Monster Hunter World Getting Plunderblade Guide

Monster Hunter World Getting Plunderblade Palico Equipment Guide fuzzehbearr

Seeing as how I wasted so much time looking for this item and so many people were having troubles as well, I figured that I’ll write a guide here on how to get the Plunderblade.

The Plunderblade is a piece of equipment your palico can use which will replace your Vigorwasp, Flashfly Cage, etc.

It’s arguably the best item your palico can use when farming as it allows your palico to steal extra monster parts, so that farming will be easier for you. The higher the level of your plunderblade, the more items your palico can steal. The most I got was an extra five items which included a Odagoron Gem!

At higher levels, apart from stealing an item, when struck with the plunderblade, the monster will also drop extra parts on the ground which can be picked up by your Hunter.


ITEMS YOU NEED : 1 piece of raw meat.

Make sure you have the lower depths of the Rotten Vale unlocked (unlocked via story quests) so that you have access to areas 13 & 15.

With the raw meat in your inventory, head over to area 13 and speak to the lynian researcher. He’ll tell you how he can’t spot the grimalkynes which go by the name of “The Plunderers” inhabiting this area.

Once you’ve talked to him, wait a few minutes – go farm some resources and then head back to area 13. You’ll see that there’s a grimalkyne there. It’ll spot you and run away. Follow it (your scout flies will guide you to it so don’t worry if you lose him.) and it’ll lead you to area 15.

Once there, you’ll see that he will run off into an area that you cannot access. Your palico will then say that the grimalkyne looks like he’s hungry.

Now, place the raw meat that you brought on the ground SOMEWHERE THE GRIMALKYNE CAN SEE and HIDE (go into sneak mode and stay out of sight from the grimalkyne)

Cautiously, the grimalkyne will slowly make its way down and call his other buddies to start eating the food. This is when you’ll want to approach them and the will start a conversation. At the end, they’ll reward you the Plunderblade!


• Try completing all the research delivery quests (The fishing and creature capture ones) for the previous maps and for the Rotten Vale.

• Try joining all the Grimalkynes in the previous maps and then try the Rotten Vale again (This is the method that worked for me)

Happy hunting!

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