Rainbow Six Siege Caveira Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira Guide by Toch_Lighte

Caveira is a difficult operator, both to play as and against. She can suddenly appear and decimate an entire team – or she can be droned out and mowed down as she tries to change positions. She could pop up here and there, constantly keeping the attackers on edge and forcing them to hunt her down, or she could lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to flank them. The way I play Caveira mostly relies on hiding and ambushing, so that’s what I’ll primarily be covering in this guide, however many of these tips can be applied to any way she can be played. Note that this is more of a tips & tricks album than a real guide, but I try to cover everything I can think of.

  • Map knowledge is essential. If you don’t have knowledge of the map, know where all the stairs and hatches are, and know how to flank, then you’re at an extreme disadvantage. I would personally suggest not buying Caveira until you’re very familiar with all of the maps currently in the game.


  • The Luison – Cav’s pistol is more of a primary than her actual primaries. It has very high damage up close, but it drops off a fair bit at range. It’s impossible to kill someone while using the pistol unless they’re downed, or have been downed once before.
  • The M12 SMG – it’s just about on-par with the FBI’s UMP – fires more slowly than most others but hits harder too. If you’re going for kills and not aiming for interrogations, use this gun, since it doesn’t down enemies nearly as often as her other two weapons – and it can get long-range 1 taps, if you aim carefully.
  • The Spas-15 Shotgun – this is what you want to be using if you’re going for interrogations – it has a tendency to down enemies rather than kill them, just like her Luison, and its high fire-rate can let it sweep a room pretty easily.
  • Other than your preferred sight, no attachments are really needed other than a muzzle attachment for the M12, if you choose to use it. On the Luison, a laser sight could be quite useful, but it could also be very detrimental if it reveals your presence.
  • Due to Caveira being very geared towards roaming, Impact nades are her best option. Barbed wire is always beneficial to the team, but Impacts can get you out of a tough situation and can also be used for making hiding spots.

My preferred loadout for Caveira is the Spas-15 with a reflex sight (no laser) and no laser on her pistol. Use the shotgun up close, and the pistol for anything outside of its range.

Preparation phase:

  • Try not to be seen by the drones. Them not knowing you’re playing Cav is a very good thing, since they won’t be prepared for you. Don’t worry about it if you are seen though, since even if you try to hide from them, 90% of the time they’ll see or ID you anyway.
  • You’ve got plenty of time in the prep phase to grab your armor and put up your reinforcements.
  • Break open any hatches you might use during the action phase. When a hatch breaks open, it makes a lot of noise, ruining any chance of a surprise attack.
  • Go away from the objective – Caveira is most effective while roaming. Get in a position where you can sandwich the attackers as they’re launching their assault on the objective. Near common entrances is a good spot.
  • Make sure that no drones saw where you were heading – if a drone sees you, pretend you’re heading a different direction as you kill the drone.
  • Don’t get into your hiding spot unless you’re sure that no drones saw where you were – if your hiding spot was seen, that’s the first place they’re going to check. You might be able to use this to your advantage by making them think you’re hiding somewhere you’re not.
  • When you’ve settled into your spot, get on the cams and wait for the attackers. If they don’t enter near you, you can either wait and hope they re-enter near you or you can get into a different position to wait for them somewhere else. Think about how likely it is they’ll end up coming your way.

My setup phase is usually armor > reinforcements > breaking hatches > finding a hiding spot.

How to hide:

  • Caveira is basically the smallest operator in the game – she has very little extra gear on her model. She can hide in corners and under desks better than anyone else.
  • When you go prone and wedge yourself in a corner (or under a desk), be extremely mindful of where your legs are. The smallest footprint you can get in a corner is facing slightly outwards but mostly perpendicular to the wall, with your legs tucked behind you.
  • Most desks have a chair that can only be broken by explosives. Use your impact nade on the top of the chair to break it, and you can hide under the desk. You can find these desks on quite a few maps.
  • Use unconventional hiding spots, like somewhere they wouldn’t even think to check. You don’t always need to be near the enemy when they enter, just in a position to flank them when the time comes.
  • Let them bait themselves into a trap. Take this gif for example. I was in the room that I knew the attackers would try to go through, because it’s the only hatch that leads into the objective. However, they were so focused on opening the hatch that all I needed to do was hide off to the side (not getting between them and their goal) until they were occupied.
  • Don’t hide in the same spot repeatedly! Unless you’re absolutely sure they didn’t see your hiding spot (remember the killcams), switch it up every round.

Cheeky spots that involve going prone and pressing myself into a corner or under/behind something are my favorite kinds of spots, and oftentimes they work the best.

Action Phase:

  • Silent Step – Cav’s ability. Use it as often as you can, any time you’re moving anywhere near enemies. If it runs out, you can either crouch-walk or hunker down until it recharges again, but staying quiet and off the attackers’ radar is necessary if you’re going to get the drop on them.
  • Be patient. If a couple of your teammates die early, it’s not your problem – don’t compromise the element of surprise by showing up as soon as you’re expected.
  • If they have a Jackal – then the round is going to be a lot more difficult for you and any other roamers. When you’re in Silent Step, his footprint tracker cannot ping you – when you’ve been detected, enter Silent Step for a moment when you’re about to be pinged again, and do this each time until the tracking expires. If you do it properly, only the first ping should ever go off.
  • Also important is that while in Silent Step, you do not leave footprints for Jackal – use this to your advantage, not only to conceal your presence from him, but also to bait him into a trap. Leave a small patch of footprints and hide nearby to wait for him – most Jackals can’t resist scanning fresh footprints.
  • Be vigilant. If you’re in a good hiding spot, feel free to check the cameras to see how things are going. If the attackers are near the objective, be ready to pounce – just as they’re entering is often the best time to come in behind them, because all of their focus will be on the objective at that point.
  • Have confidence in your hiding spot. If you’ve wedged yourself behind something that nobody would think to check behind, don’t move or make any sort of noise. Wait for them to get busy deploying a gadget or focus on one of your teammates, and then make your move.
  • Interrogating doesn’t make you invincible – take care of any other enemies nearby first, interrogate after everyone is down.
  • If they know where you are, run. Just get out of there, and wait until they’re occupied again. It’s the same principle as not re-peeking the same spot half a dozen times – once they know where you are, they can pre-aim and focus their attention on you.
  • If you’ve downed an enemy out of reach or around a corner, you can use an impact grenade to finish them off.
  • When the enemy is inside the building and trying to enter the objective (meaning you can flank them), that’s the time to shine. Most of my good plays as Caveira happen when the enemy is really putting the pressure on the objective, because they’re too busy to cover their backs.

Countering Caveira:

  • Drone! Please, just use your drone – 90% of the time Caveira is lurking far from her team, so if you can figure out where she is and cut off her escape, she’s as good as dead.
  • If you know they have a Caveira, DON’T go lone wolf. She’ll catch you by surprise and get an easy interrogation. Go with a minimum of one other teammate, but remain slightly spread out – she’ll think she got you by yourself and go for the interrogation, when your teammate is actually just around the corner.
  • Check all the cheeky spots and corners – bathtubs, showers under desks, etc. You really never know where she might be.

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