Honkai Impact 3rd Miko Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Miko Guide by VioRebel

{The text in italics “[ ]” bracket are ignorable, advanced, unreleased content, or additional info. Read if you want to.}

[Disclaimers: You’ll notice some things are my personal preferences & clash with other guys’ opinions, but I’m trying to make it as factual as possible to help you guys out.]

Gyakushinn Miko:

-Description Tags: F2P-Friendly; Physical Damager; Single-Target; Burst Damage
-Damage Source: “Bladeback” / “Issen”

[-“You might also like”: Shadow Dash]

How to do “bladeback”/”issen”:

-3rd & 5th basic attack adds “Sakura Count” (pink-to-white flash)
– 3 sakura counts turns into “sakura mark/brand” (glowing pink fire)
– Evasion & QTE adds up to 3 sakura Counts; Ult’s dash adds 1 sakura count per dash; Ult activation adds 1 sakura mark – Use branch attack to pop the sakura mark and do bladeback – Level up her skills to increase bladeback’s damage & enable multiple bladeback in one go (by tapping atk button again)

[- Invulnerability frame during bladeback animation. No invulnerability frame during dashing animation
– Can do branch atk instanlty after ultimate evasion or ult; sometimes can dash past multiple enemy during ultimate evasion branch atk; branch atk teleport you instantly to enemy and can deal damage from any distance]

Optimum ult usage:

(“A” is tap attack button)
The space i made is to pause for bladeback. Refer to above for details why you need to use ult like this (sakura count adding during ult). If lag ensues, doing 4 dashes instead & sacrificing 1 bladeback is oki doki.

[- Ult activation doesn’t slow down the game during coop
– Invulnerability frame during ult’s bladeback & dash animation
– Ult counts as “Burst-State”; dash counts as basic atk; bladeback counts as branch atk]

Equip recommendation (“set” is my personal recommendation, but can be mixed with the “individual”. And yes, no Yae Sakura stigmata set in this list.):

F2Pleb set:

– Lightning Soul; Full Attila
– Lightning Soul; Bathory T M, Attila B (might not viable in abyss)

[- Lightning Soul; Winter Princess T, Bathory M, Attila B (might not viable in abyss)]

F2Pleb individual:

– Bathory M (not viable in abyss)
– Attila B

[- Winter Princess T
– Jingwei T (for bossing only)
– Fuka Pride B (for bossing only)
– Sakura Prayer B (when can’t mantain combo)]

Non-F2Pleb set:

– Void/3rd/Blossom; Full Ekaterina
– Void/3rd/Blossom; Lier Scarlet T B, Planck M

[- Void/3rd/Blossom; Sirin T B, Planck M
– Void/3rd/Blossom; Full Michaelangelo
– Void/3rd/Blossom; Cecilia set + 1 damage stigmata (hard to use)]

Non-F2Pleb individual:

– Schrodinger T
– Lier Scarlet T
– Ekaterina M
– Planck M
– Newton T (must really git gud)
– Mei Pool M
– Newton B (can be put on support valk instead)

Abyss Usage:

core damager mob & boss floor; might need healer/support/support dps
(yamabuki’s shield to prevent getting hit during dash, DP/VT’s healing to heal when you solo with miko too much); qte spam + bladeback works good enough

Raid Coop Usage:

core damager; solo; not too supportive; [will trigger civil war with Sakuno Rondo]

[Memorial Arena Usage: Jizou; Kallen (if don’t have SS VC); Parvati (to an extent)]

Skill-Levelling Priority:

1. Combo Skill -> Bladeback Damage & Number of Issens Doable
2. Ult Skill -> Crit Damage
3. Normal Skill

Desired Rank: SS (ez to farm her frags)

[Last Advices:
If you want to use miko, keep practicing to use her bladeback, learn to maintain combo, & look out for the situation. just prepare yourself too for new upcoming valks]

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