LoL AD Carry Laning Tips

LoL AD Carry Laning Tips by myteamisnoanswer

Tips for laning as an AD Carry

1. If the enemy bot lane has a powerful level 1 duo, always ward the bush when you enter the laning phase after you leash your junglers buffs. The enemy bot laners could be in these bushes and you could start the laning phase at a major disadvantage. (the reason why the enemy bot laner could be hiding is because sometimes the junglers could start top side giving their bot laners a chance to get a kill by hiding in the bushes. Tribush if their red side and the small river bush if their blue side.

2. Understand your level 2 timing precisely. At level 1, if your sure you can push for level 2 first then do so. If both you and the enemy fight for level 2 and your slower, you could take a very bad trade so if you think you can’t get level 2 first just don’t push the lane and when they hit level 2 pull the wave to your tower.

3. Beat up the Supports that have a weak level 1. If champions like Leona and Alistar come to auto a minion you must focus them. These champions can’t do anything at level 1 so if your support helps to harass them they won’t have the health to engage at level 2. Also if your support has a weak level 1 just don’t trade and stay back.

4. When laning against Soraka don’t trade with the enemy AD, dodge her Q’s, and always focus her when trading. It’s critical to dodge her Q’s because if you get hit by them she’ll just heal back up. However, good Soraka players won’t give you these opportunities so in those cases, don’t trade and just call for ganks.

5. If the enemy has Ignite, try practicing to learn how to heal first before getting ignited. If you heal while you’re ignited, you’re at a huge disadvantage so try learning by feeling it out. For instance, if you find yourself in a “Oh, we’re in a situation where we could be dead” try to read the situation faster than the enemy support and heal FIRST. If not you’re probably dead.

6. Please don’t stay near the minions against Karma. Some people think Karmas Q is like Ezreals Q but it’s splash damage.

7. Try to be aware of Karma’s Ult Q and back off. If you think “This kid is coming towards us so he probably has his ult ready” just back off but since we’re all human we’re bound to mess up and give them Karmas Ult Q range so if I were to give a tip here, try dodging to the sides because the projectile is actually pretty thin.

8. It’s essential to understand the enemy jungler’s path. For example, if it’s Elise, watch out for tower dives. If it’s Rek’sai watch out when you’re near walls cause he can pop out of nowhere. This is from experience so it’s pretty hard to explain.

9. If the enemy has exahust and you think you have burst, you must always calculate your damage through exhaust. It’s not once or twice I’ve seen a Jhin with his 4th shot going for the kill and ends up backfiring.

10. If the enemy starts to give you an obvious kill angle you have to assume it’s bait. Before you go for the kill, look at the map and if you don’t see your enemies just don’t go for it. If you take the bait the game could explode. (Explode meaning a slim chance of making a comeback.)

11. If you have no vision bot side just shut up and play safe. Don’t ask for an explanation and if no one is watching your back, play safe.

12. Before fighting, always make sure if your top laner and the enemy top laner has TP or not. Don’t go around blaming your top laner because the enemy top laner came and fucked you up.

13. Trading is when you attack and take damage at the same time. Not you take damage and you’ll damage them back later. (This one is a bit weird but I’m assuming what OP meant was don’t take free harass and plan to harass them back later.)

14. If you’re behind, don’t go mid to your mid laners XP. Just go bot, take vision bot side, and farm bot. If you don’t take bot side vision you’re going to get caught out while farming so if you don’t have vision at least farm jungle mobs.

15. If the wave is pushing towards you and it looks like you can get doved, don’t go greedy for CS and just fall back completely. Wave is towards you -> no vision at mid and your jungle-> Enemy is here to push the tower -> A scenario where you will get doved.

16. It is important to push the wave before you back. However, if you think you can’t push it to the enemies tower in time, try making the wave come towards your tower. If you go home and the enemy has a big wave towards them your at a huge disadvantage.

17. Recall at a cannon wave if you’re in a situation where you need to go home first. You’ll reduce the EXP loss because the cannon minion can withstand a lot of turret shots.

