Destiny 2 Black Armory Badge and Blacksmith Title Guide

by Grovve

I wanted to re-post all information on acquiring the Blacksmith title for anyone who is unsure how to acquire an item or triumph they may be looking for.

In order to acquire Blacksmith title, that means you need to complete the “Annual Pass: Black Armory” Badge… and like all titles do, this one requires some tasty RNG. This explains in detail how to acquire each item, and maximize your chances to lower your need to rely on delicious luck. The information is in reference to the steps on how to get each item on the badge, BA exotics, and details on other ‘Blacksmith’ Triumphs! I hope this answers any questions people might still have and has laid everything out in a clear structure for everyone. Thanks!

Let’s start off with all items listed on the BLACK ARMOURY BADGE…

Black Armoury Forge Weapons:

Black Armoury Forge Weapons can be acquired by completing Ada-1’s weapon frames each week. Two weakly bounties are available for purchase from Ada-1 each reset. These bounties reward Balistic Logs and are straight forward, easy to complete. One Ballistic Log is used to purchase one of Ada’s available powerful weapon frames each week. Each weapon frame is forged in its respective forge:

Volundr Forge: Hammerhead, Ringing Nail, Stryker’s Sure-Hand

Gofannon Forge: Tatara Gaze, Kindled Orchid (This forge is unlocked by completing the quest, “Stolen Black Armoury Gear”, dropped from Fallen after completing the Volundr Forge).

Izanami Forge: Spiteful Fang, Blast Furnace (This forge is unlocked by completing the quest, “Vex Transponder”, dropped from Vex on Nessus after completing the Gofannon Forge).

Bergusia Forge: All weapon frames can be completed in this elite forge, which also gives a chance to drop an additional, curated version of that weapon frame, as well as the obsidian accelerator, which can be traded to Ada-1 for an obsidian radiance.

It is worth noting that carrying over a non-powerful frame from the prior week, will count as a powerful frame upon completion the following week. This leaves you with an extra weekly bounty which I recommend saving to turn in until the next week to save yourself some time, as ballistic logs disappear from your inventory on weekly reset.

The Platinum Sterling:

This exotic ship can be acquired from completing the Master Smith Triumph, which is to forge 100 weapon frames. This triumph is needed for the Blacksmith title. This will take some grinding if you’re trying to reach the title as soon as possible, or you can just do it over time while trying for some of those god rolls.

(A weapon frame costs 6 modulus reports. Daily black armoury bounties give 1, forge completions gives 2).

The “Source” in collections states that this is a drop from Gofannon Forge completions, but this is a text error from Bungie.

Forge Specific Emblems

Note: These are the base emblems. They are not the variant emblems that you can acquire from completing the triumphs with the exotic weapons.

The ‘source’ on these say that they are, ‘found by completing respective forge ignitions’, however this is in reference to the daily bounties given by Ada-1. Ada has daily bounties that require you to complete an ignition of a specific forge. Turning in the bounty will drop the emblem.

Might of Volundr  acquired by turning in the daily bounty to, “complete a Volundr Forge ignition”.

Gofannon’s Hammer  acquired by turning in the daily bounty to, “complete a Gofannon Forge ignition”.

Tear of Izanami  acquired by turning in the daily bounty to, “complete a Izanami Forge ignition”.

Steel of Bergusia – acquired by turning in the daily bounty to, “complete a Bergusia Forge ignition”. This emblem is not needed for the seal, nor can it be viewed it collections, as it is hidden, but you can see it on

(edit 1: This emblem may be required for the Badge, after completing the “Clean Up On Isle Five” challenge which rewards the variant version of the emblem, the ‘Steel of Bergusia’ emblem appears in the badge as an “unknown”).

Forge Shaders

Each shader is gathered from a different source. I have honestly seen many questions about how to get the shaders. Remember that to actually acquire the shader, you need to dismantle the item it comes on. The legendary ones will return to your inventory 100% of the time.

General Forge Shaders….

New Age Black Armoury – rolls default on any frame weapon or black armory armor you get from completing two weapon frames each week from Ada-1. Do your weekly bounties for the balistics logs, and you should have no problem getting this shader, assuming you dismantle the weapon.

