Honkai Impact 3rd Final HOMU Fantasy Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Final HOMU Fantasy Raid Guide by Sharkboy15

Tons of people seems confused with certain stage in HOMU Fantasy…. Hope this might help. Just a person trying to help. I’m not sure which char to use for these stages.

1. HOMU Land: No strategy needed nor any specific type of character needed

2. Archer’s Canyon: Use ranged character like Bronya(any can work) and a Cannon type weapon is better since it chases enemy. Kiana Valk. Ranger may also work for this stage

3. Path of The Hero: *One specific Captain will be followed by the Little Homu, which is really Important in this stage. The captain is chosen at random (?). The captain need to stay inside the healing circle at most time to heal the Little Homu.

*Why heal Little Homu? I think the first 20% health healed will allow you to recover SP faster and the higher it is (>50%) will allow you to do shit ton of damage to all enemy. Yes, including the annoying HOMU King Boss. If our Little Homu is around <50%, captains will need to heal it while fighting the HOMU boss. Not only that, it will be hard to damage HOMU Boss since it has way more defense or health making any damage almost insignificant

*In the case where the Little Homu health is not enough to help you multiply dmg, You may want to heal it more, but its gonna be harder than before. When captains reached the Boss stage, be careful which captain is the HOMU boss is following. If the HOMU Boss is following and going near the healing circle, its best to run out and stay far away from healing circle since it’s gonna heal the HOMU Boss also.

4. Ghost Monastery:

  • The HOMU King will follow one captain everywhere until its able to catch and kill one of the Captain and it will go after another captain.
  • Best way to do this is for the Chased captain (can be seen with the red-outlined road) in front of the HOMU King, to run away from it and stay away from other captains while the other kills the enemy. This means fast moving character(Mei or Kiana Valk. Ranger) or fast evading character(Mei or Yae Sakura) is recommended

5. Terror Maze (Hard Only)

  • The best way to clear this fast is to use fast character or good evading character to trigger all of the mine around the maps. Or, it may be possible for you guys that have a fast reflex to evade the explosion. Remember that the mine will pull any nearby captain to the mine before explosion

6. Dark Lord’s Castle:

  • First “stage” of this level, Dark Bronya will be a piece of cake, so try to save your ults for the later “stage” (after Dark Bronya health decrease to certain level)
  • The Second “stage”. Dark Bronya will have variety of attack, including:
    • Linear laser which more or less will cover most of the map
    • 8-10 “Gravity” orbs which will do dmg and pull any captain to it

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