Destiny 2 Whisper Fight Chests and Oracles Guide

Destiny 2 Whisper Fight Chests and Oracles Guide by Shadeoefeenicks

I didn’t really think it was worth making a section for the jumping puzzle as it’s fairly straightforward and it can be shown much more easily through a video. The ideal amount of time to have for the fight section of the mission is 15 minutes, 10 minutes will be fine if everyone has [Whisper/Sleeper/Polaris Lance].

SOME Weapon Suggestions:


  • Go Figure
  • Relentless
  • Machina Dei
  • Perfect Paradox
  • Long Shadow
  • Alone as a God
  • Wrong Side of Right
  • Nameless Midnight
  • Purpose
  • Midnight Coup
  • Better Devils


  • Perserverance
  • Positive Outlook
  • Null Calamity
  • Polaris Lance
  • Braytech RWP Mk. II
  • Manannan
  • Eternal Blazon
  • The Cut & Run
  • Inaugural Address
  • Right Side of Wrong
  • Graviton Lance
  • Arsenic Bite 4b
  • Subtle Calamity
  • Retold Tale
  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1
  • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1
  • Twilight Oath
  • Eye of Foresight
  • Maxim XI


  • Whisper of the Worm(yes I know, it’s good for the Heroic version)
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • Sleepless
  • Bad Omens
  • Curtain Call
  • Sins of the Past
  • Tractor Cannon
  • Edge Transit     L O L

Watching the Clock

Ideal timing:
14:59 – Dropping into the first room
09:00 – Leaving 3rd room
08:30 – Dropping into 5th(Boss) room
07:00 – Started boss DPS
01:00 – Last boss should be at half health or less

Standard timing:
10:01 – Dropping into the first room
06:30 – Leaving 3rd room
06:00 – Dropping into 5th(Boss) room
05:00 – Started boss DPS
01:00 – Last boss should be at 1/3 health or less

I like to describe the fight as having 5 rooms, even though 2 of them are fairly short:
– 1st thrall room
– 2nd captain room
– 3rd hobgoblin room
– 4th psion room
– 5th boss room

First room strat: Drop into the room right after a taken blaster goes off below you, quickly jump up to your left onto the ledge, using the top of the blight as cover. Use a long range weapon to take out the vandal sniper in the back left corner of the room, then walk to the other side of your ledge to get the other sniper in his spot on the right side of the room. If you have a sniper, get the shield off the captain back on the left, then sniper him down. Now jump through the left side up to the back left sniper spot and turn to your right to kill the captain on the other side. Hunters or Warlocks can then back track and jump down to pop their supers, kill the thrall and then continue their super to clear the second wave. I would recommend Titans to keep their super for the second wave, or save it for later rooms. You don’t have to kill all the blights to proceed, so just hit the door blocker blight and go in.

Second room strat: Time your entry into the room so that the taken blasters don’t push you around, or you will most likely die. If a Titan pops hammers in here, then just have fun. If not; run through the room to the far right corner passage all the way to the back and then turn around and start cutting down the vandals and captains. Once only 1 or 2 are left you can be more aggressive and clear them out.

Third room strat: This is your order of threats for this room: Knights>Hobgoblins>Wizards>Acolytes. When you jump down, two people should go to the right and start getting stuck in to the Knight in the corner, grenades will help. One person should stay in the very first section of the room, just outside the door and crouch down to the right of the taken blasters and use a long range weapon on the Knight on the left side upper platform. After both these Knights are dead, work as a team to head through the right-hand tunnel and straight up to the Knight on the ledge up on the right side, ignore the Wizard for now. Follow around killing the Hobgoblins until you get to the end, 2 people can then focus the Knight who will now be to your left on a platform while the 3rd person can get rid of the shadow thrall and start taking on the Wizard on the stairs. Once all the Knights are dead it’s a good time for a [Stormtrance] or [Arcstrider] to clear out the Acolytes. As it takes a little long to kill the Wizards sometimes, so focus on the Acolytes and you’ll usually take the Wizards shields off in the process, leaving your team to mop them up. Take out the blight just before the door and the door blocker blight and you’re done.

Fourth room strat: One team member should head forward to peek into the fourth room and take out the far Hobgoblin and the two that will be on pillars up and to the left. As soon as that team member has gone forward far enough, two Phalanx majors will spawn in the 3rd room, the two teammates who stayed back will kill them and them and then follow into the fourth room. Whoever needs super energy should kill the psions, the other two should drop into the middle right away and destroy the blight so they can drop down into the boss room.

