Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Characters Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Characters Guide by Jonkley


Grunt – just a general zombie mook, when not pissed off, they can be picked off with one shot to the head, or a shotgun blast to center mass. The thing is, though, when their grade-school level brains become aware of your existence, they become a hell of a lot tougher. They grow an armoured carapace that means they can tank quite a bit of damage, meaning it takes multiple headshots from a high power weapon to cut ’em down.

Breacher – Kind of like a grunt without the armour, but a hell of a lot more dangerous in CQC. They crawl toward you on four legs like a four-year-old on speed before exploding like a water balloon full of gasoline and cyanide. They can be killed with one shot to the head, which is a silent death, better for stealth, or, you can shoot the explosive globs of AIDS that are impaled on the spikes on their backs to detonate them and kill pretty much anything nearby. They can blow up reinforced walls, which has an early warning in the form of some nasty looking bubbles popping out of the barricade. I found that running out/around and shooting the little troglodyte can cancel the breach, but often times there is a metric fuckton of shit-tier mooks dry humping the wall, so good luck with that.

Rooters – Rooters are some evasive cunts who can go underground to evade damage. They are also capable of trapping you in high damage spikes, which you can’t escape until the Rooter in question dies. They can tank quite a bit of damage as well, so they should be a high priority target when possible. You can tell if there is going to be a spike attack at your location by the red circle that shows up, and you can tell if there’s a rooter nearby by the phlegm-ridden trilling noise they make. They’re also the most likely to have R34 made of them, considering they look vaguely feminine.

Apex – These guys are hard to miss. They’re like eight feet tall and look like an alien’s shitty attempt at a a KKK outfit. They can summon enough undead shitters to fill up the coliseum twice, so get them the fuck out of town before you get covered in a writhing pile of rotten, crispy flesh. His other thing is shooting his AIDS ridden bodily fluids in your eyes, dealing heavy damage, occasionally sending you flying if you’re close enough, and making you shittier at seeing and hearing than Hellen Keller in a sensory deprivation tank. He can also take more damage than a dead snorlax encased in carbonite and still keep going. Purge him from this earth as soon as you can, before your day gets ruined by a good ol’ zombie creampie.

Smasher – Imagine the L4D2 tank, or the ME3 brutes. Then, make it impervious to all assault except for a glowy bit on his back. THEN, give it extreme mobility and give him a lotus-style helmet made of dried shit. There you go, DIY smasher right there. These inbred apes are immune to explosives, gunfire, and negative thoughts. They also can’t see, but that doesn’t matter because your screams of agony as you’re ripped to shreds by the grunts you ignored while trying to kill him are loud enough. You can only damage him in the glowing weak point/literal fucking hole in his back, either by shooting it, or doing a trick I’ll explain in a bit. Other than that, use suppressed weapons to clear out all the little cocksuckers that are harshing your bruteslaying jam. You can then safely shoot him in the ass until he dies. If you piss him off enough, he’ll charge in your general direction like a toddler who you stole yu-gi-oh cards from, and if you get out of the way he’ll hit his head harder than baby me did and be stunned for a bit. Use this opportunity to knife fuck him by going up to him while he’s K.O’d and when you see a “press [melee keybind] to shank him” you can press your melee key to get a lovely animation of you plunging a knife in his glowing scab-thing.


in this section I’m just gonna explain the benefits and downsides of each operator available in outbreak

Recruit – Not your average, balaclava wearing meme-child, this guy is a super-elite registered zombie fucker. He has access to a few weapons, including the six12 shotgun, oddly enough. He has no specific CTU, instead simply having access to pretty much every weapon. He can mod his guns, and all mods are unlocked so you don’t have to waste renown on them. The secondary gadgets are impacts and smoke, I believe, while the primary is either frags or stuns. This is a pretty good operator for this gamemode, as he basically has access to two secondary gadgets, a good handgun, and a bunch of super good primaries like the 6p41 and R4-C. I’m not sure about the speed, it seems to vary depending on your primary.

Smoke – He’s pretty well set up for this gamemode, with the SMG-11 as a secondary that you can suppress for stealth, and the amazing SAS shotty for launching those spiky little trolls into the shadow realm. His gadget is incredibly good at crowd control, and can be used to make sure that whatever it is you’re protecting will stay safe from being fisted by the ungodly aberrations that have taken over Truth or Consequences. He can use smoke grenades (not poison gas) or impact grenades as his secondary gadget, with zombies refusing to walk through smoke and impacts being great at blowing them to unrecognizable bacon bits.

Glaz – Incredibly good at JFKing zombies during stealth sections, but about as helpful as a 40-year old used tissue during anything that involves more than one enemy. He can take smokes or claymores, same as usual.
Kapkan- 9×19 VSN is a solid SMG, good at taking out multiple enemies, while the SASG12 is great if you want to shotgun rape the entire population of New Mexico. His traps are absolutely god-tier during defending portions, and you can also use them to make sure nothing comes up behind you when you’re trying to push. He has access to claymores or impacts, making him a pretty fun michael bay character.

