Azur Lane Commissions Priorities Guide

Azur Lane Commissions Priorities Guide by Siigari

Highest Priority

Gems – Gems are cash shop currency and difficult to come by.
Gold – Gold is required for purchasing items, limit breaking waifus and construction.
Oil – Oil is required for world map, dailies, purchasing food, and some commissions.
Tech 4 boxes – Currently the top tier of box on NA server. The best box.

Middle Priority

Purple Plates – Top commodities for raising levels of equipment. Rarely dropped in stages.
Decor Tokens – Used to buy furniture and items in the dorm. Cannot be purchased.
Wisdom Cubes – While frequently obtained from dailies – should not be missed in your commissions.
Tier 3 Books – Great for overnight studying skills, and give more experience per hour than any other book.

Low Priority

Tier 2 books – commonly found in dailies and are frequent in daily commissions.
Blue plates – Easily obtained by grinding middle level stages.
Retrofit Blueprints – are not in high demand as there are a limited number of ships that support the feature.
Elite and Rare Ships obtained from launch ceremonies come with high gold rewards. They are worth grabbing.

Lowest Priority

Tier 1, 2 and 3 boxes – easily obtained by playing the game. T3 boxes can be crafted.
Quick Finishers (aka Drills) – Obtained via completing dailies and usually do not come with any accompanying gold or oil in commissions.
White Plates – While required fro raising all gear no matter how far, they are easily obtained by playing the game.
Tier 1 books – great for using while grinding due to their abundance and ability to micro-manage study. They are ubiquitous, however.


Strive to always be having commissions running. The faster you get 4 “expendable” shipgirls to level 35 the more flexibility you will have in running 4 valuable commissions at a time. Prioritize quick-ending commissions over longer commissions so you can end your commissions quickly before the night time commissions begin!

Night commissions begin at 10 PM PDT and last for 5 hours, offering good items, gold and exp.

Note that as you progress, your needs and resources pools will fluctuate. The reason for this tier list is to help give you a guide to stay on track with most of what you need while playing. For example, if youa re out of tier 1 books, give them a priority while looking for commissions. Just be sure to remember that if you run out of gold and oil due to taking no gold or oil commissions that they are available!

The above is just a list of guidelines, and not to be treated as 100% fact at all times. Again, Tailor commissions to your needs.

The daily commission that gives a lot of experience and gold, but costs a lot of oil should be used sparingly when you have a wealth of oil. That oil is better spent grinding for materials, and the experience given is more when accounting for MVP and bonused stage experience (1.1, 1.2 and 1.5x modifiers from encounters).

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