Monster Hunter World Fighting Behemoth Tips

Monster Hunter World Fighting Behemoth Tips by Kuroukira

● Don’t rush in! If you see teammates waiting at the camp, someone is probably gathering everyone to buff before engaging. If you rush in front of everyone Behemoth may target the ones behind you and leap at them unexpected. Wait for the host, common courtesy.

● Make use of the two hanging crystals in the first area, they deal a whooping 3400 damage and shortens this fight tremendously.

● Sleep bombing is not absolutely necessary but essential to speed up the horn break. Pay attention if someone put Behemoth to sleep and always take Mega Barrel Bombs with you for this fight. Messing someone’s sleep infliction can get very frustrating.

● Take Flashpods and Flashbugs with you, Behemoth is very susceptible to flash and most of his attacks can be avoided. Especially when he starts to cast Charybdis (Tornado) as this is the most annoying thing to deal with. Choose to always be the one to flash, don’t expect others to do it for you. This can save everyone in your party, including yourself.

● Any level of Wide Range is very appreciated, everybody should be at full health at all times.

● Always have Stun (and/or Tremor if possible) Resistance on your build or else you may be unlucky enough to get caught limping or stunned when Behemoth casts his Ecliptic Meteor leading to your certain death.

● Try to avoid mounts on the first and second areas, mounts will be life savers during the third and final phase of this hunt. If you do get a mount, don’t drop Behemoth immediately, hold onto him as much as you can or your stamina is capable of. If somebody else got a mount feel free to dish out as much damage to his front legs as possible. This if done right can skip the entire running around after him and force Behemoth to cast his Comets and Ecliptic Meteor quite instantly after the mount is completed.

● Don’t stay near or behind the Comets when fighting, Behemoth can and WILL destroy every single Comet on the field if you let him, leading to the whole party’s death during Ecliptic Meteor. If you see him casting a Comet on your head try to get really far away from him so the Comet lands on a safe spot.

● During the final phase of each area after Behemoth casted enough Comets (around 3 or 4), he will Disengage (Circle border of map turns white), Roar and a Notification will be displayed at the right side of your screen, pay attention to this signs and you’ll have plenty of time to sheath your weapon and hide behind a Comet. The point you should be focusing is a big red circle on the area you’re in, not the Behemoth himself, adjust your position behind a Comet accordingly. WATCH OUT for Comets around Behemoth’s feet as he will stand up and may land his front legs on top of you sending you flying to your death during the Meteor impact.

Hope you guys find this useful, it’s not a tough fight, you just need the right skills, defense and tactics to turn this fight into a breeze.

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