Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Codes List

How to use promo codes? Go to the Shop and click on “Redeem Code”.

Current Promo Codes

– *New* Enter the code: BroughtBack – Get 2000 XP boost and one Core Set 2020 booster pack.

– *New* Enter the code: PLAYM20 – Get three Core Set 2020 booster packs free.

– *New* Enter the code: LEVELUP – Get 2000 XP boost and one Core Set 2020 booster pack.

– Enter the code: OneBillion – Get one free WAR booster pack.

– Enter the code: WRITTENINSTONE – Get the stained glass style artwork for Nahiri.

– Enter the code: ENLIGHTENME – Get the stained glass style artwork for Narset.

– Enter the code: SHIELDSUP – Get the stained glass style artwork for Teyo.

– Enter the code: InnerDemon – Get the stained glass style artwork for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted.

– Enter the code: OverTheMoon – Get the stained glass style artwork for Arlinn, Voice of the Pack.

– Enter the code: PlayWarSpark – Get 3 Free War of the Spark Booster Packs

– Enter the code: STARTERSTYLES – Get 6 card styles and 1 card sleeve free.

FoilFungus – Premium Deathbloom Thalli (Cosmetic), Deathbloom Thalli (Card) x1

ParallaxPotion – Premium Revitalize (Cosmetic), Revitalize (Card) x1

SuperScry or PremiumScry – Premium Opt (IXL) (Cosmetic), Opt (Card) x1

ShinyGoblinPirate – Premium Fanatical Firebrand (Cosmetic), Fanatical Firebrand (Card) x1

SparkleDruid – Premium Druid of the Cowl (Cosmetic), Premium Druid of the Cowl (Card) x1

– Enter the code: PlayAllegiance – Get 3 Free Ravnica Allegiance Booster Packs

– Enter the code: PlayRavnica – Get 3 Free Guilds of Ravnica Booster Packs

Closed Beta Reward Code – You will receive a promo code to unlock 3 Planeswalker Cards if you participated in the closed beta. The cards are:

1x Ral, Izzet Viceroy
1x Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
1x Vraska, Golgari Queen

Expired Promo Codes

– Enter the code: GAMEAWARDS (leave a space at the end)
You will receive 25 free cards.

1x Cleansing Nova
1x Ghalta, Primal Hunger
1x Risk Factor
1x Search for Azcanta
1x Vraska’s Contempt

4x Conclave Tribunal
4x The Eldest Reborn
4x Lava Coil
4x Merfolk Branchwalker
4x Sinister Sabotage

– Enter the code: MYTHICMAGIC – Get three randomized Mythic Rare cards from War of the Spark, Ravnica Allegiance, or Guilds of Ravnica. Expires 2 July 19.

Contribute any Promo Codes you know of in the comments section below!

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26 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Bullfas says:

    BroughtBack don’t work

  3. aiden says:

    thanks you all

  4. tatsu247 says:

    playm20 for 3x m20 packs

  5. That guy says:

    WRITTENINSTONE for a glass art nahiri
    ENLIGHTENME for glass art narset
    SHIELDSUP for glass art teyo
    only others i know

  6. Anonymous says:

    PlayRavnica needs a space at the end

  7. Anonymous says:

    OneBillion – 1 WAR booster

  8. Anonymous says:

    DNR-4D2G-k6o Boros Legion Deck

  9. Swamplord says:

    I never got my code for the closed beta. Can anyone confirm they received their codes yet? Thanks.

  10. MarioFanaticXV says:

    Gameawards no longer works. First nine are still all good

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    playwarsapark for 3 boosters

  13. CDPM says:


    may I ask if you have Vampires promo codes?
    I collect Vampire sets and collections. Thank youuu!

  14. Anonymous says:

    ShinyGoblinPirate gives you FOIL Card of Fanatical Firebrand

  15. siika says:

    ShinyGoblinPirate -code from Mythic Invitational stream.

  16. Anonymous says:

    FoilFungues gets you a cosmetic change for Deathbloom Thalid

  17. Nalisha says:

    ParallaxPotion for Revitalize art 1 copy of the card

  18. Anonymous says:

    gameawards promo code expired in Dec 18

  19. cosmicseal says:

    GAMEAWARDS doesn’t work anymore? (never tried the code before btw)
    even with and without the space… help?

  20. Anonymous says:

    PlayAllegiance & PlayRavnica both worked, Gameawards did not.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Play Allegiance

  23. Anonymous says:

    what are some promo codes

  24. DengMamm says:

    GAMEAWARDS gives you some free cards as well!

  25. ArabianNights says:

    Use promo code GAMEAWARDS for 25 free cards. Valid for a limited time.

  26. Jan Stahlhut says:

    Hello, are there still some promo codes ? Just asking.

    I collect Planeswalker, so i ask.

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