Clash Royale Clan War Strategy Guide

Clash Royale Clan War Strategy Guide by darchangels13

Clan Cards

What Is it?
War Day Matches are fought with a deck built out of clan cards, these are cards collection on preparation day. Each clan gets a sub-set of the cards in the game to use for the war decks. Clan Cards are the same for everyone in your clan but Clan Cards are not the same for every clan. Clan Cards start at level 1, and level up automatically as more cards are collected, no gold is required. If you collect enough cards, the clan can have higher card levels than your own. Your battle deck for War Day will be lowered to your own card’s level, if the clan card is higher level than your own.

Clan Cards Tips

  • If your own cards are lower level than the clan cards, consider upgrading them, especially if you’re going to be warring more often.
  • Players leveling up for war will tend to work best if you upgrade many cards, as opposed to leveling up one deck, since you frequently will not have the ability to use your main ladder deck’s cards. F2P players will probably have to decide whether they want to focus most on War vs Ladder.
  • Bronze League wars will tend to have cards approximately tournament standard, so you don’t need to go over-board leveling up everything, the higher you go in the war leagues the more cards you collect, so Legendary League will basically be fought with max cards, and it will be nearly impossible for F2P players to compete in legendary wars, unless the card selection they get is very lucky.
  • If you’re going to level up cards, wait until war day, so that you’re fairly confident you want to use a given deck.
  • You can Copy a Deck from a war match/practice by sharing it in the chat and clicking the info button. This can let you play on ladder or in friendly matches if you have cards you’re considering leveling up but don’t want to pull the trigger because you’re not confident you want to use that deck.

Preparation Day

What Is it?
You get 3 matches on preparation day. You can pick what type of match you’d like from the preparation day map. The choices are Sudden Death, 2v2 Ladder, 2v2 Double Elixir, Double Elixir, and Draft Mode. Once anybody has played a match, it will be replaced with a different match type. All of these matches are played with your battle deck at your current levels, except Draft Mode, which is played at tournament standard. The number of clan cards you collect depends on your clan’s War League. Each League gets considerably more clan cards per win/loss which will allow their war deck to be higher levels, a fact that is only useful to players who happen to have high level cards.

Preparation Day Tips

  • You can see/change deck-slots from the preparation day screen, it will have 1-5 on the battle confirmation pop-up. It will even show you the deck when you tap one.
  • Winning is worth 2x as many clan cards as losing, so it is definitely worth making a real effort to win, because each player who wins can make the difference of a card level for one or more of the available clan cards.
  • Preparation Day Matches are played mostly at your main ladder card levels. You should probably play with your “main” deck.
  • Play a game mode you like, winning is worth 2x as much as losing.
  • Draft is played at tournament standard for those of you who love draft mode, or who have put too much energy into leveling up a single deck that is not very good at Sudden Death or 2v2
  • More Preppers will unlock more cards, so to get all of the available clan cards at the max level you want more players in a war. Despite this fact, it will not be a significant advantage on War Day to have 50 war players, because 50 warrior clans will be matched against 50 warrior clans. Even though a 20 warrior clan doesn’t unlock all of the available cards, they’re matched against other 20 warrior clans, who will have the same disadvantage.

War Day

What Is It?
On War Day you have to build a deck from your available clan cards. If your clan card is being limited by your own card level, then Clan Card Level is visible on the deck building screen, if you tap the card. If you have enough cards to upgrade your own card, it will be displayed here with a link to take you to the main deck-building screen. You are matched against 4 other clans, and each player gets 1 attack on war day using their war deck. Clicking Final Battle will match you against another completely random warrior. Your opponent doesn’t have to be from the 5 clans in this war match-up, this is to prevent match-making trouble.

