PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hidden Mechanics and Tips

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hidden Mechanics and Tips by Sugar_T1ts

1 – you can get out of a moving vehicle without taking damage (guide: )

2 – you can press jump then crouch to do high jumps and jump through windows. you can bind it to SHIFT + SPACE to do it without fail (guide: )

3 – you can spam R while reloading a pump shotgun to dodge the animation and keep aiming with your cross hair. you can also use this trick to do a sneak shot while reloading but i couldnt find a guide. (help?)

4 – you can stop the game from changing your direction everytime you exit the plane by looking at the direction you want then press W, release w, press w again and hold it, then exit the plane

5 – if you want to aim at people inside the car change seat to CTRL 5

6 – there’s a way to keep jumping around without losing speed (bunny hopping) but i couldn’t find a guide (help?)

7 – if you increase the FOV to the max and switch to first person while parachuting you will see more and locate people easier

8 – You don’t need to break windows to jump through them. You can just phase straight through the glass. Very handy for escaping houses silently and quickly.

9 – On some two storey building balconies, you can jump on the balcony railing, then on to the open door, then on to the roof. This is great for bamboozling enemies in neighbouring buildings. (guide:

10 – hold ctrl while riding bikes, so the bikes nose goes down automatically when necessary

11 – Changing of stances does not affect your Aim – holding RMB and firing while going prone allows you to dropshot people with extremely high survival rate in close range fights

here’s more stuff that are not in-game mechanics but effect gameplay and worth mentioning:

1 – you can use a program called sound locker to put a limit to how high the sound can go. in short you use this so you can raise the computer volume to hear footsteps clearly without having gunshots bleed your ears (there’s no official response from the devs so use at your own discretion

2 – you can use reshade to change how the game looks. there’s no one guide to it so you will have to google and see what you prefer

3 – if you turn off the steam overlay it will save you a lot of fps, for me ti was around 15. (go to your steam library > right click the game > properties > uncheck the box of the overlay)

4 – you can delete the Bluehole intro video to load faster inbetween games (guide:

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