Rainbow Six Siege Training for Diamond Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Training for Diamond Guide by Horst1470

Alright, let’s get started.

First off, the easiest way to diamond is to play with good teammates in a consistent team with good comms stats and adaptation. But I’ll just give some tips to get better solo and become a better player.

  1. Play Bomb only. Bomb is the only competitive game mode in Siege, and you have to master every skill of the game to be good at bomb.
  2. Play smart. Especially important in clutch situations. If you kill the carrier while defending, call it out to your team, and protect the defuser. There is no point in holding the bomb site if the attackers cannot plant.
  3. Be aware of the time. The clock is ticking in the defender’s favor. If the timer is running down and you have not planted, you as a team need to make a decision to go for the plant or for the frags. As a defender, the most important thing is either peek ONLY to deny the plant, or hide. If you know the last attacker does not have the defuser in a 1v1, you shall not peek.
  4. As a defender, waste the attackers time. A successful roamer does not need to get frags, he needs to waste the attackers time. You do not need to peek the attackers, actually you are not even supposed to. Make it known to them, that you are there, pull their attention to you.
  5. As an attacker, your job is to make plays. If you do not, good defenders will just wait you out. Have a plan. Drone the first minute for roamers. Kill roamers in the second minute. Plant in third. This is generally hard to pull off alone, as every single step requires a team effort, IF the defenders are doing a good job.
  6. On attack drone, drone, drone. Don’t waste your drones in prep phase. Use them as much as you can.
  7. Pick useful operators only. Golds tend to pick Operators like Caveira, Frost, Tachanka who are all 100% meme. Frost Kapkan will work only rarely. In no case are they ops to play in every round.

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