Overwatch Soldier 76 Training Complete Resources List

Overwatch Soldier 76 Training Complete Resources List by Grrym

In order to help myself improve I started to watch and aggregate a large amount of Soldier 76 information this season. I had played soldier quite a bit before, but after doing my placements almost exclusively with him and noticing the carry potential I decided to finally add soldier to the list of heroes I was comfortable calling my mains (now, Ana, Rein, dva, Soldier; formerly, Hog).

This is the result of organizing and formatting all that information. More is welcome and I will update this post if others post valuable links and information


For absolute beginners I always reccomend youtube channels like OW DojoKarQMindfuzzSkyline, and iOstux; I credit theGetting Good at OW series by iOstux as what helped me transition from a console pleb to a competent PC OW player. Additionally, many of the videos I will adding here are applicable to many different heroes, not just 76.




  • Useful for engaging and disengaging. Proper positioning is essential and when used properly this movement skill can be the difference between winning and losing almost any dual.
  • OW Dojo’s Engage and Disengage video is essential for an effective Soldier 76.

Helix Rocket

  • 120 Direct, ~80 splash, 8s cooldown
  • Burst Damage Projectile. CANNOT be wasted. Finish off enemies quickly with direct burst or splash from around a corner/shield etc.
  • Also very useful for advanced movement. Helix jumps for various maps are below.

Tactical Visor

  • Fight swinging ultimate. Most useful in team fights, not for use in 1v1s as long cast time and you become very vulnerable to stuns.


There are plenty of Soldier 76 guides out there, here are a few useful ones.


Ult usage/management

Map guides:

Most of these are more general and not soldier specific, but are full of useful information nonetheless. General rule is gain high ground whenever possible, use angles and chokes to mitigate incoming damage while dishing lots out, and know when to engage/disengage using your sprint and rocket jump abilities.

  • Control

Unit Lost on all Control Maps

OW Dojo on Control Maps

Lijiang Tower Control Center by Skyline

  • Assault

ioStux on Attacking Hanamura

Skyline’s Hanamura Map Mastery

Skyline’s Temple of Anubis Map Mastery

Volskaya by Faulty Lid Gaming

Lunar Colony: Horizon [Needed]

  • Escort

Soldier Gibraltar Positioning by Faulty Lid

Route 66 Soldier 76 Positioning by Faulty Lid

Skyline’s Dorado Map Mastery

  • Hybrid

KarQ on Defending Hybrid Maps EichenwaldeKing’s RowNumbani and Hollywood

Skyline’s Map mastery series for EichenwaldeKings RowNumbani, and Hollywood

Soldier 76 Hollywood Positioning by Faulty Lid

ioStux on Attacking Kings Row

Rocket Jumps (GUIDE)

1v1s and Duals

VOD Reviews

Pro’s and Streamers to Watch

Universal Guides

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