Light Jackets Comprehensive Men’s Fashion Guide

Light Jackets Comprehensive Men’s Fashion Guide by sconleye

I just put all of my coats away and I miss them already, so I started updating the outerwear guide. This is part one – outerwear you might actually still be able to wear. Part two will include F/W coats and will come closer to the season.

Note: I have included links to products as images instead of as store links. This way if the item is no longer for sale, at least you will have a picture to go off of. The name I have given each item is exactly as it appears on the site. If you are interested in purchasing an item, you can easily find it by Googling the name.

The prices I have listed are retail prices. You can pay significantly less, especially on some of the higher priced items. Here is a link to my shopping guide for strategies on how to do that.

Anorak/Rain Coat

Formality: Casual

Recommended Colors: Yellow, red, navy, olive, black

Lightweight jacket with a hood, often half zip with a stomach pocket. Look for something in a breathable, weatherproof material. Good for sudden spring showers or as an evening windbreaker. I’m a fan of brightly colored ones to give a little pop on dreary days.

LL Bean Classic Mountain Anorak – 49.99

Uniqlo Blocktech Parka – 69.90

Patagonia Torrentshell – 129.99

Norse Projects Anker Rain Coat – 265.00

Bomber Jacket

Formality: Casual

Suggested Colors: Olive, black, navy, gray, burgundy

Currently very popular, bomber jackets come in a variety of cuts and materials. Look for one in cotton or a light nylon to wear during early spring and fall. Distinguishing features include ribbed hems and sleeves, elastic collar, and often an arm pocket.

Uniqlo MA-1 Blouson – 59.90

River Island Navy Bomber Jacket – 96.00

COS Zip Up Jacket with Rib Details – 150.00

Alpha Industries MA-1 Slim Flight Jacket – 150.00

APC Navy MA-1 Bomber Jacket – 540.00

Chore Coat

Formality: Casual

Recommended Colors: Khaki, olive, navy, grey

Chore coats were once an extremely popular item during MFA’s workwear days. While the hype has certainly died down, chore coats are still totally wearable. Pairs best with Americana and workwear style fits.

Le Labourer Cotton Drill Work Jacket – 99.00

Pointer Chore Coat – 120.00

Bleu de Paname Counter Jacket – 135.00

Apolis Selvedge Denim Chore Coat – 228.00

Coach’s Jacket

Formality: Casual

Suggested Colors: Black, green, navy, burgundy

A self-explanatory piece modeled after the light athletic jacket worn on the sidelines by soccer coaches. Very lightweight. Popular amongst streetwear “fuccbois.” Looks best a little bit oversized.

H&M Reversible Coach Jacket – 49.90

Carhartt WIP – 108.00

Anti Social Social Club Echo Park Coach Jacket – 165.00

Denim Jacket

Formality: Casual

Suggested Colors: Black, light blue, indigo

Classic and versatile, the denim jacket works well in a lot of different styles. A black or light blue one can work well in streetwear or SLP style fits, and an indigo or light blue can make a great Canadian tuxedo in workwear styles. Denim jackets should fit slightly cropped, and may look shorter than you are used to.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket – 99.00

Carhartt WIP Stone Wash Denim Jacket – 208.00

3Sixteen Type III Selvedge Jacket – 265.00

Our Legacy Washed Black Hz Jacket – 370.00

Double Breasted Trench Coat

Formality: Professional

Recommended Colors: Tan, navy, black

Classic dressy option for rainy days. Personally think they can look slightly costumey and are more difficult to pull of than a Mac. If you go for one, make sure it’s cut above the knee. Distinguishing features include epaulettes, contrast buttons, and an optional belt.

Asos Double Breasted Trench Coat – 95.00

J. Crew Ludlow Double-Breasted Water Repellent Trench Coat – 298.00

Burberry The Sandringham Long Heritage Trench Coat – 1,895.00

Harrington Jacket

Formality: Casual, Business Casual

Recommended Colors: Navy, red, black, gray, dark green

Iconic jacket worn by Steve McQueen and Arnold Palmer. Good piece for an older, business casual wardrobe. I personally like one with a patterned lining to add a little bit of contrast to an otherwise basic jacket.

Gap Lightweight Harrington Jacket – 79.95

Ben Sherman Harrington Jacket – 159.95

Baracuta G9 (classic) or G10 (slimmer) – 390.00

M-65 Field Jacket

Formality: Casual

Recommended Colors: Olive, tan, navy

Classic military style coat based on the field jackets given to US soldiers. Distinguishing features include 4 front pockets, epaulettes, and sometimes detailing like patches. If you buy a vintage one, be sure to remove any patches that might come on it. Looks good with a relaxed, slightly baggy fit, and works well in a rugged or outdoorsy style.

Military Surplus/Vintage/Ebay – ~40.00

Rothco Vintage Lightweight Field Jacket – 59.99

Alpha Industries M-65 Coat – 180.00

J. Crew Field Mechanic Jacket – 198.00

Mac Jacket

Formality: Casual, Business Casual, Professional

Recommended Colors: Black, tan, navy, olive

The Mac is a more modern option if you’re looking for a trench coat. Look for one cut above the knee in a lightweight, waterproof material. Distinguishing features include a single breast, convertible collar, and often a hidden placket. Pairs well with a suit or worn more casually over a sweater and jeans. Like most long coats, it looks better on taller people.

Asos New Look Single Breasted Trench – 79.00

Uniqlo Convertible Collar Coat – 129.90

J Crew Ludlow Water-Repellant Mac Jacket – 248.00

Mackintosh Slim Fit Bonded Cotton Raincoat – 673.00

Shirt Jacket

Formality: Casual

Suggested Colors: Navy, Olive, Brown, Grey

Common layering piece in F/W makes a great standalone jacket come warmer weather. Shirt jackets differentiate themselves from regular buttondowns with a boxier cut, thicker material, and jacket like details. Zip shirt jackets are an interesting twist. Search “CPO” as well.

HM Denim Zip Shirt Jacket – 25.00

COS Cotton Jersey Zip Up Shirt – 125.00

Wallace and Barnes Lightweight Garment Dyed Cotton Linen Shirt Jacket – 148.00

MHL Margaret Howell Chore Overshirt – 200.00

Structured Blazer

Formality: Casual, Professional

Recommended Colors: Navy, charcoal, light gray, tan

Sometimes you have to dress up even when it’s super hot, so for those times it’s important to have a blazer or suit in a summer weight fabric. A structured linen, cotton, or tropical wool is perfect here. Navy in a tropical wool with contrast buttons is a prep essential. Skip the contrast buttons and don’t wear one with khakis if you want to avoid that look.

J. Crew Factory Thompson Blazer in Lightweight Wool – 150.00

J. Crew Ludlow Linen Blazer – 298.00

Brooks Brothers Wool Blazer – 368.00

Suit Supply Hudson Blue Plain – 499.00

Unstructured Blazer

Formality: Casual, Business Casual

Recommended Colors: Navy, light gray, charcoal, black, olive, tan

This is a broad category with a lot of different options. Casual blazers can be set apart by many things, such as a lack of padding, patch pockets, contrast buttons, and more casual fabrics. Look for one in linen, seersucker, or cotton for a good summer blazer.

Uniqlo Comfort Jacket – 59.90

J. Crew Unstructured Ludlow Blazer in Cotton Linen – 168.00

Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket – 278.00

Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket in Cotton Twill – 379.00

Our Legacy Archive Unstructured Linen And Cotton-Blend Blazer – 410.00

Please leave any feedback in the comments. If your feedback is that you can’t wear jackets in the summer, you can keep it to yourself :)

Thanks for reading.

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