Rainbow Six Siege List of Operators, Gadgets and Equipment

Rainbow Six Siege List of Operators, Gadgets and Equipment

The Attackers

SledgeSASUKA sledge hammer for knocking holes in walls and destroying barricadesThe hammer has limited charges and can be used to destroy Castle walls as well.
ThatcherSASUKEMP grenade which destroys electronicsEMP grenade will NOT destroy Thermite’s exothermic charge but it will destroy a Fuze charge. It will not destroy Frost’s welcome mat and will only disable Echo’s Drone. EMP explosion will also destroy things through walls/floors/barricades
AshFBI SWATUSGrenade launcher that destroys non-reinforced walls/barricades/ deployable shieldsIt’s best to NOT use these the ability on normal barricades as they can be shot open with most guns. The breaching round will also destroy Castle Barricades. The ability also does less damage than expected to operators
ThermiteFBI SWATUSExothermic charge which destroys reinforced wallsThe ability can be used on both hatches and walls, as well as Castle’s Barricades and normal walls
TwitchGIGNFranceShock Drone which fires electric shots to damage operators and destroy electronics.The ability can be used to kill down-but-not-out operators with ease and also destroy Mute’s jammers, Bandit’s batteries, Valkyrie’s cameras, and map cameras. The drone limited charges, cannot jump and is used as her drone during the prep phase (a second is given at spawn)
MontagneGIGNFranceShield operator whose shield can be extended to provide full frontal coverHis ability can be used to defend defuser kits easily as well as block hallways and other choke points
GlazSpetsnazRussiaA Sniper that has a flip sight for enhanced zoom which highlights defenders in yellowHis gun can destroy normal barricades in 3 shots and he can also shoot through the windows on the map Plane (the only gun that can). 11 shots will destroy a Castle Barricade. His ability can see through smoke grenades
FuzeSpetsnazRussiaPlaces a cluster charge on walls/barricades/hatches that deploys grenades into adjacent roomExtreme care needs to be used on hostage as the grenades can travel in unpredictable directions and can easily kill the hostage. Fuze is the only operator can use a either a shield or an assault rifle
BlitzGSG 9GermanyShield operator the can activate a flash on the front of his shield to blind operatorsThe flash from the shield does not have a long range, so if the operator doesn’t move his hand in front of his face do not assume he is blinded. Will blind both attackers and defenders. Blitz is the only shield operator that can spring while keeping his shield in front of his face
IQGSG 9GermanyWrist mounted scanner that detects electronicsThe scanner can be used to find the bombs on the Bomb game mode as well as finding Pulse and Echo, as their ability shows up on the scanner while they are using it.
Black Ice
JTFCanadaUnder-barrel shotgun for making holes in walls or barricadesThe under-barrel shotgun is much more suited to making holes in walls or destroying hatches than killing operators as it does less damage than expected
Dust line
Navy SEALSUSDeploys a rifle shield on top his primary which stops bulletsThe shield works best when using windows to gain an advantage to only expose the part of Blackbeard covered by the shield. Killing Blackbeard requires operators to NOT aim as his face, as he will most likely be able to kill defenders first. Blackbeard has access to two shields and can switch them if they get damaged. The shield has 60 health
Skull Rain
BOPEBrazilCrossbow which can fires smoke grenades and asphyxiating boltsThe asphyxiating bolts are great at killing operators behind cover. The area-of-effect will not go through walls, it will not destroy gadgets, and it will kill hostages. The smoke grenades are great at preventing operators from entering rooms or providing cover for defuser kits.
Red Crow
SATJapanUses a launcher to deploy six breaching charges simultaneously which can create holes in reinforced wallsHer ability can create murder holes, vault-able holes, or holes big enough to walk through depending on how she deploys the charges. The charges can be activated immediately, or she can wait and deploy multiple sets to create a bigger hole. Bandit’s batteries and Mute’s jammers will prevent the ability from working
Velvet Shell
GEOSpainHas an activatable vison which can be used to see defender’s footsteps . He can scan the footstep to reveal the defender in real-timeGetting shot at while using the visor will result in impaired vision. Caveira does not make footsteps when using her silent step ability, nor do defenders makes footsteps when moving while prone. Footprints shift from red to green as they age and disappear after 1:30
Blood Orchid
SDUHong KongFlash charges which can be tossed, mounted on walls to shoot into the other side, or have a delayed trigger applied which causes the gadget to roll along the floorYing’s charges will not affect her, but will affect other Attackers. The longer the gadget button is held down for, the longer the delay before the gadget goes off. Jager’s ADS will destroy the gadget if thrown, or will destroy the smaller flash charges. Barbed wire will slow it down, Bandit’s batteries will destroy it, as will bullets.

