Clash Royale Building A Draft Challenge Deck for 12 Wins

Clash Royale Building A Draft Challenge Deck for 12 Wins by azuraith4

I know that many people struggle with draft challenges. This current challenge has big rewards and everyone wants to do them. I myself finished it on my first try and same with the last 2 draft challenges. Even some of the best players in my clan struggle with draft challenges.

I’m pretty sure i’ve found the secret to winning draft challenge and i would like to share some of my thoughts/strategies with you all. It’s not really a secret though, it is very straight forward.

Most people say draft challenge is completely random and that they always get crap cards… but you get to pick half of you cards, so how can this be? I’ll tell you how, bad card choices. It’s simple if you make half of your deck good, then your already 50% ahead of the other player. And generally you will get 1-2 good cards from the other person since many choices are a choice between 2 good cards.

Here are some things you SHOULD DO when picking your first 4 cards.

  • Pick cards that counter the other card choice. Even if you think it’s bad. Example, you are given bowler and 3 musket as a choice, bowler is not only more reliable but it directly soft counters 3 musket. This gives you a direct 1:1 advantage in 1/8 card slots. If you do this for all 4 choices you are at a 4/8 card advantage or 50% card advantage. This is the #1 rule.
  • Rule 1.5. Don’t give you opponent counters to cards you’ve already picked unless the other card is clearly superior for your deck. If you grabbed a hog / giant in your picks. Dont give them inferno tower… unless you already have buildings.. take the inferno tower. This leads me into rule#2
  • NEVER pick more then 2 spells… ever… getting stuck with 4 spells is a death sentence and getting stuck with more then 4 is instant loss… unless the other choice is clearly worse, always follow rule#1 first before worrying about spells / buildings etc etc. This rule also applies to buildings. since if you pick a spawner and a building you might get another building and then you just have a bunch of buildings.
  • ROCKET IS THE BEST CARD IN DRAFT. This is another golden rule… unless rocket is very very obviously the wrong choice. Always take it. It’s better then fireball,lightning,tornado,zap,log. It’s better than all of them because you can always resort to playing pure defense and just rocket chip them. Most people play stuff at the back and rocket can trade with it and deal damage. Rocket anything 4 cost or higher… even a 3 cost troop is sometimes worth it.
  • Sparky might seem like a good idea if they have no stuns. It’s not. almost never pick sparky unless the other card is obviously the wrong choice. It has too many counters and cannot reliably used as a win condition. which brings me to my next point.
  • Always pick EXACTLY 1 win condition if you have the choice. Don’t pick hog and giant and RG because then you are overloaded on win cons and you will likely be given another one… you will have no support/defense and you will lose. Playing defensively and using your spells/win conditions to chip away at them is the best strategy in draft. Again FOLLOW RULE #1 AND #2 before thinking about this. if taking 2 win conditions is better, then do it!
  • Take as many support cards as you want. If you already have a good spell and 1 win condition. Just ignore everything else and get defensive buildings/troops.
  • Try to keep your costs low (not a necessary rule). Chip decks are usually best in any challenge because you have 6 minutes to take out their tower. Cards like dart goblin can get 100-400 damage reliably every time. Miner aswell. Picking a pekka and an xbow will get you stuck with a Rg and lavahound and now you have 4 cards over 6 elixir… good luck. Again follow rule #1 and #2 before this rule.

These are the only tips i can think of right now. Will edit later if i have time!

If you go to my Stats Royale Page you will see all 14 of my 2x elixir draft challenge matches. You can clearly see that i was never really at a complete disadvantage except once. You’ll also see that rocket was in a bunch of my winning decks.


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