Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Advanced Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Advanced Guide by MeshesAreConfusing

I intend to make this an extensive and complete guide to playing Montagne successfully. This won’t be a “tips and tricks” post, so it’s probably gonna be quite long. Disclaimer: In order to have any success employing advanced Monty techniques, you need a permanent squad. This stuff requires a lot of mutual trust, and you simply can’t achieve that with randoms. (Edit: turns out this stuff is perfectly viable against low rank players, even if you’re solo). This is also entirely based on my personal experience – I’ve played against everyone from bronzes to diamonds using these tactics and they seem to consistently work well, but you’ll still find a lot of Monty mains that disagree with me. Regardless, I think he’s a really difficult operator to play correctly and this could give someone a hand.

First, adressing the misconceptions: Montagne is not cover. I cannot stress this enough: Do not use Monty as mobile cover outside of specific situations like covering a defuser plant. I know what you’re thinking: “But OP, his gadget was obviously designed so that he can cover his team while they advance”. Yes, I know. But doing that only benefits the defenders! The classic rookie mistake that Monties make is to fully extend and block a doorway while your teammate stands behind you and tries to shoot through the gaps. This is bad for two reasons: First, your shield only protects you from C4. The blast will still damage teammates normally, and often, defenders will throw it above your head, making it land at your teammates’ feet. Secondly, the defenders can do all sorts of fancy things like prefiring, throwing impacts, finding nice angles etc. Meanwhile, the guy behind you can only stand 1m away from you and try to get picks through the gaps between you and the walls – which is actually really difficult, because he can’t unload his weapon for fear of TKing you, and he does not have the element of surprise (everyone knows he’s behind you). Even IF it all works out well, you’re still wasting an operator slot on a stupid gimmick. So how should he be used?

Well, if you’re familiar with MMORPGs, you’re probably familiar with the role of the tank: Doesn’t deal much damage, but deals enough to be annoying, meaning he can’t be ignored. When enemies do try to kill the tank though, they have a really hard time, because he’s, well… Tanky. That is what Montagne is: With the post-nerf revolver he is no longer a killing machine, but his pistol lets him deal enough damage to be annoying while being very hard to kill. So that is what you are: A distraction. Your job is to make the enemy struggle with who to target – Shoot at your teammates and get slowly shot to death with a low-damage gun, or shoot at you, only to see you turn invincible, and then they promptly get headshotted by your teammates because they were distracted.

When you enter a room with your teammates behind you, you should go in first, telling them to watch the door instead of following you. Immediately divert the defenders’ attention away from the doorway by circling around them with your shield extended (obviously don’t do this if all 5 are in the room, I’m talking about 1-3 usually). One of two things will happen then: Either they will focus entirely on you, at which point you tell your squad to come in and shoot the defenders in the back (hopefully you told your squad where they were), or they will continue focusing on the door, at which point you can do many things: If they are alert you immediately retract the shield, shoot once or twice and extend again (this will force them to target you, netting your teammates easy kills), or, if they are really stupid and just ignore you, you can outright kill them with a shield bash or a point-blank hipfire unload. If you prefer the revolver, you will have to be very careful with your hipfires, since it’s more of an “aiming down sights” gun at the moment.

These moments aren’t always clear and easy to see, of course: Sometimes you’ll get an enemy’s attention only to have them immediately turn to face the door again as soon as you extend. You don’t always have to extend, of course: If you think you can survive by just crouching and hipfiring until your teammates get the guy, you can always remain crouched and firing, as a way of really holding that Jager’s attention, not to mention you can kill him more easily this way if he ignores you again. This is especially useful against roamers, because if you know there are 2 guys roaming above the bombsite, you can send Montagne in first (roamers don’t really expect an invincible attacker, so their brilliant positioning will often be for nothing and they’ll panic). Your job in these situations is to go in first, search the room, and then when the Bandit that was prone under the table inevitably gets up and starts trying to kill you, you shout at your squadmates to rush in and get him. If he turns around and starts shooting at them, kill him yourself. Here is a handy and very stupid illustration to show what I mean: The first collumn shows what happens if you act as cover like a dumbass. The second one shows what happens if the defender ignores you because his past experience with Montagnes has taught him that you’re a harmless fridge door (you kill him). Finally, the third one shows what happens if he focuses on you (your teammate kills him).

Now, you may have found a flaw in my ideas: Monty is not invincible with the shield extended at all. Firstly, because C4 can be thrown over the shield, and secondly because he will often get stabbed through the shield by a stinky 3 speed operator.

The first problem is easy to take care of: Extend your shield and have it facing the C4 when it explodes. You will usually be able to dodge sideways (for instance, strafing to the right while facing the left with your shield). Try not to put yourself in a position where you need to turn around to protect yourself from the C4, because you’ll often get shot in the back (although surprisingly, the defenders usually forget they can shoot while detonating C4, so even then you may survive).

