Destiny 2 Niobe Labs All Waves Completion Puzzle Guide and Tips

by RegisterVexOffender

Video Guide/Explanation for puzzles can be found here –

Before starting the text guide i wanna give a shoutout to kaiot gaming on twitter who made this massive infograph detailing what symbols and positions you need for every puzzle. Link for that is the following.


The objective of niobe labs is essentially the same every round. You are given a start time and a certain amount to complete a few tasks. You start the bypass process by fighting waves of enemies that will include 1 or more boss level enemies (shielded bosses or standard yellow bars such as vandals or servitors) In later rounds this is accompanied by mine dismantling and breaking barrier walls by killing the above mentioned servitors. In other words KILL EVERYTHING. It’s recommended (IMO) that you start splitting up in a 2-1 formation on Level 4-7 just to break down servitor barriers quicker to get to bosses and or dismantle mines……yes? The “puzzle phase” begins when you have either killed everything or have run out of “battle time” In the puzzle phase you must complete a riddle by shooting symbols that are scattered within the Niobe Labs only to be seen by the Black Armory weapon scopes of Spiteful fang, Tatara Gaze and Hammerhead. This repeats and ramps up the difficulty each wave for 7 total levels.

PUZZLE BREAKDOWNS (Credit to raidsecrets)


Machine Gun Player Stand on Hand and shoot: B – U – T – T – E – R – F – L – Y


MG Player Stand on Hand and shoot: Fire – Cloud

Sniper player Stand on Fish and shoot: Rabbit – Lotus


This one requires all 3 players to stand and shoot simultaneously. Sniper player Stand on Dragon and shoot: Bamboo

Bow player Stand on Wind and shoot: Water

MG Player Stand on Star and shoot: Fire


MG Player – While Airborne spell the word “FLY”


Bow on Butterfly, Sniper on Fish, LMG on Hand, to reveal all symbols.

A – T – Bamboo – Missive – Waves – Tree – Arch – Rabbit – L – R – Arch – Lotus – S – D – Lotus – Rose – Heart


Three guardians stand on Butterfly with Bow, simultaneously shoot: Trees


MG Player – stand on Hand, switch to Solar (Ringing Nail pref) shoot: + U L F B E R H + T

Bow Player switch to Arc (Tatara gaze) – Stand on Butterfly, shoot: Trees – Missive

Stand on Daybreak, shoot: Heart – Heart – Trees – Wings

Sniper Player – Switch to Void (hammerhead pref) Stand on Tiger, shoot: Fish – Lotus – Temple

Stand on Dragon, shoot: Arch – Rabbit – Bamboo – Temple

Each weapon must be used blindly, so you won’t be able to see the symbols. Line up your shots with the corresponding family weapon, then swap to appropriate element and shoot.

HUGE NOTE – This one is ESSENTIAL. On wave 7 for the sniper player who will be shooting fish with a swapped elemental forge weapon, YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU GET A HIT MARKER ON FISH. This is KEY because without a doubt this specific symbol in this wave is extremely inconsistent and takes multiple shots to trigger for whatever reason for many people (myself included) before proceeding with the rest of your puzzle on wave 7 MAKE SURE YOU GOT A HIT MARKER ON FISH!

General Tips

-The enemy system in the labs is dependent entirely on bossses and whether they are alive or not. If you kill yellow bars or bosses, less adds spawn or none at all. For example if you start a wave in which you have siviks and 2 yellow bar enemies (lets say a vandal and a dreg), should you ignore the vandal and dreg they will spawn additional red bar enemies in waves to the labs however, once these yellow bar enemies are taken out these extra enemies do not show up. This works the same for vandal snipers on the ceiling or sniper shanks in the distance summoning orange versions of themselves to snipe you down. Basically, when able prioritize yellow bar enemies first to lessen the enemy waves for your team and give you a good chunk of time going into the puzzle phase.

-It’s not mandatory but having each person have all 3 forge main weapons helps especially towards the end (and having weapons like ringing nail and kindred orchid doesn’t hurt either)

-Assign a “role” for each team member prior to starting Niobe Labs so everyone can get familiar with their symbols (A machine gun player, a sniper player and a bow player)

-Knowing your positioning and what your job and symbols are is key for organization so people don’t fumble during puzzle phases or run out of time.

-Speaking of positioning it’s encouraged that you DO NOT stick all together during battle phases due to the labs mechanic of summoning a servitor and blocking off a portion of the lab until it is defeated. This can be even more troublesome when the servitor spawns on the wrong side of a barrier and virtually leaves you out to dry and wipe. Splitting up the later the rounds go is a good thing as long as people can handle some solo roles!

-Chaining supers and orb generation can go a long way as there’s several boss enemies to defeat. Main suggestions for the lab would definitely be well of radiance and hammer strike titans.

-Call out every time you hit one of your designated symbols. It’s not to double check if you’re an idiot it’s to clarify with your teammates that your turn in the shooting rotation has ended and they can begin otherwise someone can overlap on someone elses shots and cause an avoidable wipe.

-For the players using Hammerhead and Tatara Gaze, be cautious of how much ammo you use per round, keep in mind you need ammo for symbols in certain rounds and play accordingly.

-When fighting multiple bosses with drone shields, it’s best to take down both bosses shields rather than one at a time so that one of your teammates can pick off red bar enemies and provide some breathing room to fight said bosses.

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