Rainbow Six Siege Glaz In-depth Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Guide by Murmenaattori

This is my Glaz guide, whether you want to start playing him, get better at playing him or play be better against him, this guide might have something you don’t know about him or have not thought about.


Glaz’s ability is a flipup thermal vision scope. The flip up ability allows you to switch between a low zoom sight and a high zoom thermal vision scope that highlights enemy operators in yellow. The thermal vision allows you to see through smoke.

Primary weapon

A semi automatic marksman rifle with 10 rounds in a magazine and potentially 1 in the chamber. It can destroy barricades and hatches in 3 shots. It is able to punch holes through windows on the plane map, but remember that enemy operators can fire through these holes as well. Making a significant hole to a soft wall requires around 5 grouped shots.


The suppressor silences the weapon’s firing sound and removes the tracer effect from it’s bullets in return for damage. No tracer effect makes you much harder to detect at range and the weapon will not make the iconic Glaz firing sound from accross the map.

The muzzle brake tames the recoil and is better suited to when you want to do maximum damage to the enemy.

For the sights you have 3 choices, and you can see the reticle through the flip scope so you are choosing it for both modes at once. These are a preference thing and all of them are viable.

Secondary weapon is up to preference.

Secondary Gadget

Claymore – useful as an alert system on a flank route the enemy might take, or just as an instant killer if an enemy tries to jump through a barricade somewhere. These complement his usually campy playstyle.

Smoke grenades – for aggressive pushes. Best used with suppressor to mask your location when firing through the smoke.

Operators Glaz is strong against:

Castle – Glaz’s rifle can shoot through Castle barricades and destroys them in 13 shots. (Thank Fubbywubby for correcting this value)

Smoke – Glaz’s infra red scope can easily see through Smoke’s toxic gas.

Operators who are strong against Glaz:

Rook – Rook’s body armor can give all defenders better survivability against Glaz in general. Glaz can’t always hit headshots so when only a part of a defender’s body is exposed, Rook armor can help their survival and they will always be put in to DBNO when first going below 1 health from bodyshots. Rook has access to an acog for his SMG’s which helps against Glaz at long range.

Doc – Like Rook, but his ability is usually used after Glaz has dealt damage instead of reducing it in the first place. A confident Doc can overheal himself and peek Glaz, or if communicating can overheal a teammate at a better position who can peek. Doc also has access to an acog.

Combining Rook and Doc is very effective against a Glaz, as bodyshots will always down your teammates and allows them to be healed.

Jäger – His ADS can disable smoke grenades before they emit their smoke.


Capitao can use his smoke bolts to ignore Jäger’s ADS and apply smoke quickly and accurately from long range.

Montagne can force enemies to move and can block routes to make enemies go through hallways that Glaz watches.

Ash can open lines of sight from far away for Glaz to watch.

A bit of gameplay strategy:

The best thing to do is to open up a long line of sight through an area where the enemy could move through, if you can get a line of sight going through the objective room you can lock up the enemy so your team can finish them easier. This does not mean that he is not powerful at close range tho, his gun’s damage is very high at close range.

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