Refurbished Black Armory – chance to receive this shader from dismantling any refurbished forge weapon. You can grind any forge for these weapons and they are quite common. This shader does not roll on the frame weapons from Ada-1, but rather the weapons that drop from the forges themselves. This shader can be a little tedious to grind to get as a drop. The legendary shaders actually always return to your inventory compared to rare ones like this. You may have to spend some time dismantling more than a couple forge weapons to get your hands on this one.

Forge Specific Shaders….

Rasmussen Clan – a rare chance to roll on one of the VOLUNDR specific frames from Ada-1 FORGED in the Volundr Forge (Ringing Nail, Hammerhead or Stryker’s Sure-Hand) ; and can also roll on an armour piece dropped in the Volundr forge.

House of Meyrin  a rare chance to roll on one of the GOFANNON specific frames from Ada-1 FORGED in the Gofannon Forge (Kindled Orchid or Tatara Gaze) ; and can also roll on an armour piece dropped in the Gofannon forge.

Satou Tribe  a rare chance to roll on one of the IZANAMI specific frames from Ada-1 FORGED in the Izanami Forge (The Spiteful Fang or Blast Furnace) ; and can also roll on an armour piece dropped in the Izanami forge.

Bergusian Night – This shader is a little more difficult to find. Since the release of the Bergusia forge, this shader now rolls on any of the CURATED weapons dropped in the Bergusia Forge OR the Scourge of the Past Raid. There are four weapons in SOTP that can drop curated (shotgun, fusion rifle, scout rifle, rocket launcher). Any Powerful weapon frame forged in the Bergusia Forge has a chance to drop an additional curated version of the weapon frame you are forging.

(edit 2: It is not confirmed yet if you can get the curated drop from forging a non-powerful weapon frame).

Please Note – These four Forge Specific shaders can be grinded depending on which frames Ada-1 is selling. They are not limited to the weekly “powerful” frame weapons. You can attain these shaders from the ‘non-powerful’ weapon frames purchased with modulus reports.

Modulus Reports can be acquired by turning in a daily black armory bounty, which rewards 1. Or completing any forge ignition, which rewards 2. The maximum you can hold is 15, and they do not go to the postmaster. Each non-powerful weapon frame costs 6 modulus reports.

Black Armory Armour:

There are three different ways to attain Black Armory Armour:

Ada-1 Weekly Milestone – You can attain one piece of Black Armory Armour per week on each character. You must complete any two weapon frames for a powerful armour piece which will automatically drop into your inventory upon forging your second frame (weapons forged from the initial quests of unlocking a forge do not count as one of the two). You can check your progress by going to your tower map, and scrolling over Ada-1.

Rare Black Armory Bounties – You can attain a rare black armory bounty by turning in daily black armory bounties. It is purely RNG. Turning in a rare bounty rewards you with either, an armour piece, or with a refurbished black armoury weapon.

Forge Polymers – Ada-1 now sells a ‘Forge Polymer’ consumable. Using this item while forging a weapon frame procs an armour piece to drop. A forge polymer costs 10 legendary shards and 6 black armory schematics.

Black Armoury Schematics drop from dismantling forge weapons.


Remember that to complete the badge, you only have to get all items on one character. Attaining all items from this badge will probably take you the longest out of all triumphs for the seal, but is essentially not too difficult.


Le Monarque:

This exotic bow is an RNG drop that comes from completing a Powerful Weapon Frame (confirmed by Bungie). This only started dropping after the Izanami Forge was released. This weapon will drop directly into your inventory, if you’re lucky enough, after killing the boss in a forge.

I do want to point out that there have been reports of people who got this drop from doing non-powerful frames, but I cannot confirm if that is true. It may be their ‘non-powerful’ frames from the prior week carried over and they did not know they turned into powerful. Or it could be that it is possible to receive it from a ‘non-powerful’ frame after receiving it from a powerful frame. I recommend doing as many powerful frames each week as you can. The drop rate is decent, so it should not be too rare.

I cannot confirm if the Bergusia Forge has a higher drop rate, but it’s worth a try if you have the level.


