Vainglory Reaching Bronze Guide

Vainglory Reaching Bronze Guide by Giveme2018please

What’s up guys, so as of late I’ve reached VG bronze on my main, and currently on my smurf at POA bronze after just a week of ranked play. (I may push for VG silver on my main, but I may not. Probably gonna go for VG bronze again on my smurf first.)

However, I want to create a small guide for the players struggling to rank up. Whether you’re stuck in T5 or trying to get from SA to POA, here are the top 3 tips that will get you to POA/VG bronze.

1: Master your mechanics

This is where most lower tier players are stuck at: you don’t know how to kite, you don’t know how to push waves to rotate down to help an early invade, or you just miss all your reflex blocks against koshka (which should not be happening).

If you’re unable to have the basics of knowing how to kite as a ranged carry, or dive as a melee jungler, you will always struggle to get out of the mid tiers. If you’re able to farm better and deal more damage faster, you will rise to hotness very, very quickly.

How do you improve your mechanics?

Tons of practice, mindful playing on how to improve. Learn to farm properly, and how to rush your core item build and only need a reflex block for defense. So often I’ve seen on my smurf seeing T2 shield and armor on the carry when they don’t even have 2 T3 core items yet. You will not win against a player with good mechanics and 4 CP items, even if you have an aegis, simply because he will outdamage/outsustain you long before you can kill him.

Remember: a jungler and carry impact a game with the damage they bring to the table. The captain impacts the game with the CC and playmaking capabilities of their items.

Watch high tier player gameplay, twitch streams, YouTube videos of mango/VONC/FlashX playing matches, to see how heroes are played and how the pros farm, rotate and get kills.

Then try to emulate their skills in game. It takes time to get good, but you will see an improvement bit by bit if you’re actively working to become a better player.

2: Improve your game knowledge

This is what separates the mid tiers, to the higher tiers (7-10).

You can always find amazing players in hotness who can instalock vox, get a good draft and win easily, but don’t know how to counterpick, how to play gwen into ringo, or just have a very small hero pool.

At the same time, they don’t know little things like how to rotate down after pushing lane to steal the enemy jungle mid healing camp in the early game, or to take advantage of the pre sentry 4 minutes to help your team invade and get first blood with an early game comp.

Or they don’t know how to turtle and play conservatively until their team comp comes online, or how to turn back from a weak early game to win the late game.

At the same time, they don’t know how to counterpick. They’ll instalock Celeste in draft only to face blackfeather and taka, or first pick ozo on A side only to end up facing glaive and lance.

You need to understand how to draft, and how to execute your win condition. Melee comps will always want to dive. Ranged comps will always want to kite. Healing comps will always want to outsustain and outpoke, burst comps will always want to burst and end teamfights as soon as possible. You will never win a poke war with taka, and you will never win a burst based fight with lyra.

Baptiste may lose a sustained 1v1 against reim, but he will win in a 2v2/3v3 when he is allowed to use his burst to chunk reim before he can get his fortified health up.

Same with ozo: he will lose 1v1 against reim because he won’t be able to land his 3rd bounce. But in a 1v2 or 2v2 situation, ozo can often out burst and outsustain reim with his own perk.

This is why certain players can one trick a hero (cough cough skye) to VG through soloq: knowing how to play that hero into certain comps. Certain carries are very versatile, such as vox being able to either kite, or dive depending on his team comp.

Even if you’re a captain main, being a one trick pony isn’t the best idea. Saw and lyra are devastating in the right draft, and nearly unstoppable with CP kestrel in the jungle. However, put Catherine into that comp, and it wouldn’t work nearly as well to snowball the entire game.

Know how to draft, and how to execute your win condition. That alongside mechanics will get you to the higher tiers as long as you keep working on improving your skills.

And remember: there’s no need to steal kraken, or pull off that insane skye 1v3 with the crystal sentry if you snowball right from the moment your team comes online and not allow the enemy team one chance at coming back.

You’ll notice that higher tier games, or competitive matches tend to have very few deaths, at most 5-10 kills for the winning team, and very few deaths for them as well.

That’s because they’re not making any mistakes for the enemy team to come back.

Compare that to your usual 25-27 T5 match that ends 25 minutes in with some bloodbath ace and a crazy run to the enemy base, you can start to see the differences between the tiers.

3: Party up and play regularly

You can soloq to VG. I didn’t (THE HORROR I’M A FRAUD), but I did it through duoqueue with a friend I had really good synergy with.

Save yourself the trouble: don’t find someone to carry you, but find someone you can grow with and have huge synergy with to keep climbing up the rankings.

You guys will be able to know what compositions you can pull off, what types of drafts work best for you, and how to stay calm and not tilt even when you’re on a losing streak.

Whether it’s joining a guild, creating a team, find what works for you and use it to keep improving and keep getting better.


That’s it! Just working on those 3 things and you will rank up. That much I can promise you. Don’t blame your teammates, don’t get tilted (We all do sometimes but just limit it to one match and not 5 in a row), and keep at it. The results will show if you put in the work.

Bonus points:

Take breaks, and don’t make this your life.

Unless you want to become a competitive player, you probably have more important things to do than hit vainglorious. Make sure you’re doing your homework, attending school, doing your work assignments, don’t just spend 24/7 on a little ranked status that ultimately doesn’t mean that much, honestly. Play the game for fun, after all, it’s a game. You will lose your temper and get frustrated sometimes, but remember: there is much more to life than a perfect KDA.

Don’t neglect sleep, exercise , healthy eating, or your family relationships for VG.

Playing hyper carry heroes in general will get you through the lower ranks way faster than playing captain. I hate to say this, but lower tier players who play captain often might just be better playing a third damage dealer.

Why? Because at the lower tiers, it tends to be that most players aren’t good at timing fountain or other active items, which means that even if they have fountain and crucible, you can’t expect it to be used even when you need it. (I can’t count the number of times I’m expecting a fountain or crucible on my smurf, only to not see it even be used for the captain to save himself…)

It’s a lot better to lock in a hero that can hyper carry when farmed, from Celeste, WP kestrel, vox, samuel, the heroes who either have immense DPS, or huge AOE damage. Simply last hit better than the other carry (which is super easy from T1-7) get your core build and blow up the enemy team.

However, keep in mind that AOE hyper carries will be able to much more easily 2v3/1v3 as opposed to single target weapon snipers. But you will need the mechanical precision and the ability to predict enemy movement.

Visualization and setting a goal to hit vainglorious will get you there sooner than you expect

Before I hit VG, I was constantly discussing it with my friends, even family. The week I told a friend I’d hit POA, I hit POA.

This doesn’t just apply to games, but to life as well. What you believe you can do, and work hard towards while constantly adjusting to the situation will lead you to getting what you want. I won’t write a ton about this, but if you are able to see yourself as a top tier player, and take the time to get good, you will get there. When I was hitting POA for the first time, I was grinding hours after hours learning as much as I could to get better from every single game.

Anyways, rant over. Anyone who has questions specifically on issues they’re facing, just post them below and I’ll be here for a while.

TL;DR Get good at mechanics. Get good at your game knowledge and outdrafting and outplaying your opponents. Play often and with teammates you have good synergy with.

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