Boss room strat: Start off by designating one person to super and sending them to either the left or the right side of the room, the other two should start taking down the nearest 2 blights. You only need to kill the first wave of adds in order to bring the bosses down from their pedestals but you do need to destroy all but the furthest back blight so that they can’t hide in them. The super should focus on killing the adds on one side, then swing round to take out the adds on the other. You want to get those Centurions down, or else you’ll have to deal with their Axion Darts for the whole fight. Don’t worry if you die while trying to destroy the blights, it just matters that they get wrecked. If you jump onto the top of a blight and crouch, you can look down and shoot it; saving you from being shot by enemies outside the blight as much. Once the blights are down, everyone should head to the back of the room where you dropped in and stand about 2/3rds of the way up the slope. If you’re a Titan and one of your less punchy friends supered to clear the room, then now’s your turn to either DPS a boss with hammers, or to clear the captains and other adds around the front of the pillars with other supers and make orbs. If you’re down to the wire for time, you could use [Banner Shield] to protect your friends and increase DPS. Take care of the Knight boss on the left side first as he is the dumbest and will just stand there and let you kill him. Then take on the Captain boss by the pillars, she can be a right pain in the butt by moving around, but you can reduce the frequency of her darkness blasts by standing a bit further back. Now you’re down to the Centurion boss, he has a nasty habit of walking back and forth between the left and right sides of the rock, so either have the team split up so you can damage him on one side then he will drift back to the other side; or have one member of the team jump down and go into the tunnel on the right and follow around to the end and make a fuss so that the Centurion stays in the middle of the map and the others can shoot him. It’s a good idea to volunteer for this role if you’ve run out of heavy ammo, because you won’t get any heavy drops as of September 2018. If anyone gets their supers back, feel free to use them to damage the bosses, but mostly leave the adds alone as they respawn infinitely once their whole group is destroyed.


Hunters should be on [Arcstrider], if you’re using [St0mp-EE5] for the jumping puzzle don’t forget to switch to [Raiden Flux] before you drop into the first room. All the other Hunter supers pale in comparison to [Arcstrider] when it comes to this mission. The only reason to not be on it, is if there is more than 1 Hunter, in this case the other hunter should be on [Nightstalker] TOP TREE with [Orpheus Rigs].

Warlocks should be on [Stormcaller] top tree for [Transcendence] bonus. [Crown of Tempests] is a must, otherwise you’re going to be disappointed with your super all around. If you use your super in the boss room, switch to [Well of Radiance] in case you get your super back at the end and can use it to boost the DPS. Do be careful to let your team know you’re dropping the Well, because it can mess with Whisper’s reload. Also don’t forget to use [Empowering Rift] but don’t use [Lunafaction Boots] if anyone is using Whisper.

Titans should use either [Sunbreaker] top tree with [Hallowfire Heart] or [Armamentarium]; OR [Sentinel] bottom tree with [Doom Fang Pauldrons]. [Ward of Dawn] is not useful here. If you have the [Lion Rampant] legs, they will help immensely in the jumping puzzle. If you go with hammers, use it on the Knights primarily, If you’re going to use them on something else, let your team know, so you don’t accidentally double up on supers. Using [Hammer Strike] to apply melting point to the bosses can be useful if your team is coordinated and can take advantage of it.

Pretty much just coordinate with your team to use your supers and don’t use heavy ammo until the bosses unless you’re really pushed for time.


Hunter Solo: You’re going to get to use your super 3 times. Make them count or there’s no hope for you, [Raiden Flux] is pretty much a necessity for soloing this on a Hunter. 1st super should be in the first room when the second wave of enemies spawn, you should be able to take them all out. You won’t get it back until you’re most of the way through the 3rd room, but don’t use it here, you’re going to need it to clear the enemies in the boss room. If you don’t have it in the 3rd room, kill the Psions in the 4th room to get the energy. You might get it back again right towards the end, but only if you have a good chunk of time left on the clock. You won’t have rifts or wells to boost your damage, so make sure to utilise your [Marksman’s Dodge] to keep DPS up or when you stuff up a Whisper mag. If you’ve saved all your Whisper ammo for the end, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue. If you’re using a [Sleeper/Polaris Lance] combo, make sure to switch as soon as you’re out of Sleeper ammo. If you don’t have Whisper, use your [Sleeper Simulant] on the Centurion first, otherwise [Polaris Lance] just won’t be able to keep up DPS on him if you leave him til last.

Warlock Solo: Similar to the Hunter strat, if you don’t have Crown to use with your [Stormtrance], this will be a lot more difficult. Super distribution is similar to the Hunter’s, you will need a super for the boss room. You will be able to kill blights much easier than a Hunter would, because the damage will chain to them when you’re killing adds anyway. Don’t forget to use your rift to help with boss DPS. Once you’ve used your super in the boss room, switch to [Voidwalker] bottom tree, so if you have time to use your super again before the time runs out, you can slap the last boss with some big instant damage.