The Defenders

SmokeSASUKSmoke grenades which harm operators in the cloudWorks similar to the nitro cell as it has to be reactivated to explode. Does not harm Smoke, but will harm hostage and other defenders
MuteSASUKPlaces jammers which prevent drones and other electronics from being used near themA single jammer can protect two reinforced walls from being able to be breached by Thermite’s or Hibana’s ability. Jammers do not stop grenades/breaching rounds/ bolts. Jammers do not prevent defenders electronics from functioning
CastleFBI SWATUSPlaces barricades which cannot be shot thoughCastle barricades can be melee’d until breaking, though this takes 12 hits. Glaz can destroy these from range, as can fragmentation grenades, breaching charges, Hibana’s ability and Ash’s breaching rounds. Glaz’s sniper and Fuze’s charge will both create small holes in the barricade which can be shot through
PulseFBI SWATUSHeartbeat sensor for seeing where enemies are through walls in a limited rangeThe hostage shows up on the scanner. IQ can see Pulse when he is actively using the ability.
DocGIGNFranceStim Pistol which revives down-but-not-out operators and heals operatorsThe pistol can be used against the hostage. Doc can self apply his ability when down-but-not-out by hitting the ability key, which will revive him. The pistol heals for 50 health to operators who are not downed, up to a max of 140 health (diminishes to 100 over time)
RookGIGNFrancePlaces a bag of armor on the ground for operators to pick up by pressing the interaction keyPlace the ability upon spawning. Operators who are downed do not revive with armor if they previously had it. Enemies can pick up the armor so destroy it if all 5 are not taken.
KapkanSpetsnazRussiaSets trip wire traps on doorways/windows which deals 60 damage to attackers that cross themAbility can be placed in varying locations on windows/doorsways. It’s usually best to place them lower. The traps can be set on doorways which have a deployable shield to create a very hard to destroy trap. Will not activate against defenders
TachankaSpetsnazRussiaPlaces a floor mounted turret which has high damage and a face shieldThe turret excels at destroying walls and is often used to remove walls between bomb sites in Bomb game mode. All operators can mount the turret (including attackers) and it has a limited ability to look around. The face shield has 500 health
JagerGSG 9GermanyPlaces active-defense-system (ADS) which destroy grenadesJager’s ability will not stop Capitao’s bolts. It willstop Thatchers EMP and Fuze’s cluster charges, Ash’s breaching rounds, and some of Hibana’s exothermic pellets . Each deployed ADS will stop 2 grenades, so some of Fuze’s charges will still get by (Fuze launches 5 grenades from one charge)
BanditGSG9GermanyPlaces battery charges which electrify reinforcements/deployable shields/barbwireElectrified equipment destroys drones, Thermite charges, Hibana charges, Fuze cluster charges, Twitch drones. It also destroys defender equipment such as Valkyrie camera and Jager ADS. Will not harm defenders or the hostage
Black Ice
JTFCanadaPlaces a bear trap (called a welcome mat) that instantly downs attackers that stand on themFrost’s traps only DOWN attackers, it does not kill them. Because of this, it is best to place them where defenders can easily kill attackers stuck in the trap. The traps will not be destroyed by Thatcher’s EMP and cannot be electrified by Bandit. Traps will not activate against defenders
Dust line
Navy SEALSUSThrows cameras which stick to surfacesValkyries cameras have a higher field of view than normal camera, are colored, and can be thrown on any surface. Valkyrie can throw the cameras outside after the prep phase ends.
Skull Rain
BOPEBrazilSilent step which hides sounds of her footsteps and works off a cooldown. Can “interrogate” downed attackersCaveira’s activated ability is silent step which can be used to flank attackers. Attackers that are knocked down can be interrogated by Caveira which results in all living attackers locations being shown to the defenders
Red Crow
SATJapanDeploys a drone which hovers over the ground. Can be reactivated to attach itself on the ceiling, where it will camouflage itself. When mounted on the ceiling, the drone can deploy a stunning chargeThe drone can only stun when mounted on the ceiling and the stun charges have a replenish cool down (but come with charges already). When hit with a stun, operators will move slower and have impaired vision. Moving after being stun enhances the effect of the stun. The drone can also demount itself after being mounted on the ceiling.
Velvet Shell
GEOSpainPlace a window in a reinforced wall which can only been seen through from the side she places itThe window can be removed by shooting the small cannister at the base of the window. Bandit batteries will not destroy the gadget.
Blood Orchid
SDUHong KongDeploys a mine which is nearly invisible and activates when stepped on. The mine damages the Attacker and prevents the Attacker from being able to sprint. The mines work off a charge system and more are added to his inventory as the round continuesTo remove the spike, press the same button as deploy reinforcement. Lesion can have up to 7 mines (ranked, 9 in casual) active by the end of a round. There is a UI overlay which shows the location of the mines to Lesion, which he can convey to his teammates resulting in Lesion being much stronger with teams that communicate well. The hostage will set off mines, so do not plant them too close.
Blood Orchid
GROMPolandDeploys a mine that sticks to surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors) that detonates when approached by an Attacker. The explosion does not do damage, it impairs sight and sound of those affectedPlacing the mines on common routes can serve as an early warning of approaching Attackers. The mines can also be thrown at the known location of an Attacker to act as a Defender flash bang. Ela can also detonate a mine on herself when downed (similar to how Doc can use his ability when downed) to impair nearby Attackers. Ela is also the only Operator with a sight on her pistol

