out a way to kill you.
  • You are Bullet Resistant not Bullet Proof. Use Cover (more on this below)
  • Melee first and Melee often.

How to Play Blitz Defensively (you are being attacked):

  • If you’re being fired upon from a distance, crouch immediately and face the defender. Blitz’s legs are exposed when he stands, making you easy prey to low flying bullets from a smart defender.
  • If an enemy is running up on you, or close to you, STAND UP. There is a certain point (3-5m or so) where they can shoot over your shield to hit your arms or head. The closer they are, the harder it is for them to shoot your feet and easier to hit your head. You’re better off taking a round to the leg than to your massive headphone wearing dome. So stand up, you’ll live longer.
  • Use Cover. Blitz’s right hand (gun hand) is fully exposed and can be shot. You should be using cover as often as possible with blitz. Your primary goal should always be to protect your legs and your right hand. A very effective tactic is to use doorways and windows to cover your right hand enough that you can still see inside the room and line up your shots (more on this later) but not enough that your hand can be shot. You should be thinking about your legs and your right hand at all times. They are your greatest vulnerability. You cannot simply crouch behind your shield out in the open and expect to survive. Your right hand will be shot at and you can/will die from it if you don’t do something.
  • Use a dark gun camo on the Pistol. Darker camos blend with the shield making it harder for enemies to aim at your exposed gun hand. I noticed that after I put a crazy colored camo on my gun the amount of deaths I had from being shot in that arm went way up. No need to remind the enemy your hand is exposed with a unicorn print pistol skin.
  • If you hear the sound of a C4 being taken out (that velcro sound) or an impact grenade you need to back off as quickly as possible. Blitz’s shield can stop C4, but you will usually take significant damage or die in the process. To maximize your chance of survival, crouch and look directly at the C4. You should be able to survive a C4 blast from surprisingly close this way as long as you are crouched.
  • Use your Flash Shield to control the engagement. This is your greatest tool in the game. The sound of the flash alone can make an enemy disengage and run off. In my experience, there are two kinds of enemies you will encounter as a blitz player. Aggressive and Passive. Aggressive players will try to rush you so they can either chuck an explosive in your face or melee and shoot you while your shield recoils from their melee. In my opinion, an overly aggressive defender is the biggest reason new blitz players get killed. New players don’t know how to manage an aggressive defender and they panic, dropping their shield to shoot or exposing themselves to fire by crouching in the confusion. To deal with aggressive players, a good blitz should control the distance of the engagement. When they try to rush you, fire off a flash charge. 9/10 times they will back off as soon as they see the flash go off, even if you didn’t blind them. Always keep in mind that your right hand is exposed and try to use cover as the situation allows. If the mid-range flash doesn’t stop them, a few hip-fire shots (NEVER ADS WHILE BEING RUSHED) will usually do the trick. I’ve been double rushed and had both players back off because I fired off a few rounds and hit one of them in the torso. As soon as the aggressors start taking damage they usually disengage. If all else fails and they keep coming at you, fire off another flash charge (or 3) when they get close, wait for them to spray blindly and shield bash them to death.
  • The only time you ADS with blitz is when an enemy is running away from you or if you are going for a cheeky headshot (see below)

How to play blitz aggressively:

