How To Pay Less For Clothes Guide

How To Pay Less For Clothes Guide by ilovepartypeople

Sup guys, I’ve been online shopping for a very long time. I buy a lot of designer brand clothing, regular basic clothing, etc and I NEVER pay retail. Here’s how:

  • This one is pretty obvious but subreddits like r/FrugalMaleFashion are awesome places to find deals.
  • Shopping second hand on websites like Grailed & eBay is another obvious one. Take advantage of both for designer & vintage clothing for way less than retail.

=== Now For Some Lesser Known Stuff ===

Sign up for newsletters for every brand / online retailer you like.

They don’t spam you (it goes into the promotion tab in your e-mail anyways) and I always get tons of great deals in my e-mails.

People on subreddits like r/FrugalMaleFashion are just posting deals they receive in their e-mails, so if you want don’t want to be late for a sale, sign up.

The Affiliate Newsletter

This one only works some of the time.

Find your favorite online retailer or brand, type into google “<brand name> affiliate” this should bring you to their affiliate page where if you own a website / shop you can get partnered with them.

Their should be a contact e-mail somewhere, and just politely ask to be added to their “affiliate newsletter”.

Usually affiliates are made aware of Sales / Season clearances via newsletter BEFORE regular costumers, so this will give you a huge edge. Which brings me to my next point.

Add The Items You Want To Your Shopping Cart

When you’re shopping online during a sale, you don’t want to sift through 400 pages of discounted tube socks and miss out on all the good stuff.

If you know a sale or seasons clearance is coming up, add all the stuff you want (But is a little too pricey for you) into your basket. When a sale rolls around, simply check your cart and any items that are on sale will automatically be discounted in your cart. Easy!

Find Partnered Websites

If you visit men’s fashion blogs often times they will have a coupons section where they have exclusive discounts for their audience if they’re partnered with certain brands. Just type “<blog name> + coupon” into google to find em.

AND …. that’s pretty much it.

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