Destiny 2 Argos Easy Strategy Guide

Destiny 2 Argos Easy Strategy Guide by RegisZZ

Done it twice with randoms. This is the easiest strategy I’ve seen so far. I hope this helps the struggling teams out there. This is for teams who have a general idea but are struggling to get good DPS or not die to conflux/divebombing harpies.

Cooking Skulls

3 teams of two for each element, arc, solar, and void.

All 3 teams will grab skulls from the left of their 3 furnaces.

At the start of the game, have one member of each of the teams stand by their skull. All 3 teams pick up a skull at the same time to start the encounter. The first skull picked up should always go into your own element so there is now 1 skull in each of the 3 element furnaces.

All teams need to pay attention to the circle in front of their furnaces. If that circle grows white and harpies start to spawn, your element is the DPS platform. You need to call out the 3 elements at each corner of the Argos cage (left, middle, top). If there are 3 of the same type of element, one person from a neighboring team needs to bring a skull over to help out and only that person. You never want more than three UNCOOKED skulls at a single platform, as there are only three furnaces. You will need all 6 at the DPS platform eventually.

Example: I see three solar at my platform (arc). I call out Arc platform needs three solar. Void will need to bring a skull to solar so that there are three there now.

Breaking his shield

Once all the skulls are done “cooking” (they take time to get ready in the furnace), bring all 6 charged heads to the DPS platform. People at the DPS platform need to be clearing as many ads and harpies as possible. Use supers. Your skulls will be cooking so you don’t need to pick them up until your teammates get there with their skulls. You will need all 6 skulls for the best DPS. Quickly decide who will take aim at each of the 3 elements that border the cage.

Example: “I got void left” or “I got void top”, or “I got solar right”

Once those are decided those 3 people will count down from 3 and shoot SIMULTANEOUSLY and trace those orbs so that they crash into the middle and break the shield around Argos. This will give you a damage buff. If you do not correctly do this you should wipe and reset.

Safe Spot and DPS

So you’ve broken the shield. Now everyone needs to immediately rush to the safe spot. Each element has a safe spot on the platform where a rock or wall can block many of the Argos attacks including the conflux that drags you into the air. The key for these safe zones is to not all lean to a side and try to keep the shield between the team and Argos. Then the conflux will crash into the rock and the harpies will not divebomb as accurately.


-Arc platform (set up left side behind the fat wall)

-Solar platform (set up just to the right of the furnaces behind that weirdly shaped rock)

-Void platform (set up to the right behind the thicc wall)

After the shield is broken immediately run to the safe spot and set up ideally- a rally barricade, an empowering rift with arc souls, a healing rift with arc souls. All 3 are very important. Arc souls don’t stack just have both on arc souls in case somebody forgets. Everyone should be on waveclear supers apart from hunters on golden gun with nighthawk pref.

How DPS phase should go- Anyone with a charged skull or a partially charged skull used to break the shield should quickly empty those by lasering his head. Empowering rift should already be down for this. These do the most damage of anything and are crucial. Then all 6 people should empty 6 rockets with the rally and swap to coldheart for the remainder of the short DPS phase. Save any teammates that get hit by conflux. Healing rift should save you from harpies that get through the safe spot defenses.

Skulls do the most damage, then rockets, then coldheart. Rank those in order of importance. It is good practice to shoot the divebombing harpies if you can. They die easily and you only need to kill a few to not get wiped. Don’t be afraid to use rockets or nades on ads if you have to. Minotaurs can wipe people out if left unchecked. Some teams assign a person or two to clear ads but this wastes a ton of DPS. It is better to have everyone on DPS with people being mindful of any minotaurs that get too close. Use nades to clear ads around you. Or throw them at Argos if you’ve got an inner Kobe.

Everyone should have a rocket launcher with cluster rockets (sins of the past is the best but any will do like curtain call or the new CoO rocket)

Everyone should have wardcliff coil if they have it. Use it to reload your rockets after DPS by swapping to it, picking up one ammo, then swapping back to your other rocket launcher which will now have 5 or 4 rockets. If you don’t have wardcliff it’s okay but you’ll have to haul ass to find power ammo.

After the DPS phase get ready to jump on to the platforms that will spawn for the next phase, the enrage phase.


During this phase platforms spawn which you will need to navigate to hit 1 of his 3 weak points (head, back, arms) to stop the phase from wiping you. You can only do these three so there are 4 damage phases total (dmg, enrage, dmg, enrage, dmg, enrage, dmg). It is good practice to wipe if you don’t get around a third of his health down the first time. This gives you leeway for blunders in the future.

I recommend starting with the head first to get it out of the way.

Head- The first time, everyone jumps to the highest platforms and uses coldheart or an auto rifle to hit the two weak points at the very top of his head (not the face itself). You NEED to get precision hits. 3 on each side will get it done but you can easily do one side then rotate over to do the other if people are quick about jumping up.

Back- rotate behind Argos and shoot the two weak spots on his lower back. You should be on the bottom platforms for this.

Arms- rotate so you can shoot the weak spots on his arms. Argos will pull his arms back and you will need to rotate more so you can keep getting precision hits. If you’re starting to get regular white damage numbers you need to move.

After each of the enrage phases, each team of three needs to get a skull cooking and clear ads. Rinse and repeat. Remember you have four damage phases so it is generally a good idea to wipe if you don’t get around a third of his health down the first phase (to make the next three phases less stressfull).

Please feel free to post more tips you have found I will add any I see and answer questions. GL.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey, thx for this. Any advice around where to go at the enrage phase? I’ve heard he always faces arc so depending on where you are doing DPS (i.e., void/arc/solar), you go to a pre-set spot. For example, if you are doing damage on void, the fireteam will be on his right side for enrage (because he is facing arc) so you DPS his right side. Solar his back and arc his left side. Any advice/tips?

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