Buck – If you put a suppressor and 1x sight on his DMR, it’s good for stealth, but the problem is, most of the time you’re fighting a herd of spiky bois. I’d recommend the C8, because a full-auto weapon is kind of superior in every way to a semi-auto when it comes to hordes of the undead. His skeleton key is great for when your AR needs to reload but the zombies won’t get out of sexual harassment range, and it has a pretty speedy dry reload so it’s easy to spam. He has access to frags and stuns, but remember that frags are much worse than impacts in OB because impacts are an instant explosion, and you get more of them, while with frags the zombies will just run towards you, so you’re unlikely to get a frag kill. Also, stuns are incredibly useful for crowd control.

Ash – Surprisingly shitty in this gamemode, she still has her uses. Her gadget can be used for a high-damage shot on Apexes, and for breaching, but her guns are laughably bad for fighting tons of enemies, so I wouldn’t recommend it. She has her usual flashbangs, but her breach charges are replaced with C4. Both are great for fucking with tons of enemies, but her guns and ability are lackluster. She is the only 3 speed in outbreak, however, so that is a point in her favor.

Lion – V308 and SG-CQC are amazing at purging the ungodly beasts you’re up against, and his EE-ONE-DEAG is super good at locating zombie thots to exterminate. The revolver is surprisingly good at CQC, spamming hipfire without a laser sight in the general direction of movement often results in a kill or two. Don’t use his DMR unless you like pain. He can bring claymores or flashbangs, both are helpful but in general claymores are leagues better than flashbangs.

Finka – All of her guns are absolutely fucking nuts, with the Spear308 being pretty par for the course for Outbreak weapons, but the real stars of the show are the 6p41 and the SASG12. Pull out one of these bad boys and inject your coke-meth-koolaid-crack nanomachines and start turning the population of New Mexico into ground meat. The 6p41 is an absolute beast in the main game, and up against hordes of undead shitlords, nothing compares. With Meth Shot active, it has no recoil, ADS speed is similar to an SMG, and the high damage and mag size really help it’s case. The SASG is pretty fucking good too, with a high ROF for a shotty, a decent mag, a fast reload, and high damage. You’ll find that you need to reload it a lot, as it’s easy to mag dump into a cluster of roaches like you’re putting parmesan on some pasta. Add in Bandit’s bargain deal nanobots and you’ve got a pretty fucking terrifying combo. Finka has frags and flashbangs in Outbreak, with flashbangs generally being the better option.

Ying – Everyone’s favorite eye-searing defuser planter, Ying is a great choice for running solo. Her high cap LMG with a fast reload is a real beast at cleansing the land, and her shotgun is nothing to sneeze at either. The Q929 is a bonkers pistol that can pop caps in asses like no one’s business. Her candelas are less useful than one might think, as teammates are blinded by them and you’re likely to be near the zombies you’re trying to blind. Keep in mind that the zombies are stunned longer than you are, but it’s still a dick move to blind your teammates. If I do more solo Outbreak missions, I’m probably going to go Ying, simply because she’s incredibly good. I haven’t played her on OB yet, so I don’t know what her secondary gadgets are, so I’ll ask my friend what they are and edit the post to show them.

Finally, last but definitely NOT least, the lord, the god, the meme that even Ubisoft is cashing in on, TACHANKA! Sharing the same weapons as Kapkan, Chanka has the benefit of possibly the BEST gadget for outbreak in the game, his iconic DP-28 mounted LMG. Dealing MASSIVE damage per shot, with an incredible mag size and lightning reload, nothing’s getting past you. If you’re doubting his usefulness, just remember: An angry russian with a high capacity mounted LMG vs. a horde of brainless undead shitters means a lot of brainless, dead shitters. Once you get your turret in a good place, it’s pretty much GG. Anything and EVERYTHING that comes near you is already dead, they just don’t know it yet. His turret deploys faster as well, so when used in conjunction with flashbangs and smoke, you can set up the LMG and use that to clear out the room you’re trying to push. Tachanka has access to flashbangs and claymores, with the former allowing you to set up your turret while the zombies are stunned, but the latter meaning anything that manages to get close enough to hit you is gonna become the first of it’s kind to send it’s still semi-functioning brain into space, sans body. You can also use claymores to cover the blind spot on your turret, so if anything gets behind you they can’t hit you.

So that’s the end of my guide, hope this helps you when you’re gun-raping the entire population of New Mexico, purging it in the name of lord chanka and all, if I missed anything, let me know and I’ll add it. I may do guides on each mission if they’re needed, all that jazz. Have a good one! :D

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