Path of Exile Betrayal Doing Syndicate For Profit Guide

by Ordicomputers


Killing mastermind is fun and all but after you have done it once or twice you actually want to make fat cash. This guide is just for that.


Its important to understand a few things:

  1. Killing mastermind is not profitable.
  2. There are 17 masters and 14 spots on the table
  3. Some masters are useful for intelligence.

Knowing these 3 things you are ready to set up your ideal syndicate board. Once its setup you only need to play around until you get safehouse and then start again.

Who to keep, who to remove

There are 3 masters you will want to remove from your board ASAP and then ignore the mechanic where you get to kick a master out of syndicate. Who those masters should be and why:

Vagan: undisputed most useless master. Rare jewels being only notable but not worth it. Kick for sure

Hillock: Keep if you want to get your wep/chest/flask quality up but i recommend to kick after.

Elreon: Gives you uniques and a scarab that increases uniques drop % in maps. Sort of useless.

OPTIONAL If you want to keep 1 of the 3 that I choose to kick other masters useful to remove are:

Aislin: Gives veiled items or an option to add veiled mod. The latter is occasionally useful.

Haku: Only useful for his strongbox scarab.

Moving masters between roles

This is probably the most RNG part. Sometimes you get the option of betray and master will switch from one role to another. This however is random. To make this progress easier you can also choose for the master to buddy up with someone in the role you wish them to be in. Sometimes you get options of switching places. They are pretty straight forward in the text and you will know what to choose.

What helps to speed this up if the master is friends with somebody from the role you wish them to be in. This is also an option that you get from betrayal. Once they are trusted both of them might show up in the wanted role and it’s likely you can move at least one of them.

If master you want is already in leadership role of a safehouse (wrong safehouse) then you can imprison them and someone else will take over the role allowing for a reroll in your case.

This section has a lot of strategies and I encourage you to develop your own. The aforementioned are the ones that are most common and easiest ways to move.

Master Roles

Now that we have the board more or less set up I will go through what to try to do with every master. Now all that matters here is who to rank up and who to use as cannon fodder. Generally, for profits, you should try to rank everyone up if you can and imprison the useless ones at rank 2-3 for extra intelligence.

Second important part to know is where to move the useful masters and I will list who and where.

It that fled: the profit cow. Move to research and keep there. At rank 3 you can create pure breachstones which cost a lot on SC at the moment.

Cameria : Move to transport (chance for a timeworn unique) or to intervention (Sulphite scarab). and keep there. Fortification is also solid option as it gives you a few Harbinger orbs for solid profit.

Gravicius: Move to transport and get a chance for a full stack of div cards (Kaom’s, HH etc)

Rin: Move to intervention for cartography scarab which is worth a lot for now at any level.

Guff: Move to transport and you can try to chaos spam an item.

These in my opinion are most profitable ones. I will list other masters that in most cases you will use as intelligence fodder but can still provide useful stuff.

Aislin: Move to research for adding veiled mod.

Elreon : Move to intervention for Reliquary scarab.

Haku: Move to intervention for Strongbox scarab.

Hillock: Want 24-28% quality on wep? Move to Transport. 24-28% quality on armour piece? Fortification. Flasks- research. Maps- intervention.

Janus: Sort of useful in most places. Put to research for perandus coins and chance for a cadiro deal. Also useful for perandus scarab at intervention.

Jorgin: Research or intervention. Former lets you add an talisman implicit to rare item, latter gives you beastiary scarab.

Korell: Fortification for map fragments(uber atziri, guardians being notable ones) or research for fossils.

Leo: Fortification for currency or research at rank 3 for a chance to exalt one of your items.

Riker: Transport for a chance to pick a currency item or intervention to pick divination card.

Tora: Cool master in terms of rewards. Useful anywhere but best at research to add experience to gems.

Vorici: If you have a 6l that you would like to get some white sockets move to research.


There are a lot of situational awards and this is just my take. If you want to rank up your masters fast and just farm the syndicate best place for it is the ossuary in act 10. Go in, kill syndicate, reset. Have fun skipping that mastermind, exile.

I’m here to kill, not to skim

1) Don’t kill mastermind

2) Send Vagan, Elreon, Haku to Belize

3) “It That Fled” to research

4) ???

5) Profit

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