Monster Hunter World Expedition Ingredients Guide

Monster Hunter World Expedition Ingredients Guide by Syntakitty

While on quests or expeditions, you should have run across a few coloured nodes with question mark icons. Like ‘Flower Bed’, or ‘Hard Skinned Fruit’, for example. Gathering from these nodes, you will have received account items, which become ingredients for the canteen at the end of the quest.

There are two different types of these, let’s call them collectible nodes, in each zone of the world. The Ancient Forest has mushrooms and flowers, the Wastes have cacti and hard-skinned fruit, the Vale has fossils and crimson fruit, and the Highlands have oysters and conch shells.

In low rank, there are two potential drops from these nodes, which each supply a new ingredient to the canteen. One will be a little more uncommon than the other, and will provide more account points. In total, there’s 16 new ingredients right there. Not too shabby!

However, there’s more. Once you enter high rank, each of these nodes has a chance to drop a third rarer account item. Your character will do an animation similar to if they had carved a plate or mined a light crystal when these are obtained. Another 8 new ingredients.

In order to understand how to obtain the final few ingredients, we first need to understand how to read the ‘Locale Info’ tab on the expedition map screen.

There are two types of info that can randomly appear: Flourishing or Upsurge. If a location is flourishing, the specified node type will have a better chance at becoming shiny, or rare, as the game calls it. Rare nodes increase the likelyhood of gathering rarer materials or account items. Pretty simple, right?

Well, next we come to Upsurge. When this locale info appears, it will spawn a single hidden rare node of the specified type somewhere in the zone. These nodes only yield a single item, but it is guaranteed to be a new account item unlike the other three, providing a new ingredient!

I have detailed below where to find the 8 hidden nodes. Keep in mind that the locale info must be ‘Upsurge: Flower’ or ‘Upsurge: Mushroom’ for the respective node to appear. You get the idea.

Ancient Forest

Sunkissed Grass (Flower): Area 17. You’ll have to swing across a vine to reach what looks to be a giant bird’s nest. Probably the trickiest one to find out of the lot.

Moonlit Mushroom (Mushroom): Area 11, on the west side. Just a little ways down the stream from area 12.

Wildspire Wastes

Divineapple (Fruit): Area 15 inside the Grimalkyne kitty camp. There’s also a base campsite here. You may have to drop down a hole to the north of area 8 to reach this area.

Dragonbloom (Cacti): Area 5. Just go up from area 1 or 2 and just keep climbing. The node will be at the top. (Bonus: I found a golden hurcudrome on the side of the cliff here. The bio states it can only be found at night.)

Coral Highlands

Violet Abalone (Conch Shell): In area 9 to the east. Squeeze all that muscle and equipment through a tiny crawl space. Not too hard to find.

Platinum Pearl (Oyster): Area 14. To even find this area, you’ll have to find a secret entrance in area 12, on a climbable vine wall. Once there, climb the viney pillar in the centre and leap onto one of the upper platforms. Whew.

Rotton Vale

Twisted Fossil (Fossil): In area 1 to the west. There is a ramp that leads downwards, ending in a drop, where smoggy beasts lurk below. Watch your step and collect this ingredient halfway down the ramp.

Heavensberry (Crimson Fruit): This one kinda requires you to advance in the story past the point where you delve deeper into the depths of the Rotten Vale. It can be found in area 10 to the south, after climbing up some vines into a hidden nook. This is right next to the purple cave entrance icon.

And that should be everything! I’ve not progressed very far in the story, having been distracted by things like this, but if there are any new areas or ingredients, I’ll be sure to update the post.

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