Rainbow Six Siege Doc Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Doc Guide by saxojam

Doc may not seem like a very viable character in a game revolving around quick deaths and one-shot headshots, but many of you would be surprised with his potential if used correctly.


  • MP5: The MP5 is an extremely viable SMG for defenders, and can kill an enemy with a few well-placed shots. The amount of ammo compared to the recoil and damage with the MP5 makes it a great option for defenders overall.

  • P90: The P90 offers relatively accurate spraying capabilities, with high ammo and an above average firing rate. P90 is great for most to all ranges, if you are not confident in the ability to land your first few shots like you would with the MP5.

  • SG-CQB: Typically as Doc I (in my experience) would recommend staying away from the shotgun. However, that being said, the shotgun is still viable (although situational). The SG-CQB is your standard defense shotgun, and could get you out of sticky situations if you are holding a tight angle.

  • P9: Compared to the alternative, your revolver, the P9 offers lower damage, but far better accuracy and higher fire rate. If you wish to rely on your sidearm for frantic situations, this is a far better choice than the revolver.

  • LFP586: Your revolver is relatively accurate, deals a massive amount of damage, and has a huge recoil. This would be recommended for a situation in which you want to rely on your sidearm for a quick precise shot on a damaged enemy over range.

  • BARBED WIRE: Barbed wire could mean the difference between your teammates living or dying. If an enemy shoots them when they peek, the enemy will have far more difficult of a time finishing off your teammates if they are forced to walk into barbed wire first.

  • DEPLOYABLE SHIELD: The deployable shield is my personal favorite for Doc’s accessories. The shield offers the protection you may need to safely heal your teammates or defense them while they crawl into view.

My Loadout:

Note that my personal preference leans away from ACOG sights, as I tend to get close to the enemy, and ACOG is very disorienting at close ranges.

  • MP5: Holographic Sight, Verticle Grip, NO LASER SIGHT, and Flash Hider

  • P9: Muzzle Brake

  • DEPLOYABLE SHIELD: I use the shield as described in my Loadout details.

STATS: Doc is a 1 speed, 3 armor operator. You should keep this in mind when in game. If there is a downed teammate nearly on the other side of the map, don’t try to go to them unless you are absolutely sure that you may slowly work your way to them and help them safely.


  • Aggressive Doc

Doc can be an extremely good aggressive peeker or fighter. The ability to peek out and shoot people, just to dip back in and heal yourself up as if it never happened is incredible. Even if you may be downed by someone while peeking around a corner as Doc, you can revive yourself assuming that you properly hug the wall or opposite side of the corner as the enemy.

  • Defensive Doc

Doc can overheal his remaining teammates near the end of the round or whenever a rush/attack is about to begin. The extra 40 health on teammates is absolutely going to be the difference between life and death for your teammates, and possibly even the round.

  • Friendly Doc

This is how most people play Doc, and see as the only real way to play him. This is simply where you would treat Doc as a normal character, simply attempting to kill the enemy and defend the objective. Of course, healing teammates where appropriate.

All of that being said, that doesn’t mean that Doc shouldn’t heal teammates mid-round when he is focusing on another tactic, Doc should be able to adjust when necessary.


  • Although there is an aggressive Doc playstyle, that doesn’t mean wildly start peeking. Peek when you should, just know that you can recover from a bit of damage when peeking.

  • Keep in mind that your healing projectiles have a dropoff, and don’t shoot as straight as normal bullets.

  • Remember that you may heal enemies with your gadget as well.

  • Don’t heal a teammate (or yourself) if they are just 10 health down unless necessary.

  • Your medical gun has the ability to instant revive hostages or teammates from a range.

  • DO NOT remove your hands from your keyboard/mouse/controller when you are downed, be ready to revive yourself in a fight.

  • If you have to dip out of a fight to reload, check your health and be prepared to heal yourself if fit.

  • Don’t ONLY heal if a teammate is low on health. Using your overheal in battles will likely be the difference between a teammate (or yourself) dying or living.

  • Don’t overheal your teammates or yourself at the beginning of the round, keep in mind that the overhealing effect is not infinite.

  • If you have the option, Doc goes GREAT with Rook. The extra defense for teammates will give you far more opportunities to heal your teammates due to their armor. (They won’t die as quickly)

Did I miss anything essential? Let me know and I will add it to the guide as soon as possible!

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