This exotic toaster fusion rifle is another RNG drop that comes from completing a Powerful Weapon Frame. This only just started dropping after the Bergusia Forge was released. This weapon will drop directly into your inventory, if you’re lucky enough, after killing the boss in a forge. I received it from completing a powerful weapon frame in the Bergusia Forge, but I did hear of someone getting it from another forge, so it’s possible it drops from any forge with a powerful frame, just like Le Monarque, most likely the same drop rate as Le Monarque.

I cannon confirm if the Bergusia Forge has a higher drop rate, but it’s worth a try if you have the level.

Izanagi’s Burden:

Also known as the mysterious box quest. No point in going into huge detail about every step of this quest as there are plenty of guides now on how to complete it. A couple things to keep in mind, you will need a rare bounty to complete this quest, so if you have one, hold off on turning it in until you are at this point in the quest (my friends did not know of this before hand, so I had to leave them behind on this step). Completion of the Shattered Throne dungeon is also needed to complete this quest, so it may be wise to plan on knocking this out on a shattered throne week. There is also a special version of the Pyramidian strike for this quest that is incredibly difficult to solo. The sooner you do this quest, the less problem you’ll have finding people to team up with.

At some point in this quest, you will also receive the Datapad side quest which is needed for the Blacksmith title.

Lastly, Blacksmith Triumphs…

In addition to completing the black armory badge, there are 16 other triumphs required for the seal:

Scourge of the Past Triumphs:

There are 6 triumphs needed for the Blacksmith Title that sit inside the SOTP Raid.

To Each Their Own | Hold The Line | All For One, One For All –These three challenges are completed by turning in the bounties acquired from Hawethorne each week. A level 4 clan is required to pick up the bounties. There are plenty of Guides on how to complete them.

Raider Of The Lost Treasure – “Loot hidden chests in the ‘Scourge of the Past’ raid 5 times.” This applies to the hidden chest in the sparrow encounter; hitting all 8 lights will trigger the door at the end to open and elongate your ride. Loot this chest 5 time for the triumphs. There has still not been another secret chest found anywhere in the raid so we can assume this is the only one.

Fast And Unwieldy | Like A Diamond – These are the flawless encounters.

At the moment, “Like A Diamond”, is unfortunately bugged. I heard that Bungie are implementing a fix at the end of January, when it will become possible to get this title. Activating this challenge at the start will return you to orbit if anyone from your fireteam dies. the whole fireteam must complete the last encounter of the raid flawlessly with no deaths. For most, this will be the most difficult challenge. Good luck to everyone finding a team to complete this with.

As for the, “Fast And Unwieldy” challenge, your whole fireteam must escape the flaming servitor without anyone dying. (edit 3: there is a cheese for this encounter which can award the triumph. see edit 3 for more details).

One thing I’ve discovered is that you are able to go into the room the flaming servitor starts out in. You will take some damage at first but ultimately not die as long as you do not leave the room. 4 players can climb into safety while the other two complete the sparrow run and pull the others forward with “joining allies”. This did not give us the triumph, but it may be because we looted the secret chest instead of closing the door. Nonetheless, this is still a method to use for those struggling to get past this encounter in a regular scenario.

Forge Triumphs:

Master Smith – “Forge 100 weapons from research frames and black armory frames”. This triumph awards the ‘Platinum Sterling’ship.

Guardian of the Black Armory – “Complete 6 rare/special bounties for the Black Armory”. Rare/Special bounties are attained randomly from turning in daily black armory bounties.

Black Armory Bounty Hunter – “Complete 30 black armory bounties”. There are 5 daily black armoury bounties and 2 weeklys.

EDZ Black Armory Smith – “Forge all Black Armory weapon types in the EDZ Forges”.

Nessus Black Armory Smith – “Forge all Black Armory weapon types in the Nessus Forges”.

Weapon and Quest Triumphs:

These challenges require the possession of all three Black Armory exotic weapons and the Threat Level shotgun (acquired from the SOTP raid), and the completion of the Datapad side quest.

Master Blaster – “Get 500 kills with Jötunn at the Volundr Forge”. This triumph awards a variant version to the ‘Might of Volundr’emblem.

Beautiful But Deadly – “Get 500 kills with Le Monarque at the Gofannon Forge”. This triumph awards a variant version of the Gofannon’s Hammer emblem.