Which operators to pick first

Play through some situations first as they are easy ways to gain renown try out operators’ abilities. For new players, set-and-forget abilities or abilities that are less complicated are usually better, as well as guns with lower recoil.


  • Sledge
    • What makes them good: His sledge hammer ability is probably the easiest to use among the attackers, he has average damage guns with low recoil, and he has frags. Sledge has long been a top pick for new players with good reason, he is perfect for less experienced players.
    • Loadout: L85A2 Assault Rifle: Scope of preference, Vertical Grip, Flash Hider or Compensator (depending on if you burst fire or full-auto fire). SMG-11 sidearm, Fragmentation grenades
    • Quick Tips: His ability makes a very distinct sound so be wary of defenders being alerted to your point of entrance. Take time to drone out a room before sledging into it. A lot of new players get into the habit of over using his ability which makes him easier to counter and eliminate.
  • Thatcher
    • What makes them good: His ability is hard to mess up and very easy to understand while also nearly always being needed. Using it against reinforced walls that Bandit has electrified or Mute has jammed is pretty much all you need to do. Both his assault rifles are good.
    • Loadout: L85A2 Assault Rifle: Scope of preference, Vertical Grip, Flash Hider or Compensator (depending on if you burst fire or full-auto fire). Breaching charges are more useful for newer players than his claymores, as claymores take more map knowledge to use effectively
    • Quick Tips: Be very careful to not die before using the emp grenades to destroy Mute’s Jammers/ Bandit’s batteries and stick with either Hibana or Thermite so you can be sure to use your gadget in the right spot. Learning the trajectory and when it is safe to throw the EMP is key to mastering Thatcher.
  • Ash
    • What makes them good: Her ability is very easy to use (just aim it at a destructible surface) , both of her guns are strong, and she is a max speed operator making her well rounded and good for new players
    • Loadout: G36C Assault rifle- it’s lower recoil is easier to manage for newer players, Compensator or flash hider, vertical grip, scope of preference. Flash Bangs or Breaching Charges is a situational pick, but flash bangs are generally more useful due to her already having breaching capabilities.
    • Quick Tips: Do not use her ability on outside facing barricades, as just shooting the barricades with her assault rifle will destroy them and preserve her ability. Ash does not have a “noob-tube”. While her ability does some damage to operators, it is not anywhere close to an AOE instant death machine like they are in other games. Avoid trying to kill operators with it.
  • New players should avoid attackers such as Montagne and Thermite due to the relatively low strength OR high difficulty in use.


