League of Legends Winning Your Lane Every Time Guide

by MugheesJ

1. Attack your lane opponent whenever they try to kill a minion. To do this, stand near the dying minion.

This is really advantageous because they can’t retaliate since they want to kill the minion for gold. They also have to enter your range to get the minion, meaning you’ll have an easier time trading. The enemy’s movements will be a lot easier to predict because you know they are going for the minion, and eventually, the enemy laner will die, be zoned from farm, or be forced to reset. Consistently trading with your enemy laner like this will help slowly build a lead on them to ensure you win your lane.

2. If you’re in bot Lane and your partner is attacked, attack the enemy laners back as their focus is not on you.

They used cooldowns and are focused on your partner, so feel free to all in them – or if you know you can’t kill them, damage them anyways. Don’t let them all in your lane partner for free. Doing this makes sure you aren’t abused in your lane and you are punishing the enemy laners for mistakes or engages. Don’t let them get damage on your lane partner for free. This will cause pressure against you and make you either get zoned, lose farm, die, or you’ll be forced to reset because your partner is too low.

3. Watch and time the cooldowns on their major abilities and summoner spells.

A lot of people ping the uses. But they don’t actually pay attention to the timers. Summoners and major abilities being on cool down can completely change the outcome of a fight and in the long run maybe even the game. Abuse cooldowns. Blitzcrank is useless without his Q. Twitch is a free kill without his summoners. Learn to time these things and pick your fights according to the cooldowns. Getting the one or two free fights in a game from doing this can easily change the outcome of the entire game.

4. Note that trading your support for their ADC is worth it. A dead ADC can’t farm.

This one applies to bot lane mostly. If there is a scenario that your lane partner gets all-inned but you were able to kill their ADC – DO IT. The ADC will lose a lot of farm and in the end you will have a lead. A lot of supports like Janna and Soraka can’t even stop you from setting up the wave however you want. These small leads can snowball into bigger ones and make sure you end up as the winning laner.

5. Take note of when they can kill you.

How much damage can they burst you with? Do they have ignite? What ability will cause my death? Look at your health bar, think of their abilities. How can they kill you? Do they have the damage to kill you in the state you’re at right now? Do you have your summoner spells up? Pay attention to what situations will kill you and do your best to avoid them. Knowing what you need to look out for will make it a lot less likely that you will die to those things, because they won’t catch you off guard. 95% of deaths are when you’re lower than full health. Be wary of your own health bar.

6. Get good at controlling waves. Push for level 2. If you know you can all in them, go for a hard zone by standing in front of the minions. Slow push and force them to step forwards for bad trades if a hard zone is too risky.

Wave control is one of the main things to learn when you wanna be more consistent in winning your lanes. I’m not going to go in depth because I wanted to keep the video short and there are hundreds of guides out there already for wave control, but I do wanna emphasize the importance of it. I don’t see players pulling this off correctly up until high diamond. It’s very simple once you learn and implement it, and it really enhances your ability to win your games yet nobody ever does it. All that means though is that if YOU do it, you’ll have a significant advantage in your ELO – assuming you’re not already high diamond.

7. Beware of enemy ganks.

Leads can dissapear instantly in one gank if you don’t pay attention. Generally, in most cases, junglers try to gank lanes that are pushed past half way so be extra wary in those situations. Pay attention to your minimap and ward when you can. Try to freeze the wave if you can’t get vision – and try to get vision when it’s safe to do so. If you are not careful with this tip and get ganked and die you could lose the lead you get from every other tip I have mentioned so far.

8. Fight on level leads.

Watch your exp bar, note that a level is instantly worth a few hundred gold in items stat wise – so try to abuse your level advantage when you have it. This means more health. More defensive stats. More damage. If you have a level advantage, try to use it. So many players I see don’t abuse a level advantage and it’s crazy to me. Push for level 2, and abuse the level 2. Use your exp bar to even survive sometimes – about to level up? use the dying minion for that extra bit of health in your escape. I see pro players do this all the time unnoticed. Level advantages are huge. Abuse them.

9. Engage on enemies when enemies have cooldowns on dash abilities.

They are far more vulnerable and prone to being zoned or all inned if their mobility ability is down. It’s easier to hit skillshots and easier to predict movement in general. I’m talking about Ezreal, Zed, Leblanc, Vayne… anyone with a mobility ability. If they can’t use it to run or dodge – they’re a lot more vulnerable to dying or being chunked.

If the enemy is careful and stays back when their dash is on cool down, simply use it to hard zone them.

10. Use bushes.

Bushes can take off minion aggro, extend your zone range, and hide your channels and intent. Warding bushes helps a lot to secure safety. This applies mostly to bot and top lane. If a Blitzcrank is in a bush, it’s a lot scarier because suddenly you don’t know where he is in that bush and his zone range just got extended. Bushes can completely change your lane phase. Players like TF Blade and other individuals on top of the ladder are always seen using bushes to remove minion aggro and win trades. Learn to ward bushes as well, especially right before you get pushed into the turret.

These tips are to help you gain small leads and snowball them into bigger ones to make sure you get the victory screen in the end. There is no magic trick to make you instantly win lane every time. Take note of these ten things and practice them until you perfect them and I guarantee you’ll see positive results on your laning.

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