Path of Exile Guide to Scams and How to Avoid Them

by skatekris

The point of this topic is to inform players about all the possible scamming techniques and how to protect themselves.

Let’s just jump straight into it. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or a hardcore-nolife long term player there is a very big probability that in certain moment of your game adventure someone will try to steal your precious orbs or items. And since GGG strongly supports and encourages scamming and are very devoted in protecting scammers (clarification at the bottom) the community has to deal with the thiefs on their own. I will always love GGG for everything what they do but this is the one and only thing that I will never, ever accept or agree on. Protecting and encouraging scamming is just wrong.

I split the guide into 4 parts depending on the different scamming technics:

  1. Scamming by trading.
  2. Scamming by service providing.
  3. Self-scamming.
  4. You are the SCAMMER. (for experienced players only)

1. Scamming by trading.

—– a) 6-link into 5-link switcharo. —–

Let’s say Johnny wants to buy a 6 link Queen of the forest for his MF shaped volcano farmer. He found the guy who is selling one for 4ex. WOW super cheap, very nice deal. Let’s go. He invited „seller/scammer” he traded 4 ex for „6 link” QOTF. Super. But…! What is that? A 5 link? Johnny is sad and decided to uninstall the game and never go back to it again.


Always double check, triple check the links in the item you are trying to buy. A lot of scammers will put 6L first then cancel trade in the last second trade again and put 5L and hit accept really fast hoping that the other guy will not notice the difference. It is especially effective on the chests that 6links and 5links are hard to see like Queen of the Forest and few other chests I forgot the name right now.

—– b) Fated unique into non fated unique switcharo. (also applies to lvl 20 and 21 gems) —–

Let me guess, you are scrapping all the money to buy that juicy Kaom’s Way for your immortal Juggernaut . So you are mapping and mapping and mapping and lab farming and mapping and mapping and lab farming and one day you realized that you just paid 5 exalts for Kaom’s Sign instead of Kaom’s Way. FeelsScammedMan.


Always double check, triple check the NAME and the item itself before hitting accept. All the fated uniques looks exactly the same as their non fated version. The scammer will always cancel the trade in the last seconds so they have time for switching the item for a cheaper version. Same rules apply to 20/21lvl gems, corrupted gems, etc. They all look the same.

—– c) WTB your 1569 alterations for my 1exalt (a.k.a he won’t notice those 20 alts missing) —–

Sometimes when trading a lot of currency for other currency some people might put 5 or 10 orbs less and hoping that the other person won’t count all of them or just gonna won’t notice the difference.


Math is easy. There are 12 columns and 5 rows in trade window. 1 column of full stacks of chaos = 50 chaoses. 1 column of alts/chroms/jewellers/fusings = 100 orbs. Always use that grid as your point of perspective when you are trading a lot of small orbs for other orbs or items.

—– d) „You profit 5 exalts” (my fcking favourite) —–

Scammers will try to buy every single SHIT and non popular unique item that NOONE EVER GONNA USE (like this one and they will try to trade that SHIT unique for a very expensive unique also telling other person that the person will profit on this trade a lot (40c, 2ex, 4ex, etc)


NEVER-EVER-NEVER-EVER TRADE ITEM FOR AN ITEM IF U HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR WHAT THE OTHER ITEM IS. If you are a new player and got lucky Kaom’s Heart or Shavronne drop always sell that for currency. Check trading websites and if you don’t know how to price the item or ask someone more experienced to price it for you. But no matter what NEVER trade items for an items unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing and what is the second item might be worth. Like trading kaom for shavronne early league might be OK-ish idea but those are single examples and they barely gonna happen to you or to anyone. You always wanna sell your items for currency.

—– e) Price fixing —–

Jonny dropped Shavronny but has no idea how much the item is worth. Checking the price on trade, sees 2ex, so he puts up his for 2ex 5 min later he is happy and have 2 exalts in his pocket. Jonny just lost extra 4-5ex. Scammers will try to buy most of the expensive unique items and put them on sale for lower value that they are actually worth. This means when a new player doesn’t know the price of an item he just dropped he will just list it for whatever the trade site tells him but he doesn’t realize that most of those items belong to one person who is just trying to buy expensive unique items for very cheap from new players who don’t know the real value of an item.


