Rainbow Six Siege IQ Guide

Rainbow Six Siege IQ Guide by Dead_tread

IQ main here. No I’m not a Ash main with slow reflexes. IQ is actually a very powerful operator right now, and she’s about to become a hell of a lot better. So let’s start with where she fits in with team comp and counters.

IQ fills a hole between an entry fragger and support. If she gets above or below an obj she can destroy batteries and jammers. Or can even use her frags inside droneholes to get garage doors on some maps(if thatcher is already dead that is). If there is not a plethora of gadgets to destroy, use her unique weapon setup for cqc and pushes. IQ hard counters: Valk Kapkan Echo Pulse Lesion(soon) Ela(soon) And soft counters Bandit Jager Mute And nitro cells/basic cameras

Loadout: IQ has three primary’s with unique roles. Her Aug has a higher fire rate, lower damage, and the unique trait of less damage reduction from the suppressor. Generally the long range option.

The commando has high stopping power and predictable recoil. Not low recoil, just predictable. An idiot proof gun that drops people fast. Both this and the Aug have an attachment you could want.

And the machine gun. It’s got a high fire rate and a lot of bullets. Not much else. Kinda fun for cqc, but not a super viable choice most of the time.

IQ also has a decent pistol you will use often, and frags/breaching charges.

Her gadget is a wrist mounted scanner that can detect enemy electronics including: Pulses scanner Enemies on cameras Cameras Black eyes Bandit battery’s Bombs on defuse The obj on control area Mute jammers Point defense systems Echos drone Echo while on his drone Elas traps Kapkans traps Lesions traps And C4

Preferred loadout: Long range. Aug with suppressor, acog, and foregrip. Close range. Commando with reflex, compensator, and angles grip. Always run frags.

General playstyle: IQ is like soldier 76 from overwatch. She really isn’t the best at anything, but she can do almost anything. Keep an eye on true supports and keep them alive. If they die then you immediately take over and use your gadget more and play more slowly. It’s usually best to quickly snap open your gadget once you clear a room, scan around quickly, then get back to combat. Don’t have it out to much, but constant be checking it for traps. If the enemy doesn’t have to many electronic operators then have fun using frags and her solid weapons to shred enemies. Remember YOU are responsible for pulse dying. Everytime you see him.

Tldr: IQ is to Ash as Bandit is to Jager. A combo of support and fragger. If you master her, you will be a virtual salt machine. But unlike ash, always be using your head.

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