War Day Tips

  • You can share a clan deck via the deck building screen
  • You can play friendly practice matches with war decks, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately you’re playing against other members of your own clan, who have the same card limitations you do.
  • Some players might have more than 1 match, this happens to ensure clans with 19 warriors get the same number of attempts as 20 warrior clans
  • You can share war replays just like regular matches
  • EVERY Player should attack on war day. The opposing clans were chosen because they have roughly the same number of preparation day players. This means that players who don’t attack have given all four opposing clans a free attempt to gain an extra medal. If you want to skip a war, you need to make that decision on Preparation Day, or you will be a liability on War Day.
  • You’re matched against clans with similar numbers of warriors. So it’s okay if you don’t get full participation, and you’d rather not have players who skip their war day attack because they’re busy with Final Exams.
  • The number of crowns (visible on the leader-board, top right icon) will be the tie breaker. Crowns are not as valuable as wins, but a 2 or 3 crown win can make a big difference if the medals get tied.
  • If you get into the match and you’re just hard countered. You know you can’t win, but you might be able to earn a crown, this will still help your clan.
  • Medals are earned via wins. Since the opponent is almost certainly not in a war against you a draw is the same as a loss, you didn’t earn a medal and for your war, it just doesn’t matter whether your opponent earns a medal or not. Avoid super defensive decks that excel at playing for the draw, because that isn’t useful to your war, I’m looking at you Mortar-Siege!
  • More Medals equates to slightly better progress up the Clan Leagues, (as each medal is worth 1 purple cup even if you come in fifth). Clans with 50 active players will climb very slightly faster than clans with 20, but a 20 person clan that wins 2nd or 1st consistently will climb much, much faster.
  • Tempo Decks, and Beat Down decks will be more valuable than siege, or control style decks. Why? Because they’re better at 2 and 3 crown wins, and crowns decide ties! Your clan cards may make Siege the best option, but keep this fact in mind if you’ve got multiple win conditions to choose from.
  • Tap your own boat to see details about your current clan
  • You can “Nudge” players who have not used their match(es), and they need to use their matches, or you’ll have a significant disadvantage.
  • Tap the other guys boats to see the current rankings of all 5 clans without opening the leader-board.

War Seasons

What Are They
War Seasons last 2 weeks (excluding this first one). All players who have participated in a war that season get a War Chest. Your War Chest is determined by 2 factors. The highest place you’ve come in any of the wars that season, and the Clan League. First Place is pretty sweet. Fourth and Fifth get what amounts to the old clan chest. Each War your clan earns Purple Cups for their performance. 3rd, 4th, and 5th all earn the same number of cups as their earned medals. 2nd place earns a bonus of 50 on top of that. 1st earns an extra 100. Clan Cups are not reset at season end (they cannot possibly be, to reach Legendary League you’d have to earn 30 1st place prizes over the course of 7 wars). This means your prize goes up the more often you war and can be considered a sort of clan experience level, that only gets better over time!

War Season Tips

  • For casual clans achieving 3rd place once in Bronze league should be easy, and any player who has participated in a war at all over that two week period will earn a chest that is basically the same as the old clan chest.
  • Since it’s two weeks, when the old clan chest was 1 week, in order to get the same number of cards you only need to achieve the 2nd place bronze to do better. That’s 6-7 wars to earn 2nd place. By the time your clan has reached Silver League (only 600 purple cups) even the participation prize will be better than the old clan chest.
  • Tap the arena to see the prizes and leagues.
  • War Season chests come 2x as often as ladder season, and have pretty sweet prizes. TWO 1st Place Bronze League chests are better than a single Challenger 1 draft chest. A single 1st place Silver chest is almost as good as a Challenger 1 chest. The epics for war chests aren’t quite as good as the Ladder chests, but they’re still very good, and the commons/rares and legendary cards seem better. It’s also cheaper to level up diverse cards than focus on maxing individual decks. If you’re F2P you may want to focus on war instead, since you probably will not have the gold to do both.

Final Thoughts

This is a good game mode. After a few wars it lets you earn prizes better than the old clan chests, with less demand on a 50 player participation. This is a much better format for casual players, although it will force players to diversify their deck-building a bit, and a lot of F2P who have focused all of their energy on ladder will find this frustrating.

Don’t obsess over climbing the clan leagues. You don’t fall at the end of a season, and even making silver league makes this better than the old clan chest. Don’t obsess over full participation, the beauty of this format is how much easier it is for a casual player to participate in clan wars, without the stress of a huge push for crowns at the end of a clan chest because not every member earned 35 crowns.

Do consider enforcing a rule about using your war attack if you attack on collection day. Players who miss their war attack are significant dead weight, even if they win all 3 collection matches.

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