The second problem is a bit more complicated. As you see in the gif, nobody is really capable of stabbing you through your shield. What happens is that, in their screen, they actually went around you, but due to Ubisoft’s wonky netcode it seemed to you like they just pushed against you for a little bit and then stabbed you through the shield. This can even happen while you are fully extended because, even if you turn 90 degrees to your left, their client will only receive this info around a second later, even at low ping. This gives them more than enough time to stab you in the back, even though, on your screen, you were facing them. So how do you handle 3 speed hellspawn who insist on rushing you as soon as you extend, killing you while you’re unable to fight back? Quite simple, actually: You abuse their bloodlust. The notion that Montagnes are a free kill is ingrained into the mind of the Jager/Bandit player, meaning they will very often try to sprint around you when they see you with the shield extended. To counter this, simply unextend and kill them. You decide how! If they’re still a bit far away and cancel their sprint, you should immediately crouch and begin firing. Then, reassess the situation based on how they react: If they start strafing to the side, extend again. Remember the delay in shield turning? This means that by side strafing they can shoot you on the side of your head before you can turn to face them. Don’t be afraid of quickly toggling between extended and retracted mode, because as long as you have a good 2 meters between you and them, you still have enough time to retract and punch them. This is the ideal scenario in the situation I described above, by the way – If they do not cancel their sprint even after you retract, melee them before they melee you for a free kill. This is the one moment where the netcode actually works in your favour: Even if they’ve already meleed (thus pushing your shield aside) on their screen, what matters is what you see on yours. So punch away.

Don’t believe me when I say it’s simply a matter of punching first? Check out 0:30 on my documentary analysis of Montagne. (maybe watch the whole thing while you’re at it, even like the video perhaps?)

Don’t want to take my word for it, since I could just be a bronze posing as an experienced Monty? Fair enough. Check out this video by Macie Jay then, where he kills a lot of kill-hungry defenders by simply punching them first (he’s diamond rank).


The community favorite way to plant the defuser with Montagne is to have him extend the shield and block the enemy fire, while someone else plants behind him. This CAN work, in very specific situations:

• Their angles are limited enough that they can’t just sidestep you and shoot the planter

• They don’t have a Smoke or C4 operator nearby (don’t forget, your shield only blocks explosive damage for you, not your teammates).

• They can’t rush you and kill the planter

• They can’t jump out of a window and shoot both of you in the back (as often happens in the House garage plant).

As you can tell, these circumstances don’t happen often. One place you can do this is in Club house bar bombsite, on B site. Another would be on Border, upper floor bombsite, behind the shelf that Jagers like to climb up on. There are a few more, but in general, there is a better option: Montagne plants while his team covers him. Why is this viable?

Because Montagne puts his shield on his back while he plants. If you plant with your back to the enemy, it will block most bullets. Enough to make you survive if someone can clearly see you and shoot your feet? No, but that’s what your team and smokes are for. You see, if you make someone else plant while you block the bullets, you are delegating 2 people to the task of planting, leaving you with fewer guns pointed at the enemy. If Monty plants while his team watches him, that’s one extra gun that can kill defenders before they can find a way to harm him. If you combine this with smokes and a fast, sudden plant, you have a recipe for success (just watch out for Smoke and Nitros, and remember that it’s not very wide while on your back, meaning you gotta line your self up really well).


IF WITH YOUR TEAM AGAINST MORE THAN ONE ENEMY: Stand or crouch somewhere they’re less likely to notice you and hipfire/bash them while they’re distracted by your team. Don’t aim down sights, because Monty becomes more useful the less time there is to defuse, so you gotta stay alive. Or, ideally, try to block the doorway they’re coming from, but remember to stand still while doing so – if you keep moving side to side (ADADADADADAD) they will eventually teleport through your shield because Ubisoft.

IF ALONE AGAINST A LONE OPPONENT: If you planted on the very very very corneriest end of the corner, you may be able to block them from defusing simply by standing on it. If you can, good job! You’ve won. Just be careful with Nitros, since your shield doesn’t have very good upward protection from explosives, so you may need to step away from the corner and face it as it blows. If the defuser is somewhere else, extend, stand on a corner, and most importantly DON’T FALL FOR THE BAIT! They will do a fake defuse 100% of the time, and if you fall for it and try to ADS, they will kill you. What I’ve found that works consistently well is to remain extended, but go behind them and start walking closer. Usually, the knowledge that you’re behind them combined with the fact that they can’t see you means they immediately shit themselves stop defusing. Continue doing this until time runs out. If they call you on your bluff and don’t stop defusing, unextend, crouch and begin hipfiring. Don’t ever ADS unless you’re absolutely sure, because that’s a great way to throw a round. Remember, they’re expecting it!

