Destiny 2 Best PvE Loadouts Guide

Destiny 2 Best PvE Loadouts Guide by AristeiaGaming

This is a list of the most effective PvE loadouts currently available. PvE tends to favor short to mid-range weapons, as they generally do more sustained damage than their long-range counterparts and there is no significant advantage granted by engaging enemies at long range. While you may want to change some skills during certain battles, these loadouts provide a solid starting point for each class.

Celestial Gunslinger (Hunter)

Description: The Celestial Gunslinger has the highest burst damage potential in the game. A well-aimed precision shot with Golden Gun can deal upwards of 40k unbuffed damage. This can lead to some truly ridiculous numbers when timed correctly during certain fights; for example, one-shotting Nightfall bosses or dealing 600k to Calus. However, this build is fragile and heavily dependent on its weapons because it does not have invisibility or an effective grenade.

Specialization: Way of the Sharpshooter

Recommended Skills: Swarm Grenade, Marksman’s Dodge, Triple Jump

Required Items: Celestial Nighthawk (Head)

Mods: Self-Repairing (Head), Kinetic Munitions Loader (Arms), Power Munitions Loader (Chest), Self-Repairing (Legs), Kinetic Counterbalance (Cloak)

Orpheus Nightstalker (Hunter)

Description: The Orpheus Nightstalker is a support build designed to generate Orbs of Light and clear out large packs of weaker enemies. Tethering a group of 10 or more enemies will instantly reset the Hunter’s Shadowshot, allowing repeated usage of Shadowshot in target-rich environments. Additionally, the temporary invisibility and faster sprint speed granted by the Way of the Trapper are helpful when trying to revive fallen allies.

Specialization: Way of the Trapper

Recommended Skills: Vortex Grenade, Marksman’s Dodge, Triple Jump

Required Items: Orpheus Rig (Legs)

Mods: Self-Repairing (Head), Kinetic Munition Loader (Arms), Void Paragon (Chest), Self-Repairing (Legs), Void Paragon (Cloak)

Actium Striker (Titan)

Description: The Actium Striker is one of the highest DPS builds in the game. Combining the Actium War Rig with the strongest Auto Rifles makes this build capable of a tremendous amount of sustained damage. Similarly, using a Rocket Launcher with Rally Barricade generates top-tier burst damage that is increased even further by the Striker’s double Pulse Grenades.

Specialization: Code of the Earthshaker

Recommended Skills: Pulse Grenade, Rally Barricade, Strafe Lift

Required Items: Sweet Business (Kinetic), Galliard-42 (Energy), Sins of the Past (Power), Actium War Rig (Chest)

Mods: Self-Repairing (Head), Kinetic Munition Loader (Arms), Arc Ordnance (Chest), Self-Repairing (Legs), Impact Absorption (Mark)

Devour Voidwalker (Warlock)

Description: The Devour Voidwalker is a defensive build focused on sustained regeneration. Devour is triggered by a melee kill and grants an 8 second buff that restores HP and extends the buff’s duration after each subsequent kill (even non-melee kills). In a target-rich environment, Devour can be maintained constantly. In the event that the buff falls off, Nezarac’s Sin minimizes its downtime by reducing all cooldowns whenever an enemy is killed by void damage. This includes all kills using an Energy or Power Weapon equipped with the Void Damage Modification.

Specialization: Attunement of Hunger

Recommended Skills: Vortex Grenade, Empowering Rift, Strafe Glide

Required Items: Nezarac’s Sin (Head)

Mods: Impact Absorption (Head), Void Ordnance (Arms), Void Paragon (Chest), Void Impact (Legs), Self-Repairing (Bond), Void Damage (Energy/Power Weapons)

Karnstein Stormcaller (Warlock)

Description: The Karnstein Stormcaller is an area clearance build used to control large numbers of weaker enemies for extended periods of time. Because all attacks during Stormtrance count as melee attacks, each attack triggers the healing, mobility, and resilience buffs from Karnstein Armlets. This build is a good alternative to the Devour Voidwalker in situations where add control is more important than single target damage (ex., Royal Pools).

Specialization: Attunement of the Elements

Skills: Pulse Grenade, Empowering Rift, Strafe Glide

Required Items: Karnstein Armlets (Arms)

Mods: Impact Absorption (Head), Arc Paragon (Arms), Arc Paragon (Chest), Arc Ordnance (Legs), Self-Repairing (Bond)

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