Rainbow Six Siege Doc Tips and Tricks

Rainbow Six Siege Doc Tips and Tricks by Toch_Lighte

Doc is essentially the Montagne of the defending side – his special gadget gives him a lotmore staying power than any other defenders – assuming he doesn’t get shot in the head. Combined with Rook, he can tank the most shots of any operator in the game – not only can he overheal himself to 140 HP, but he can revive himself back up to 75 HP once he’s downed, potentially giving him a little over 200 HP in a drawn-out firefight, plus the damage mitigation from his armor. He’s my favorite defending operator due to his tanky nature and his ability to support his team with extra health.

  • Doc’s stim shots are only useful if you actually use them. Play more passively and let your teammates do the peeking so you can top up their health with one of your shots if you want to help your team.


  • P90 – An SMG with a high firerate, moderate recoil and low damage. Its hits-to-kill is higher than other SMGs, but its 50 round magazine negates the need to reload as frequently.

  • MP5 – A jack-of-all-trades SMG. Much like the L85A2, it doesn’t particularly excel at anything, but neither does it have any shortcomings. This makes it excellent at medium and long range due to its stable recoil and decent damage, however its DPS up close isn’t particularly impressive.

  • SG-CQB – The strongest of the pump action shotguns, however it seems to have a lower firerate than the others. If you use Doc as a lurker/roamer (I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re playing seriously), then the shotgun is a viable option – also a decent choice if the objective you’re defending is mostly close quarters.

  • P9 – A low-damage pistol with low recoil and a large magazine.

  • LFP586 – A revolver that hits like a DMR with even more recoil, a long reload and only 6 shots.

  • For gadgets, he has the option of either barbed wire or a deployable shield. Mostly up to preference, since both can be very helpful.

My recommended loadout is the MP5 (Vertical grip, flash hider and ACOG) and the LFP586 (no laser sight) and barbed wire, because it’s overall just a really helpful gadget for your team.

How does the Stim Pistol work?:

  • Press your gadget button to pull out the Stim – you can aim and shoot with it just like a normal pistol.

  • Shooting a teammate with it will heal them for up to 40 HP, and they’ll be given overheal (extra HP over 100 that will slowly decay) if they’d lost less than 40 HP. Shooting a teammate that is DBNO (Down but not out) will revive them with 75 HP, as opposed to 50 from getting them up manually.

  • You can heal yourself with your Stim pistol – when you’ve taken it out, press the gadget button again, and you’ll use it on yourself. This means you can pick yourself back up when you’ve been downed, too.

  • The Stim pistol’s shot flies straight, but slowly – aim directly at a teammate that’s staying still to get an accurate shot.

Who should I use the Stim pistol on? When should I use it?:

  • If you’ve lost ~35 or more HP, use it on yourself. Your survival is helpful to your team, because it means you’ll live long enough to make use of the rest of your Stim shots – giving just one of them to a teammate could change the outcome of a gunfight, and thus a round.

  • If a teammate is at around half health and has lost at least ~35 HP, shoot them once with your Stim to get them back to near full. That’ll let them take one or two extra shots when they get in a firefight again.

  • If a roamer has returned to you with low HP (20 or less) down them first, then manually pick them back up. This will give them 50 health, and you can then shoot them with your Stim pistol to get them up to 90 HP – it’s essentially giving them the HP of two stim shots for the price of one. Note that this means they won’t be able to be downed again without dying, which is why it should only be done on roamers – and if you’re unsure, then ask them first.

  • If you have Rook plates and/or are defending the objective, save your last Stim shot for when you REALLY need it. This could mean reviving a downed teammate or reviving yourself. Being able to pick yourself back up is an extremely valuable ability when the clock is running down and the attackers are pushing the objective.

  • If you have more than 1 shot left and a teammate near full HP asks for one, give it to them. They probably want it because they think they’re going to engage the enemy very soon, or because they know they will, such as when they’re about to rush out or engage in a peek battle. The extra 40 HP could help them come out on top.

  • Don’t waste your Stim shots by trying to heal someone that’s moving. If they really want to be healed then they’ll stand still for you, or you can ask them to hold still.

  • If the end of the round is near, give yourself and any teammates nearby an extra shot, and leave one for yourself so that you can pick yourself back up once downed.

When your teammate is playing Doc:

  • If you want to get healed, HOLD STILL. Don’t crouch, don’t move a couple inches to the side, don’t look in a different direction – nothing. Just wait those one or two seconds it takes for them to shoot you with their Stim pistol.

  • When you get downed, try to get into Doc’s line of sight so he can revive you from afar.

  • Don’t ask for health when you won’t fully benefit from the Stim shot.

Misc. Tips:

  • If someone is defending the floor above or below you and the floor between you two is destructible, shoot a hole in it that your teammate can stand on top of so you can heal him from the other floor.

  • You can do the same thing with destructible walls.

  • Sprinting right after you press your gadget button will cancel taking out your Stim pistol – don’t sprint while taking it out.

  • If you’re going to down a teammate to give them extra HP, DON’T use the revolver. I had to learn the hard way, but unless they have Rook plates then the revolver WILL kill anyone with low health.

  • If your teammates want to be healed, it’s their job to come to you if they’re halfway across the building from the objective – which is usually the case with roamers. Don’t go putting your 1-speed butt in danger to heal someone.

  • Rook synergizes with Doc extremely well – his armor plates makes going DBNO much more likely, allowing Doc to more reliably revive teammates that go down. The damage mitigation from the armor also makes the Stim shots even more valuable, because each shot will give even more effective HP than without Rook.

  • When playing Ranked, DON’T revive the attackers EVER, for ANY reason AT ALL. If you do that then you seriously should not be playing Doc, because it’s one of the most stupid ways to throw a match that I can think of.

  • If you’re going to be roaming as Doc (I recommend not doing this in Ranked since it’s a bit of a meme strat), the shotgun is a solid choice. Remember to use Alt to walk whenever close to the enemy, as it will make you nearly silent.

  • Remember that, unless you got downed and then grabbed an extra piece of Rook armor, you can only be downed once per round. If that’s happened, then don’t save your Stim shot until you’re downed, because it’ll go to waste.

As always, remind me if I missed something, and feel free to ask any questions you have.

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