Reunited Siblings – “Get 500 kills with Izanagi’s Burden at the Izanami Forge”. This triumph awards a variant version of the Tear of Izanami emblem.

Clean Up On Isle Five – “Get 500 kills with Threat Level at the Burgusia Forge”. This triumph awards a variant version of the Steel of Bergusia emblem.

A Study In Obsidian – “Obsidian Accelerator Obtained”. The description on this triumph is not exactly accurate. Completing Bergusia Forges can drop an item called an ‘obsidian acceleration’. This can be traded to Ada-1 for an ‘obsidian radiance’, which can be attached to a Black Armory weapon to enable it to do more damage in forges. The obsidian accelerator can also be used in your inventory, but does nothing (probably a bug)…. Neither of these things will complete this triumph….

The triumph is completed by first doing the beginning part of the Izanagi’s Burden quest, aka – the “mysterious box” quest. You will receive a Datapad item with a riddle. This is a side quest that rewards an emblem, and gives Ada-1 an obsidian accelerator. There is a cut-scene included which you should watch for yourselves. The emblem will appear in your badge collection when obtained.

For the few who complete the Black Armory Badge and these 16 Triumphs, you will be rewarded the “BLACKSMITH” title!

I hope this provides a full, clear explanation for anyone who had questions. I am happy to clarify any other questions.

Additional Details

– The hidden crest emblems are not required to finish the badge, however they might be the key to unlocking the Bergusia Forge. There are plenty of YouTube guides how to acquire them.

– The Midnight Smith shader (from dismantling Raid weapons), is not required to complete the badge.

– Acquiring all missing pages to Ada’s book is not required for this seal, nor the chronicler seal for some reason. Ada’s book is a very interesting piece of lore that explains her backstory.

Niobe Labs

It is not yet known if the completion of Niobe Labs is required for the Seal. The emblem appears in the badge collection upon completion. Regardless, it is still a very interesting challenge and part of Ada-1’s story that deserves to be included in here. The /r/raidsecrets community did an awesome job in figuring out these puzzles and the dedication from streamers, especially, Gladd deserves much respect. If you want to complete Niobe Labs, it awards a ghost and an emblem. There are other guides out there now that explain each step in detail.

Edit 1: I stand corrected on the Bergusia Emblem – credit to /u/eroc504 for sharing this image: – indicating that we will need the base Bergusia Emblem to complete the badge. This appears when you complete the “Clean Up On Isle Five” challenge which awards the variant to the base emblem. Keep an eye out for a daily bounty from Ada-1 requesting you to complete a Bergusia Forge ignition, as this will more than likely award the base emblem for turning in the bounty.

Edit 2: I want to clarify that it is currently unconfirmed if you can get a curated drop from the Bergusia forge while forging a non-powerful frame. People have confirmed getting the curated drops while forging a powerful frame, but non-powerful is still unconfirmed. If anyone, preferably Bungie, can confirm curated drops in the Bergusia Forges, it would be very helpful so people don’t waste their time. I would personally think that it should drop from non-powerful frames as it gives people a reason to play the more difficult Bergusia forge over one of the first 3 forges, but who am I to make the rules :)

Edit 3: Some kind users have made be aware of a way to cheese the sparrow encounter to complete the “Fast And Unwieldy” triumph. By having the players who made it through the encounter wait at the entrance of the cave that leads to the secret chest, the chest will not spawn yet, but the encounter will still be over. This makes the game think the encounter has been complete. When the white text comes up that says, “Botza Underground” it will automatically respawn all the players that died in the next area. The player(s) that was waiting at the beginning of the cave should kill themselves at this very second, and their orb will appear in the next area. The players that died can revive them, and everyone can climb back into the cave on the left and run toward the chest spawn location at the same time. If all players stay n close proximity when the chest spawns and gets opened, all players will get the triumph! “Cheese Forever’s” Youtube Video does a great job of explaining/showing this.

Edit 4: There have been multiple reports on this post from people indicating that they got the Black Armoury Badge triumph to “complete”, without actually completing it. this is most likely a bug from Bungie which i’m sure will get fixed soon.E

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