Always check if the multiple unique items are listed by the same person. Try to whisper that person saying you want to buy that item from him and check if he responds to you. Most of the scammers will be either afk, or have dnd on or just straight won’t answer you. Ask someone more experienced about the item and how to price it. Same applies to rare items as well (check nr3 self-scamming).

—– f) WTB your alternate art Atziri Mirror for my 6000 exalts (a.k.a there is not enough spot to put all the currencyin trade window). —–


ALWAYS use popular and trustworthy streamers as middleman. You and the person you are buying item from are handling all the items to the streamer and once when the streamer got all the items / currency ready he just trades back items to new owners. Literally impossible to get scammed like this UNLESS! a person you are trading with will suggest to use a non popular streamer that you never heard of or will start to acting like a weirdo when you suggest to use a popular streamer as a middleman.

—– g) WTB your perandus coins (a.k.a. YOINK my headhunter now) (Applies also to buying Remnant of Corruption—–

Johnny found the fat guy Perandus who offers him a sweet HH deal for only 696969 perandus coins but Johnny has only 6969 coins so he decides to start buying perandus coins from ppl. He whispered this one guy is selling like 30.000 coins in bulk – SWEET deal. Invited to party, Johnny teleports to guys HO but the guy is not there, the guy is busy teleporting to Johnny’s HO to join his map to steal his HH offer from cadiro. Guy leaves the party, adds Johnny to ignore list, poor Jonny doesn’t even know what happened. Also when you have one of the 4 essences (Dread, Scorn, Misery, Envy) that has potential to be corrupted into a more expensive one a scammer can sneak into your map, use remnant of corruption on your essence, kill it and steal the loot from it while you are running around in his HO.


If you find Perandus on your map and he has a really nice deal for you (HH, Mirror, etc) ALWAYS block your map device with some sort of hideout decoration like Elreon Book Shelf or something similar that will prevent anyone to join into your map. Now it is also easier because you can move your waypoint somewhere else and just build a wall around it so anyone who teleports to your HO is just stuck on top of the waypoint and cant move anywhere nor enter your map. Second option is you can block anyone from joining your hideout → click Decorations button → bottom right corner there are 3 options Allow friends / guildmates / party members to join your HO → simply un-tick all of them → problem solved. Third option is have a trusted friend who can start buying coins for you and then trade them to you after he’s done with all the buying.

—– h) Hi, I would like to buy your Shavronne’s Wrappings Occultist’s Vestment listed for 200 chaos (CHANGED by scammer from 250c) in Hardcore Betrayal. —–

Sometimes scammers will manually edit the trade message to trick you into selling your items originally listed for 250c to sell it for 200c.


ALWAYS double check the price that your item is listed for, especially when you are trading a lot and have a lot of different items for sale. Sometimes the scammer can change message from 10c to 9c hoping you will not notice the difference but sometimes it can be a lot more.

—– i) A five for one but what is THE ONE? (kinda sophisticated and requires few helpers) a.k.a. SUPER LOWBALL —–

Johnny got lucky and dropped super-imba 3res, 30ms, 100hp boots. He listed boots for 2exalts (that’s what friends helped him listed them for). But suddenly Jonny getting spammed by a lot of potential buyers who offer him a lot less money for the boots.

The first guy lowball him super hard and offers him only 20c for the boots saying some shit like “cold res is super low” bla bla bla.

The second guy lowballs him a little bit hard offering him 30c for the boots saying that the resists are not t1 so he will never get 2ex for boots bla bla bla.

The third guy lowballs him just a little bit offering him juicy 75c for the boots saying that the boots are awesome but doesn’t have any prefis open so he can’t add anything to them and bla bla bla.

And here comes our main actor the fourth guy offering the Johnny super juicy 1ex and 10c for the boots because even tho the boots are super good he is a new player and does not have the money but those sweet boots will help him push those sweet sweet high t6 and t7 maps with his new super noob friendly build.

Johnny starts to having second thoughts “what maybe those boots aren’t worth 2ex after all?” he decides to sell those boots for the last guy. But little did our poor Johnny know that those four guys were actually friends trying to lowball Johnny as hard as possible so he decides to sell the boots super underpriced after the pressure from other “different” potential buyers.