Titan Solo: Don’t forget to switch your [Lion Rampant] boots for a chest exotic once you finish the jumping puzzle. You can use your first hammers on either the first room’s second wave, or to entirely clear the second room. Supering the second room can save you a lot of time. If you use it in the first room, keep it on until you use it again, then switch to [Striker] bottom tree with [Insurmountable Skullfort]. If you use it the second room, switch right away before entering the 3rd room, or [Fists of Havoc] won’t be charged in time to use in the boss room. If you really want to use [Seismic Strike] you can, but it will make it difficult for your super to last long enough in the boss room. If you want to, you could switch back to hammers and the hallowfire chest once the bosses spawn, so you get your grenades back quicker for more DPS. Lastly don’t forget to use your rally barricade if you’re using [Sleeper Simulant].

Heroic Extras

Chest Locations:

1 – First Red Room: starting platform, jump slightly up and to the right.

2 – Room with Taken Knight and Glowing Ring Tunnels: cross over to the right, follow along until the knight spawns, kill him and then jump to ledge that runs along the wall below the knight’s platform. The chest is at the end.

3 – Mossy Room: on the lower level crouch through a hole on the left then walk to the wall, turn left, jump the gap, crouch through the hole.

4 – Mossy Room: jump up all the platforms going around the room higher and higher and taking you back around to above where you started. Once you seem to be out of platforms, you’ll need to fall down in the chasm between the stones next to you, and then cushion your fall onto the grass platform.

5 – In the big open room after the Mossy room, you’ll want to jump to the right to a small dimly lit area similar to the first chest one. From there jump to the stone platforms sticking out from the rock wall on the right hand side of the room. Jump up the platforms until you get to the top then face the center-back of the room to see the sister to the Vault of Glass portal. Jump to this platform and face the portal. Now walk “through” the VoG portal, it will turn off instead of teleporting you and there will be a dark vex metal pillar directly ahead of you, jump to it but be careful, it’s easy to overshoot. Next turn to your right and jump to the pillar, then again to the next pillar. Warlocks and Titans can then jump straight back around the corner to the portal platform, Hunters can only do this with St0mp-EE5.

6 – oracle chest. complete the oracle puzzle to get the last chest and the exotic schematic for the taken version of the Kings Fall HM ship; A Thousand Wings.

The Ship schematic will tell you that you need to complete the heroic mission 3 times, once on each singe. Singes give you 15% extra damage with matching elements, and enemies 25% extra. This is one of the only differences between the heroic and normal missions, and it doesn’t really change much, it just makes solar singe weeks the easiest.

For the Oracle puzzle, the oracles will start showing up all over the place to show you where they are, they will show up in the order you need to shoot them but don’t worry about anything until they all appear at once and stay there. After each round, wait until they all show up together before you start shooting, a high-impact sniper or scout rifle will be great for this. Here’s the cheat sheet:

Oracle order:
Sequence #1
1, 3, 5
Sequence #2
4, 6, 7, 3, 1
Sequence #3
7, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, 5

The heroic will give 24 blighted essence once a week for completion. Each chest gives 2 blighted essence towards the masterwork objective. The chests can be collected once per week. It says 0% in the first heroic on each method below because you have to complete the heroic once to get the catalyst, then you can start working towards the objective.

If you max every weekend, you will only need to get 2 chests in the last weekend:

Weekend No.ActivityCataylst Progress
1acquire WhisperN/A
first Heroic0%
complete Heroic24%
open 6 chests36%
2complete Heroic60%
open 6 chests72%
3complete Heroic96%
open 2 chests100%

If you don’t max every weekend, you can split it differently. Skipping the high mossy room chest and the oracle chest in repeat runs to make it easier, will look like this:

Weekend No.ActivityCatalyst Progress
1acquire WhisperN/A
first Heroic0%
complete Heroic24%
open 6 chests36%
2complete Heroic60%
open 4 chests68%
3complete Heroic92%
open 4 chests100%

Without getting any chests it will take an extra 2 weeks:

Weekend No.ActivityCatalyst Progress
1acquire WhisperN/A
first Heroic0%
complete Heroic24%
2complete Heroic48%
3complete Heroic72%
4complete Heroic96%
5complete Heroic100%

If you want to get it by collecting the chests but not doing the heroic more than once, it will take you 9 weeks:

Weekend No.ActivityCatalyst Progress
1acquire WhisperN/A
first Heroic0%
open 6 chests12%
2open 6 chests24%
3open 6 chests36%
4open 6 chests48%
5open 6 chests60%
6open 6 chests72%
7open 6 chests84%
8open 6 chests96%
9open 2 chests100%

TLW: Sleeper, Polaris Lance, Arc Supers and communication are your best friends

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