  • Rook
    • What makes them good: His ability is the easiest to use among the Defenders as well as almost always being useful. His MP5 is low recoil and easy to use and he has max armor. Long considered the best Defender for new players.
    • Loadout: MP5 submachine gun, vertical grip, flash hider, scope of preference. Deployable shield vs impact grenade is largely based on your team’s composition. Pick the one the team lacks.
    • Quick Tips: Start every round by placing the armor immediately, preferably not next to a wall or object. Take a step back after placing his armor before putting it on, as it allows more defenders to access it at once.
  • Mute
    • What makes them good: His ability takes a little more finesse that other top picks for new players but overall he still is very easy to use while being a key defender. His SMG has low recoil.
    • Loadout: MP5K submachine gun. Scope of choice with flash hider or compensator. Nitro cell for equipment
    • Quick Tips: Learn which walls must be reinforced for the objective. Walls close to the objective and walls which face the outside of the building near the objective are usually the most important to jam. Jamming walls should take priority over stopping drones.
  • Doc
    • What makes them good: Similar to Rook, but his ability is often a little less useful for newer players. He features a play style similar to Rook with similar guns.
    • Loadout: MP5 submachine gun, vertical grip, flash hider or compensator, scope of preference. Barbed wire is generally considered to be better than deployable shields
    • Quick Tips: Keep an eye on friendlies health at all times, and heal friendlies which are knocked down or have taken damage. His ability can overheal people to above 100 health as well, which can be useful. Keep in mind that his ability can be self applied at any time to heal himself and also when he is downed to revive himself
  • New players should avoid defenders such as Tachanka, Pulse, and Castle; their abilities require outstanding map knowledge to use effectively.


Attackers and defenders each spawn with equipment other than their ability. Understanding this equipment will help you better understand the operators and team composition


Attackers will all spawn with a single drone in addition to their selected Non-specialized equipment. Throwing your second drone if your prep-phase drone is still alive will destroy the prep-phase drone (except for Twitch). Attackers can pick from these non-specialized equipment options

NameEffects and UsesNotesOperators That Can Use
Fragmentation GrenadeStandard grenade that causes area-of-affect damageExcels at killing downed players. Use caution around hostage. Creates holes in destructible wallsIQ Buck Sledge
Stun GrenadeTemporarily blinds operators who look at the explosion. Does not do damageStun grenades will blind both allies and enemies, so use cautionSledge Montagne IQ Buck BlackBeard Capitao Hibana Ash Thermite
Smoke GrenadeCreates a large smoke cloud which cannot be seen throughthe smoke can be used to plant the defuser kit during Bomb or extracting the hostageMontagne Glaz Blitz Fuze Jackal
Breach ChargeDestroys barricades/destructible walls/hatches/Castle doorsThese do not work on walls that defenders have reinforced. Some walls can only be blown open but not moved throughThatcher Ash Twitch Fuze Blitz IQ BlackBeard Jackal
Claymore MineA trap which operators activate by walking in front ofThese are best used to prevent flanking or to defend a defuser kit. The lasers will not go through drone holesThermite Thatcher Twitch Glaz Hibana Capitao


Defenders will each spawn with two wall reinforcements (only one for recruits) which can be used to reinforce hatches and walls to prevent breaching charges, Ash breaching rounds, Fuze cluster charges, Sledge’s hammer, Bucks under-barrel, bullets, and grenades from destroying/putting holes in walls/hatches. Defenders can pick from these non-specialized equipment options.

NameEffects and UsesNotesOperators That Can Use
Deployable ShieldProvides defenders with coverCan be combined with Frost Traps/Kapkan traps to make a deadly surprise. Can be electrified by BanditMute Doc Tachanka Jager Frost Valkyrie Rook Castle Echo Mira
Nitro CellAfter a brief moment, can be reactivated to provide a large explosionCan be used to eliminate shield users with ease. It can also be used to open holes in walls and destroy floorsPulse Kapkan Bandit Valkyrie
Barbed WireSlows down attackers who walk through the barbed and creates a distinct soundCan be used to provide and early warning against attackers and slow down hostage extraction. Can be electrified by BanditSmoke Mute Pulse Doc Kapkan Tachanka Jager Bandit Frost Caveira Echo
Impact GrenadeCreates holes in walls that can be vaulted through. Does some damage to operatorsThe primary use is to create holes, and usually should not be used to kill operators, though it is effective at killing down-but-not-out operators and weakening shield users. These are also extra effective in the bomb game mode for creating holes between the bombsCaveira Castle Smoke Rook

Which to Non-Specialized equipment to pick

Nitro Cells are a top pick for defenders – Fragmentation for attackers. Aside from this, it’s personal preference, but look at your team load out during the selection screen to see if anything is missing or if your team has too many of one gadget

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