If you have a lot of whispers in short period of time for one item and all of them are super lowballs like half of the price you are selling for (or scammers are stupid enough to be in the same guild and whisper you) then it is probably the 99% of the time a scamming attempt. But be aware that sometimes you just miss-priced your item and your gloves are actually not worth 3ex and you will never sell them for that amount but I talked already about dropping price bit by bit this is perfect example when you can use that technique.

—– j) Look into the MIRROR you just got scammed (a.k.a. mirrored bases – rare items) MIRRORED ITEMS CAN NOT BE MODIFIED!  —–

Johnny finds perfect rare item for his build on trade. Let’s buy it fast before anyone else buys it from me!!! GO GO GO fast trade and here it is!! My precious rare item that I paid 2exalts but I can not modify socket colors or craft anything on it because instead of the original rare item a scammer put in trade window same rare item but mirrored.


There is Kalandra craft prophecy. The monster will drop a rare item and three mirrored copies of that same item. The potential scammer can list an original item on sale “for cheap” but when it comes to a trade he puts a mirrored copy that you can not modify in any way. Please double check if the item has MIRRORED line of text at the bottom of the item screen <- You can not do anything with this item beside using it as it is. Also every MIRRORED item has it art flipped so it looks like a reflection of an original item.

2. Scamming by service providing.

—– a) Crafting —–

You need to multimod something? So you give your 5ex item plus 2ex for craft to a potential crafter and YOINK he’s offline.


This one is really tricky. Find a popular crafter like streamer or someone you know with REALLY good reputation to handle your items.


You can look for vouching threads on POE forum but stay aware that GGG is deleting EVERY, SINGLE negative comment from the crafter post. Therefore you will never see someone complaining in the forum that someone else stole their item while crafting. GGG is protecting the scammers – yes that’s true and that has always been the case but that’s not the point of this post. Just be aware that all the vouching posts have always 100% upvotes because all the negative comments have being deleted.


Sometimes you can ask for equivalent if you are handling a really expensive item to the crafter. For example during this league I was splitting items into 2 using bestiary recipe and I gave 3ex equiv for the person I was selling the craft. After split he gave me back 3ex and another 4ex for the service. Other option is to unlock as many crafting recipes as you can on your own. You can find the whole list here The best way is probably find one person that you can trust, add him to your friend list and use that person for crafting. You have to remember that there is always a risk of being scammed in those type of services no matter what you do either it is bench crafting, bestiary crafting, or w/e type of crafting you are trying to do. Also please do not always ask for equivalent if you are just trying to add 25% cold res on your 3c boots. Be reasonable it works both ways.

—– b) Boss killing —–

You got your juicy Shaper set ready to go because you want that that beasty necklace drop but your build is kinda doo-doo so you are looking for someone who can kill that guy for you. You paid 10-20c for kill all loot is yours, boots dropped of course as always. But later that day on poe trade you see that the same guy who killed Shaper for you is selling 5 necklaces, 6 flasks and 4 swords on trade. Either this mofo is very lucky and is running 50 shaper sets per day or he scammed you by picking up your necklace and dropped unidentified gloves / boots on the ground for you to pick up.


Use someone who is streaming his boss killing services so you can actually see what drops when boss dies. Most of the time you won’t enter the fighting zone so you won’t be there to see what dropped (unless it’s elder fight where I think all the unique boss loot is assigned to map owner).

—– c) Keep the equiv (a.k.a. this turned out to be really fcking good corrupt / craft) —–

Sometimes when using crafting service or using bestiary crafting or alva corruption rooms the crafter or service provider will give you equiv in currency for an item you are handling him but 1 in 100 corrupts or crafts the item will turn into something really beautiful and powerful a.k.a. this item was worth 2ex before craft / corrupt now after corrupt its worth 30ex so the crafter will decide to keep your item for himself.


This one is really tricky. You will NEVER be 100% protected by this type of scam, even by the person with near perfect repuation can screw you over if the corruption or craft turns item into really juicy one.

Solution for corruption chamber in Alva Temple – You trade your item too someone who has a full inventory of shitty rare items, after corruption let’s say the item “poofed”, then you should be able tot give back the full inventory of rare items. If the person that was selling it declines the trade, well then you know he still has your item and you’ve been scammed.