IF ALONE AGAINST MULTIPLE OPPONENTS: Please refer to the “clutching” section below. The only difference between clutching with a defuser and without a defuser is that you can’t stray too far, so you may have to go full YOLO and start bashing faces. Clutching like this is doable against 2 opponents because one of them will defuse while the other attacks you, so you can deal with the closest one first and then move to the guy who’s defusing. Against 3 defenders… Yeah, no easy tactic there. Just pray that they’re stupid.


When clutching with Montagne, you have to rely on something very clear and easy to spot: Defender stupidity and greed. You know how they like to rush the attacker when there’s only one left? Well that effect is doubled tripled with Monty. When you’re the last one alive, your first priority should be to look out for rushing Jagers and Bandits. If they do rush you, wait by a doorway and bash them in the face. If no doorway is available, do as I said in my first guide: Once you sense they’re about to rush you, unextend and punch them first. Simple as that.

But of course, you don’t always have the luxury of having braindead enemies who rush you one by one. When that doesn’t happen, try to position yourself in a way that’ll let you avoid crossfires – It’s impossible to survive if you got one enemy on either side of you, because all you can do is extend and retreat, and then they’ll box you in. So take the fight to them! They don’t expect a lone monty to be agressive, and you gotta use that to your advantage. Box them in, get close and bash their faces one by one, maybe even aim down sights if you’re good at that, but always avoid the crossfires and extend when faced with 2 enemies at the same time. Look at how, in this video, I alternate between extended retreating, door blocking to make them back off, and baiting them into melee bashes. You should keep an eye out for reloads as well, because they essentially reduce the number of targets you’re facing by one, making the situation more manageable. Also take note of how, at 0:13, I escape the corner by simply walking out of there. If you get trapped on a corner like that, you’re dead, so you’d think people would expect Monties to just walk out of the corner, but nope! They don’t! At 0:37 I also use the doorway to hide my pistol arm, which allows you to fire safely without fear of getting shot back, so do that too.

One thing to look out for, not just when clutching, but in general combat situations: There is a small delay in your shield turning speed. This is caused by a combination of Ubisoft’s shitty netcode and ping, and it basically means that you can be pointing your shield at someone on your screen, but on theirs, they’ll be shooting you on the side of the head. You need to look out for this when people get close and then take a step to the side, because it can result in a bullshit death (note the disparity between my view and the final second of the killcam). This is important when clutching because quickly switching between targets can often get you killed if you don’t take this into account.


You should seek to avoid as many crossfires as you can when entering bombsite or building. They are unavoidable in some maps, but in general, after enough playtime and with enough map knowledge you’ll begin to develop a sixth sense that warns you that certain rooms are bad for you. For instance, it’s not wise to enter a room through a door that’s on the middle of the wall – better to enter through a corner, so that you can immediately turn right/left upon entering and avoid getting shot in the back or unprotected sides. When entering bombistes, try to do so through doors, not windows, as those expose your body while you vault. When searching the other floors for roamers, try to find a route that minimizes your chances of getting shot in the back, always placing potential enemy positions in front of you, and whenever possible, skirt around the edges of the room with your back to the wall to minimize your chances of getting surprised.

In this video I try to demonstrate how you should drone out the locations you can’t possibly protect yourself from, and then hug the wall with your back when searching the rooms, to avoid nasty surprises. It’s actually an awful example because I made a lot of mistakes in this but shh ignore those


Get thatcher/twitch or find another entrance lol


A more basic description of this was in Pt1 of this guide, read that first to get an idea of how to deal with meleeing opponents. Still, there is more to be said.

Firstly, just to get this out of the way: Never ever extend at close range, unless you’re up against a corner. For reasons I already described in pt1, enemies can and will seem to stab you through your shield, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid this if you’re extended. What you can do, however, is unextend and try to melee them first. The basics are simple: If you hit them before they hit you, you win, no matter what they saw on their screen. Now onto more complicated concepts. If they hit you before you managed to hit them, your shield will be pushed aside (to the left) and you will be unable to shoot or punch them. Immediately turn 90 degrees to the right, turning your exposed shield to them. This will block 99% of follow-up stabbings, and while it’s not as successful if they decide to shoot, it’s still better than doing nothing. Then, as soon as you regain the ability to attack, immediately melee them for an easy kill.

Ideally though, you’ll have bashed them before they stabbed you. In fact, that’s your best weapon – I probably have more melee kills than pistol kills. Rushing defenders are dumb and rarely expect this, making them easy to deal with. Your real problem comes when they keep their distance or there is more than one. In the latter situation, try to find an angle where you’re only exposed to one, or to line them up so that one blocks the other, then melee the one that’s closest to you. In the former situation, remember that you’ll always be a bitexposed while unextended, so try to find cover. Block your pistol arm with something like I mentioned earlier, stand behind a counter and use it to get closer to them without exposing your legs, or just go around a corner and bash/shoot them when they follow you.

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