Overwatch Roadhog Tips and Tricks

Overwatch Roadhog Tips and Tricks by Kutang_Pan

I wanted to share with you some Roadhog tips I’ve gathered and discovered over past 3 seasons playing him.

  • Lets start with something all of you should already know, the COMBO and COMBO PLUS. The first one almost always guarantee a kill on squishy (you may notice some difficulties with Ana/Mei/Symmetra/Reaper 0_o ), the second is good against tanks. When shooting after a hook, aim for the neck/torso area, so the top pellets hit the head.
  • Remember that hook is not really a hitscan, you have better luck hooking the target when you track it
  • We all know by now that hook is a bit :) broken, it has a rectangular hitbox that is longer vertically, this allows to hook targets, you don’t necessarily see, from behind obstacles or on high grounds
  • The distance of medium range spread (right click) starts from about 9 meters
  • Hook length is about 20 meters
  • Always try to make yourself more difficult to hit when you use self-heal, you can do that by starting to heal when in the air
  • Because Roadhog’s head is not directly on top of him (like snowman’s), but slightly more to the front, it makes it more difficult to head shot him when you shoot him from behind, keep that in mind when you use his self-heal in the open and simply turn around from the battlefield. Roadhog is the most vulnerable when he is healing, like all not moving targets in Overwatch.
  • When you have to reload and heal at the same time there is a very optimal combo i like to use. Start reloading and when the number of shots changes to 4 start healing straight away, this will cancel end part of reload animation.
  • When there is a spam battle happening and you just right clicking in the enemy team, maybe spamming into reins shield, always remember to leave that 1 shot for potential hook when you want to reload.
  • Don’t be too concerned about you hook accuracy, the cooldown is so low that you should be always trying to hook something. Generally there is no bad hooks, just be careful when hooking another Roadhog
  • In Roadhog vs Roadhog battles always hook second, this gives you an advantage in the second deciding shot, or hook when enemy Roadhog is low enough to finish him.
  • Positioning is very important, always use your surroundings and reins shield to hide that big fat booty, otherwise it’s just a free ult charge for the enemy.
  • Roadhog should not be treated as a main tank for the team, he is a tanky DPS character.
  • Take advantage of the map for ledge hooks and instant kills.
  • Roadhogs ultimate should be used to push and disrupt the enemy team, push them of the objective, disrupt their engage (i.e. stop nanoboosted Rein). It’s secondary purpose is to deal damage which is quite significant when in close range.
  • Hold W+LMB when you hook someone to fire as soon as possible(no lucio boop, iceblock, wraith) while walking towards your reeled in target gets you closer to the hitbox -> more pellets hit -> higher instakill chance

Let me know in comments of anything you think i should add to the list.

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