GGG is protecting the scammers by changing their nicknames on every single character as well as their account names so the person that scammed you is practically untracable BUT if you find the person on poe site and poe forum you can bookmark his profile and forum post if he has any so everytime GGG tries to hide this scammer you will still be able to track his account and new nicknames. (why ggg why)


—– d) Challenge selling —–

Someone selling Atziri, Uber Atziri, Elder, Uber Elder but he’s lvl is kinda low and challenge count is kinda low but you really need that Red Elder kill to finish your sweet 24challenges so you join his party. He wants to pay upfront (first warning) so you pay then you getting kicked out of party, ignored see ya gl ss.


NEVER pay upfront for someone who is selling challenges and have low challenge count or you see the person for the first time. Most of the challenge sellers will want you to pay upfront but A LOT of good challenge runners will let you pay after you get your challenge done. This is how you distinguish a trustworthy challenge seller from a shady one he will never ask you to pay upfront UNLESS he is doing really really hard or tough challenges like Vaal Temple or Uber Elder / Chayula etc. Most of the experienced and fair challenge sellers have at least 28+ challenges since this is what they are focusing while playing the game. Anyway always be careful while paying someone before receiving the service.

—– e) Fractured fossil enchant craft service (a more advanced strategy —–

The person offering the enchant service will ask you to give them your resonator + fossils and they just ignore you after all. Very common with popular helmet enchants like +2 molten projectiles, arc chain, herald of agony mana reservation, +2 tornado shot, winter orb, etc.


Use trusted crafters, streamers. Second option sell your crafting materials and buy already mirrored-crafted base be aware that you can not recraft mirrored item so the stats you will see on the item are the stats will stay there forever. Also please be aware that there are people with topics on the forums and are considered `trust worthy’, but instead they got a second set of same fossils to redo the copy if yours was good, and give you the worse one.

—– f) Pure Breachstone / Poorjoys / Beachhead rotations – option 1 you have the map VS option 2 you are just buying yourself into the rota. —–

Johnny wants to hit lvl 100 this league since he heard it’s supeeeer easy. He buys his first ever Pure Breachstone for 1ex. He spams global 820 that he is looking for group to join. Suddenly there is! He got invited to a group who is hosting rotas from 1 ho (most efficient way but also kinda risky). He traded his map to a party leader and got kicked immediately. Och Johnny my Johnny.


OPTION 1. NEVER give someone else your map unless you already know that person and did rotas with that person before. You can always host your map from your own HO (unless it’s Pure Breachstone you want to have at least 150+ atlas completion for those sweet returns otherwise you can lose some money while hosting your stone from your HO because of the poor maps return). Every other rota like Poorjoy, Beachhead etc if you have the map you can run it from your hideout.

OPTION 2. Try to always pay after the map is done never before unless you know the person very well. For example a lot of people selling Pure Breachstone services when players are paying 10-20c to join that rota just for the exp. Sometimes it’s good to pay upfront for 2-3 runs ONLY if you know the person. Otherwise try to always pay AFTER every single map is done so there will be literally 0 risk of getting scammed this way and if the person that hosts rota is popular then he should has no problems with getting paid after every map. Only scammers with low lvl (or low challenge count) will want you to pay upfront before running the maps.

—– g) Uber lab service / enchanting —–

  1. Johnny wants the boot enchant but he can’t comfortably run the uber lab to do so. So he decides to pay some guy who will do that for him. He gives his boots to the guy and you already know what happens next…
  2. Johnny wants to ASCEND but he’s not strong enough to kill uber Izaro. So he finds an immortal jugg that will kill Izaro for him. Right before the last phase when Johnny paid his 5c for the run the lab runner logout and yoinked Johnnys money.


NEVER give your items to anyone EVEN to a person you think you know VERY WELL (because well, you can’t say about anyone on the internet that you know that person very well). UNLESS it is your real life friend who is doing uber-lab enchanting or your item is not worth that much or you simply don’t care.

Even the person who did 1000 runs and never scammed anyone on run nr 1001 he will suddenly decide that the item he received is worth keeping and there is nothing you can do about it. The good option is to roll your uber-lab runner and do all the enchanting by yourself.


Just find another uber runner and ignore the first guy. It’s just a 5c stop being bitch about it Johnny, cmon.