18. Watch out for the enemy support flash initiation. Especially if you don’t have flash.

19. Do not die if you’re fed. Your enemies eyes will be on fire trying to focus you specifically, so you can at least reduce your enemies movements by even just doing nothing at all. If you’re alive they can’t do anything. One of the methods for carrying as an AD Carry is surviving.

20. Figure out the enemy supports CC abilities. For example, Alistar WQ/Bard Q/Thresh EQ/Braum Q/etc..)If they used it and you start a fight you’ll win.

21. Every time you go home buy a vision ward. Even if you placed it just buy another one.

22. If you’re winning bot, go counter jungling with your jungler. If your blue side, go to their blue and vice versa.

23. If everyone’s doing well up there (top, jungle,mid) just don’t die and get carried.

24. When recalling. always be aware if the enemy ADC has a global ult.

25. When laning against blitz don’t be a show-off. But if he doesn’t have grab, beat him up. (It was hard translating this Korean word but I think show-off suits the best, through out even though in context, it seems a bit weird.)

26. If you’re in a spot where if the enemy support lands a CC on you and you can die, don’t even go near them. Even if it’s Soraka.

27. If the enemy has a global ult or invisibility, constantly think about it throughout the game.

28. Always keep in mind that Zac and Nocturne can gank past your vision.

29. In most cases, try to use heal for your teammates the moment before they die. Even that extra second they stay alive for can snowball your games.

30. Don’t remove your eyes from the map if the enemy has an Aurelion sol. This fucker will always look for opportunities to roam if he’s not mid so please don’t get ganked from him.

31. If the enemy has double TP and your team doesn’t, it’s better not to fight at bot at all.

32. Try not to take Bard’s Magical Journey. Think of it as a CC and if you ride it you’re going to get CC’ed

33. If you have a Janna, Soraka, Nami, or any type of heal or shield, when you have low health always trust in them and keep skirmishing. Once the cooldown is back up you’ll probably win the fight.

34. Just looking at the enemy bot laners movement you can tell if there is a gank or not.

35. It’s good to harass the enemy if there pushed in their turrets but if the enemy mid laner has bad wave clear, just push your bot turret and rotate mid for the mid turret as well.

36. If you have Warlord’s Bloodlust play trade aggressively. If you have Fervor of Battle, trade safely.

37. Don’t hesitate if you see a flash kill opportunity. The moment you finish calculating your damage go in fearlessly.

38. When you’re getting ganked, if the enemy jungler misses his CC ability laugh and beat the shit out of him.

39. If your jungler is top, side pull the wave. If he’s bot side, push and take vision.

40. Don’t chat in game. You can win if you just play the game so there’s no reason to ruin everyone’s mentality.

41. In Solo Queue, trust in your mechanics. Brave solo kills can raise your soloq win percentage.

42. Learn when you’re weak and your power spikes. For example, Ezreal is strong before he backs, but once he goes home for items he’s trash. (probably referring to tear build)

43. If you heal on top of Varus’s E(Hail of Arrows) it will heal for less. A lot of people don’t know this. (I didn’t! ;-;)

44. The ideal way you want to lane is to keep pushing towards their tower so the enemy jungle can come. (Obviously, don’t get ganked but if the enemy bot calls for their jungler, he can lose a lot of pressure mid/top side.)

45. If the enemy support has a save skill(Zilean ult, Thresh lantern etc) always keep those mind and go for kill opportunities. Don’t go around flashing in and the target gets saved by a Zilean ult and then lose your mind.

46. When fighting bot side(sometimes with a jungler) you should prioritize your target in this order.

An ADC/Support with a save ability> a Jungler with a buff>a squishy jungler>ADC’s>Tank junglers>Support. (Save ability are things like Zilean ult/Thresh lantern/Kalista ult)

47. If the wave is pushing towards you but the enemy bot laner isn’t harassing just hold the wave with your champion. Towers won’t regenerate health but you do.

48. If you’re going back but the enemy support is holding the wave so it wouldn’t hit the turret, go and beat the shit out of him. (just push him back till the wave hits the turret)

49. Always call MIA. This way your teammates will stay alive and you won’t get flamed at if they do die. Always MIA 5 times!

50. Please stop playing fucking Lucian. Why play such a trash Champion?

If there’s more you’d like to add please leave a comment.

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