Battlerite Freya Positive Charge Build Guide

Battlerite Freya Positive Charge Build Guide by Sunny_Beast

Here is a detailed guide on how I play Freya and how I’ve found success with her. I will go over battlerites and playstyle. Please note that I am currently D5 so I don’t know how it performs in high diamond / champion. I can however 100% guarantee that with some practice and the right mindset you will have success below D5.


This loadout is build around Positive Charge, plain and simple 15% increase on all her damage output if you have electric shield. with this loadout you get shield from: counter, E, R, space + M1. Lighting rod is standard in every Freya build. It gives her the sustain you need to fight up close and helps with the shield up time. Torrent helps you to stick on to the enemies and also boosts your damage. You can switch this out for rolling thunder if you are having a hard time landing your E but I would suggest practicing with Torrent, the the extra damage and displacement will pay off in the lang run. Against Jumong or dubble ranged I do sometimes go for Rolling thunder. Lightning speed gives her 30% Att Speed after her jump. Combined with the shield from Electric conduction this results in a lot of burst damage.


At the start of the match you want to be patient, you NEVER want to engage with your space. You either want them to jump on you, pull them to you with your counter (Be careful here, the enemy can punish you if you fail this) or just simply walk around with you mount until you are next to them. Keep a close eye on the enemy’s escapes and counters. If you see someone blowing them and you know you got 2s where you can get free damage, space in (preferable EX space) and start hammering. Get used to use M2 to keep the static up but be careful you don’t push them away. Use your E to get the enemy back in M1 range or to dodge panics, stuns, silences, petrifies,… if you know the enemy has them. The best time to use your R is when your shield is about to expire. You will do 17 dmg instead of 14 and reapply the shield. With this build I don’t focus on my Ult because I use EX space and R quite often. However, if you see the enemies have no way of dodging, jump in, use E + ult and you will do 69 Dmg because of the static applied and shield you have.

If you have any more question, just ask them.

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