—– h) WTS Supher Juicy T15 3x sulphite nodes – 10c 5 portals left (a.k.a. you are paying 5c for +50 sulphite) —–

So I heard you are like mining maniac super hardcore delving hero. You will eat every single sulphite node that you can see and you don’t even remember any more how a sun looks like. So you decide to lurke on trade 820 whole day long trying to buy every single sulphite node someone can sell but you may not know that the sulphite node will be evenly split between everyone in the zone. That is why when you see streamers delving 1 person is opening a map, dropping portal next to a sulphite then he leaves the map so the person who is a host for delving gets ALL the sulphite.


Just don’t buy sulphite nodes from trade unless you and the other guy are the only people in the party. Otherwise your super juicy t15 sulphite node will get split into 6 man and you will get jack shit out of it.

—– y) Master Rota (outdated but will update this anyway later on) —–

3. Self-Scamming.

—– a) PC this plz → XYZ (a.k.a mr streamer can u price check this rare item I’ve just dropped from t2 map) —–

Let’s be real here, 99,999% of the rare items you will ever drop will be shit vendor trash items that you shouldn’t even be picking up from the ground. But this one time you will pick something, och, something special that you have or do not have idea that you just won a lottery ticket.


Pricing items is very hard, you will never learn it, no one ever learns how to price items properly. The best you can do is to search trades for the similar items as yours, ask streamer who is known for price checking items or ask your experienced friends to help you. But be aware no one will ever help you with precise pricing your item that is something that will take months, YEARS for you to learn. What is the meta right now, what builds are popular, what ascendancies, what spells, what weapons, etc, etc, etc, etc. It’s just too many factors that will influence the item price that’s near impossible to explain it to you how to price your items. Your best friend → trade sites but don’t forget about this is the only a part of the step you have to take to learn how to price items. Let’s say you put a rare item on sale for 10c and 5 minutes later you got spammed by 20 buyers. That is a clear sign that you definitely underpriced your item. Don’t sell item for the first person whispering you 1 second after putting the item on sale (unless its 1c unique) because he knows better than you that you under-priced your item and he can make nice profit of of it. This is how I learned to price my items and this is BY FAR the best idea I can come up with. You want to price your rare gloves for 14c because you think that’s OK-ish price for them. NEVER-EVER price your gloves for 14c. Price them for 24c and 5 or 6 hours later or even the next day drop the price from 24c to 20-21c and wait, and so on, and wait, and so on and wait. DON’T BE FUCKING GREEDY for fast money be patient and you will eventually sell them if they are decent enough (unless you trying to sell 10%ms, 40life, 15cold res boots for that price, then gl hf). ALWAYS take your time while pricing rare items make them a little bit more expensive at the start and as the time goes on drop price bit by bit and they will eventually sell.

—– b) Do I slam this? (a.k.a how to waste an exalt) —–


If you have to ask someone if its worth slamming then 99,9% of the time you probably have no idea what you are doing. Just use the item as it is, craft extra res on it and call it a day, you will thank me later. Also if you are very stubborn check trade if you can buy better or similar item for an exalt if you want to waste exalt so badly. Crafting is SUPER expensive if you have no idea what you are doing you will lose your money faster than you can earn them.

—– c) Trading with Navali (a.k.a. I’ve sold my 9 humility cards instead of trading them for tabula) —–


Be careful where you are clicking when talking to Navali. It happens very often even to very experienced players. After many hours of mapping a lot of players just play on autopilot without thinking what they doing. Also it doesn’t help that “Sell items” option and “Trade div cards” option are right next to each other (thx GGG). Remember – you don’t wanna sell your cards to Navali – you wanna TRADE with her.

—– d) Orb of Scouring  —–

Johnny wanted to remove a crafted fire resist on his rare boots but instead he removed his boots (metaphorically speaking). God damn Johnny!


If you want to remove a crafted mod from the item you can do that ONLY by using crafting bench. NEVER-EVER put any scouring orbs in your inventory when you are planning to remove some crafted mods from your items. REMEMBER – by keeping scouring orbs in your inventory you are two clicks away from the tragedy!

—– c) Did I just open white cartographer? (a.k.a. fast mapping – fast fingers) —–

If I had a penny for every time I opened white arcanist or cartographer…. boi och boi


I know efficient, fast mapping is fun for a lot of us (especially for me) but not always fast means good. If you see that thin strongbox be careful it might be the juicy Arcanist, Cartographer or Diviner. You might want to slow down a little bit and spend a few extra seconds rolling that box for potentially nice returns.