  • To kill a defender that is inside the objective from a window or cover with a cheeky headshot is a high-risk/high-reward scenario as it involves taking your shield down and aiming, but it can be very effective and very satisfying when it does work. First, this tactic only works if the defender is standing still, as you need time to line up your shot. To do it, smash a window/door barricade and peek into the room, making sure to keep your right hand covered by the window frame. If you are doing this on a door, make sure you are also crouched to protect dat blitz booty. Now, usually if you do this to an OBJ window, a defender inside will notice you break the barricade and start shooting at you, the shots should bounce off your shield since they cannot hit your right hand or legs which are behind cover. Now here’s the fun part: Just stare at them for a few seconds. Most defenders will stare back at you, with their body exposed, waiting for you to make a move. During this time, line up the laser dot from your pistol with their head, you should be able to do this slowly without exposing enough of your right hand to be a target. This red laser dot is the exact spot your bullet will go when you ADS. The final step is to ADS and fire, netting you an instant kill via headshot. You need to practice the timing of this move on a wall before you try it because the timing is tricky. If you fire before the ADS animation completes the bullet will fire as though you hip fired and will not go where the red dot is. If you fire too late, they have an opportunity to damage/kill you or move out of the way. This move is super risky but it is my absolute favorite way to get kills as blitz because people don’t even know what hit them and it’s super satisfying to one-tap somebody. The best advice I can give you is to wait a half-second longer than you think you need to the first time you do it. Once you get the timing right on this move, you can hit someone almost instantly with an 80+% success rate. NOTE: This trick works will all shield operators as long as they have a laser attachment on their pistol. I’ve pulled this off with Monty, Fuze, and Recruit. NOTE: The laser dot may “catch” on the invisible hit box for the door frame if you do this correctly (with your right hand mostly behind cover). It will look like the laser dot is hitting an invisible wall right in front of your face. This is fine, once you ADS the pistol will actually move to the center of the screen and the shot will still hit their head. Line the shot up and fire as you normally would.
  • Closing distance with a defender (rushing them) can be tricky but is much easier now that blitz can run with his shield up. If the enemy is far away, sprinting will just expose your legs so you need to approach them crouched at first. Once you are reasonably close, Just look directly at your target and bum rush them (sprint). If you start the rush from too far away, they may try and shoot your legs, so just crouch and then sprint again, but never stop moving forward. The biggest mistake I see new blitz players make is they stop their rush as soon as they take damage. Your shield is not meant to keep you 100% safe, it’s meant to keep you alive. Even a perfectly executed bum rush has the potential to take 20-40% of your health down. If you are mid-sprint and almost within melee range do not stop rushing because a stray bullet hit your leg. You need to get within fighting/flashing distance as quickly as possible. I can’t count how many blitz players I see stop their rush and crouch at close range because they took a few shots to the leg. This is how you get killed because being crouched in close quarters with an enemy is the worst possible scenario for blitz. Use environmental cover to protect your legs during the rush if you can. Blitz is most effective in tight rooms with lots of boxes and stuff lying around because the can sprint around without worrying about his legs too much. The bottom line is: for enemies far away, approach by crouching and moving forward & for enemies mid-close range, sprint up in their face and don’t stop for anything.
  • So you’ve successfully rushed an enemy and you are in close quarters with them, now what? To aggressively play blitz in close quarters can be the most effective tactic at your disposal. This is how I got my aces with blitz. First of all, when it’s time to rush with blitz, you need to act like it. Commit to being aggressive and try and get the defender you are running up on to panic. Rush, Rush, Rush them. Most defenders are used to blitz players being careful and timid, if you push them hard a lot of them will panic and become an easy melee kill for you. Your goal at all times is to run up to them and punch them in the face. The best way to do this without being killed is to get a flash off during the sprint towards the enemy. I like to flash mid-sprint as soon as I’m close enough to actually blind them (closer than you think you need to be, like 3-5m MAX). If you successfully blinded them, they will either put their hand up over their eyes OR start shooting randomly. The best way to confirm they are blinded is if they start shooting the floor/ceiling or wall nowhere near you. If they are still hitting your shield they may not be blinded. Once they are blinded you are going to keep your shield up, get close and melee them. If they aren’t blinded and you are within melee range you can go for the melee anyway but be careful because they may try to melee you and then shoot you while your shield recoils from their strike. Remember you NEVER use your pistol unless you are trying to scare off an aggressive defender, going for a headshot, or shooting a defender that is running away. I can’t stress this enough, If you try to shoot someone ADS in close quarters you will be killed at least 50% of the time.
  • If you are dealing with more than one enemy, a good rule of thumb is to flash the shield once for each enemy, never assume that a single flash will blind both of them. Blitz really shines 1v1 and your best bet for surviving a double team is to retreat to cover and disengage. Dealing with a double team is very situational because it can either play out strongly in your favor or strongly in their favor. In a tight room like OBJ or corridor, where they are both in front of you with no room to flank, you can flash twice and then shield bash them both to death (this is how I got my ace). If it’s an open space, or If they both rush you, abuse your flash shield and hip fire while retreating to cover and try to scare them off. Try to keep them both in front of you at all times. If there’s no cover and no help coming and you are being double teamed, your best bet is to just bum rush the pair, flash the shit out of them, and go down swinging. At least then you might get a lucky melee kill and help contribute to your team winning rather than just dying without a kill.

How to PTFO with Blitz:

  • Blitz can be used to Distract/harass/kill defenders from windows using the cheeky headshot technique I explained above
  • Blitz is very useful for pushing into an OBJ when the defenders are down to their last one or two operators. While he can do this alone using the techniques I outlined above, he really shines when he leads a charge with one or two teammates behind him. If the last man is behind cover in the room (like a deployable shield) blitz makes a great rusher to take him out. Even if you fail, he had to stop watching the doors/windows in order to deal with you, so he is now an easy kill for your teammates who know exactly where he is. This works even better if you all rush together with blitz leading the charge because the defender now has to choose 1 person to shoot out of 2 or 3. If he chooses you, your teammate shoots him while he tries to deal with you. If he chooses your teammate, he gives you time to make it into flashing range and melee him for the win.
  • Blitz can be used to successfully defend the defuser in bomb mode. Plant the defuser in a corner of the room and crouch over it. Pop smoke grenades on your position to buy time and then abuse your flash shield to keep the defenders from destroying the defuser. I would advise you not to try and melee unless it’s 1v1 for the defuser. You are better off just flashing over and over again without exposing yourself to the enemy team. Remember, your goal here is to buy time, NOT get kills. You are better off staying alive and protecting the defuser than dying with enough time left on the clock to destroy the defuser.

I tried to cover the big elements of playing blitz in this guide, I may have missed minor details but these tips/strategies will keep you alive the longest and contribute to your team winning the game.

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