For Honor Breach Mode Defense Guide

For Honor Breach Mode Defense Guide by Nycto

Greetings ladies and gentledudes, it’s me, Nycto! The totally average FH player. I’m here today to give you my little guide on playing Breach! I hope you’ve packed your best feats, cause we’re going defending!


You see the cutscene play out, watching your walls take a beating like your mom used to give you, and then it starts. This one is a bit obvious, but you should probably head to the first archer zone. It’s guaranteed that your enemy will go too, so you could scoop up some easy kills. Given the zone’s small size, it’ll be a hectic gank, but proper communication will be a great benefit.

If you lose the zone, don’t sweat it. They’re hard to defend, and it’s unlikely you’d hold it for long. Besides, the Cauldron is easier to defend. But before we get to that, lemme give you a tip! The offering spawns in at 27 min on the timer, and four minutes after that, at 23! Smart players (or people you choose to be your leader) should keep an eye on the time and make a good push for the offering once some enemies are dead. It may only give a small amount of shield, but hey, even surviving one extra hit is a godsend.

I’ve only had one match where the enemies lost on the first point, and that was due to a strong defence. The Cauldron is the most important zone, since it can do a heck of a lot of damage to their rammy boi. It’s also close to your spawn, making it significantly easier to hold. If you lose it, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to keep your access to the spicy soup, or else you’re shit outta luck.

Little tip, you don’t have to prioritize kills on the first wall. Yeah, it’s important, but slowing down the enemy is way better. Keep those weiners off the zones and make em waste time!


So, you’ve just lost the first wall, and are ready to end your life to go to whichever god you worship. Not so fast you eager beaver! This second area is truly the core of the game, and it’s the prime “win or lose” time. Plenty of archer points, and they have to move their ram across one long boi.

If you didn’t die before door break, retreat to the first point. Usually only one enemy goes their immediately, so it’s an easy kill. And, don’t forgot to capture the healing zone! This part of the match is the longest, so you’re bound to feel like it just drags on (because it does). As well, you should have at least tier 3-4 feats by now. If not, you should send your team to the chiropractor cause of all the strain on their back from carrying you.

Speaking of carrying, let’s play a little scenario. You’re on Archer Zone 4, and Xx420BigKushxX has approached your for a fight. You see those little boyos in blue with pikes as big as their pps? Lead that man into them. They’re powerful, capable of ruining anything he can do, and should you die, that bitch ain’t getting an execution as long as they stand.

Now, for the most important part; the Guardian. He’s lean, he’s mean, and he’ll wipe your health clean. You should only approach him once at least the enemies have fallen, and make sure to bring your team. Sure, he’s easy to solo, but that buff only applies to his killers (or so I’ve been told). My recommendation is to have someone focus on parrying his attacks, and the rest should damage after each one. His health will leave faster than my will to live.


Now you’ve lost your wall, and it’s boss fight time. Here’s where your feats are the most important. My recommendation is that you bring AoE healing feats, such as Stalwart and JJ’s healing feat, as they can heal your big brother, aka Biggus Dickus the Lord.

The enemies have a straightforward plan of stabbing the big boi, so it’s up to you and your team to say “no u” and stab them back. Controlling the healing zone is vital, and it will force the enemy to play via hit and run, allowing you to crush the slower players without mercy. Holding the ballista is also a good idea, but not important, as they only get a shot on him once he moves.

After each failed attack, have someone heal your lord. He won’t say it because he’s a tsundere, but he does appreciate the sentiment. If you hold well enough, the enemy will grow desperate, throwing themselves and their feats at him. Like the good Seconds you are, if you see a weeb reeeeing at him with bleed, take one for the team and insult his waifu. He’ll break down and lose the will to fight.

Now, the lord’s AI isn’t that bad. Much like the guardian, he can drop bombs, but more important is the fact if someone say, throws a fire flask, he’ll walk out of its range, limiting the damage. The enemy will use this to put him on direct sight of the ballista, so stomp that camping nerd.

Exhaust their tickets or let ten minutes play out, and that’s it! You’ve won!

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