4. You are the SCAMMER (for experienced players only)

—– a) Buying something that you know is SUPER under-priced. (a.k.a. be the bigger guy) —–


This method requires a BIG BALLS and a lot of self-control but once you are able to do it then you know there is a special place for you in Pantheon amongst other gods.

Don’t be a douche if you see that a new player is selling something super cheap either it is a rare or unique or w/e item. Be a bigger guy and tell him that he might under-priced his item a bit too much and his item is worth a lot more than he wants for it. If he stills wants to sell the item despite all the warnings you gave him just throw him some extra currency – trust me it will eventually get back to you because to make money you have to spend money (not by taking advantage of new players, that’s a BIG YIKES from me dewg).

Personally I’ve done this waaaay too many times than I think I should have but I’m not gonna take advantage of inexperienced or new player. But lets face it – WHO wouldn’t buy a Shavrone for 2ex when a normal price for this item is 5ex. Well I wouldn’t because there are few reasons why the Shavrone has 2ex price tag on it.

1st. New player just got confused by all the price fixing that is going on right now so he doesn’t really know what the item is really worth.

2nd. Actual price fixer putting that on sale (fck them just ignore)

3rd. Someone miss-priced the item my mistake but knows the real value of an item.

—– b) Is scamming a scammer makes me a scammer? (a.k.a. – \ – = + or minus times minues equals plus ) —–*

Once in a thousand years you will have opportunity to outsmart the scammer.


It can sometimes happen before method d) „You profit 5 exalts” when a scammer is getting ready to pull off the “trick”. You might have the shitty unique items that they are buying to reprice it later for much higher price. You have couple of options how to react to this type of situation.

  1. You can bargain with scammer and eventually sell the shitty unique for a little bit higher price if you are a good bargainer so instead of 2c for your item you will get 10c or sometimes even more.
  2. You can right click on scammer nickname and click the Ignore button.
  3. You can make a dedicated account with the item name as your character name telling other players to not pay more than 2c for the item.

—– c) But what about scamming a bot? —–

Once in a thousand years you will have opportunity to outsmart the bots that are flipping currency 24/7.


It requires a lot of effort and free time. There are a lot of bots that flip currency 24/7. Basically what you want to do is to find two/three/four bots that are flipping the currency and make money on them. Step by step:

  1. Bot A is selling 20 chromatics for 1c. You are buying 2000 chromatics from bot A for 100c.
  2. Bot B is buying 19 chromatics for 1c. You are selling 1900 chromatics to bot B for 100c.
  3. You have your 100c back and extra 100 chromatics. Just like that you’ve just made 5c profit on bots.

It is very unlikely that the method will work exactly the way I described it but this is the main idea behind that strategy. You want to find couple of bots that their differences between currency ratios will work on your advantage and you want to use that advantage as long as they have currency to trade.

This is basically it. I will be keep editing this post with all the strategies that I missed out.


GGG policy about scamming is simple – „Scam as many people as you can and come to us when you need our help, we will remove every single bad comment in your vouching thread or we will change your account name so you can keep your account and still scam people but under different name. We got you bro. Go and scam make Chris Wilson daddy proud”

^ This is a straight-forward simple fact like 2+2 = 4. It’s non some sort of controversial, personal opinion nor vendetta nor anything else, IT IS A FACT. GGG is encouraging, supporting and defending scamming and scammers as straight as it sounds. Nothing more and nothing less. That is not some weird NZ law behind that or conspiracy, it is their solution for all the false accusation that people can claim against someone if the person don’t like the other person. Instead of investing a lot of resources into investigating every single scam accusation they are going with the easiest and the most lazy solution against false accusations – protect scammers. Don’t get me wrong – it prevents innocent people to be false accused by some vigilante pricks but 99,9% of the time what it does, it provides unlimited protection for scammers to do what they do best – to be a real life losers.

This post tho is not to blame GGG for their policy and doing with their game whatever the fk they want. I play this game for many years and have been scammed literally two times (every scam was connected with service, never got scammed while trading). Scamming in this game seems to be more popular than in any other game I have ever played so please – no matter what you do, always use your brain and eyes. Don’t be naive, be skeptical, be smart, don’t be greedy (and just don’t get scammed 4head).

Thank you for reading.

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