Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Comprehensive Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Comprehensive Guide by edinair_senhora

Q: What is Poké Pelago? A: An area that opens up after beating the Fire Trial in Wela Volcano Park in Akala island

Q: Why should I bother with it? A: Poké Pelago is great for most players, both competitive and casual players should bother with it, it has many features for offline play, and a use for those Pokémon that we keep in the PC box.


  • As many know, the Pelago uses your boxed pokémon, the more you have, more upgrades open up for you. The max pokemon in boxes you will need for the most expensive upgrade is 90
  • And we have the Poké Beans! Yes, those things in Pokémon Refresh have a use other than serving as food for pokémon, they are like money in it, you can buy upgrades, put then in crates in each island for a plethora of uses. There are 3 types of beans:
  • Plain Beans: The type you starts as in Pokémon Refresh, they are the ONLY method for upgrading islands: They effet in a PokéBean crate is of 20 minutes and the chance of they appear in the beanstalk is pretty common
  • Patterned Beans: They have a 1 hour effect in the crates, you can also feed them to your pokémon in Refresh, but their affection bonus is a little more than the plain ones, they’re more useful for Pelago ( at least for me), the chance of you getting one is uncommon, not very hard, but not very common
  • Rainbow beans: The best ones in the game, they have a crate effect of 2 hours, they also give your pokémon a huge affection boost when you feed them those (the bonus is more or less, 3 hearts at first feed, 2 hearts at first feed, in the affection screen, yes you can max out affection in 2-3 beans) They’re quite hard to appear from the beanstalk.

The Isles

  • Isle Abeens
    • Use: it gives you more beans and can attract wild pokémon to it. If you put beans in the crate here, it’s more likely that wild pokémon will appear.
  • If you see a ! above one of your pokémon’s head, it’ll give you a bean, it’s not limited to plain ones, but these are more common
  • Upgrades
    • Creation: N/A. You can put up to 20 beans in the crate
    • Level 2: 15 pokémon in box and 30 plain beans. You can put up to 30 beans in the crate
    • Level 3: 30 pokémon in box and 90 plain beans. You can put up to 50 beans in the crate

Upgrades give you a larger beanstalk, which means: more beans when you tap it, more wild pokémon will be attracted to the isle and you have a larger crate to put the beans

  • Isle Aplenny
    • Use: planting berries, as long you use beans in the crate, the grwoth will be twice as fast.
    • Creation: 15 boxed mons and 15 beans, crate limit: 20 beans
    • Level 2: 30 boxed mons and 60 beans, crate limit: 30 beans
    • Level 3: 30 boxed mons and 90 beans, crate limit: 50 beans

    Upgrades gives larger crates and better berry yield at harvest.

  • Isle Aphun
    • Use: Sending pokémon in 24hrs paths inside the cave to find items, there are 4 paths in total, if you put beans in the crate here, path exploration will be twice as fast
  • Expeditions:
    • Path for Odd-Shard Hunting (available from creation): it can bring items such as the colored shards, hard stones, revives and star pieces.
    • Path for Brilliant-Stone Hunting!(available from level 2): You can find all the evolutionary stones here, along with hard stones.
    • Path for Rare-Treasure Hunting! (available from level 3): You can find valuable items like: gold nuggets, pearls, rare bones, and golden bottle caps.
    • Path for Interesting-Item Hunting! (available from level 2): This path is variable based in your island level, this path makes avaiable all items that your isle can get in other expeditions, you can find Ice Stones, along with shards or golden nuggets, depending in your island level
  • Creation: 30 boxed mons and 30 plain beans, crate limit: 20 beans
    • Level 2: 45 boxed mons and 90 plain beans, crate limit: 30 beans
    • Level 3: 60 boxed mons and 150 plain beans, crate limit: 50 beans
  • Isle Evelup
  • Use: Making EV train easier, or leveling up, this island is more useful for EV train though.
  • You can send your pokémon to play sessions that last 30 minutes each by tapping on the sign, depending in the island level, the outcomes can be different:
  • Level 1: 1 EV per session, 100 average exp. per session
    • Level 2: 2 EV per session, 150 average exp. per session
    • Level 3: 4 EV per session, 300 average exp. per session

That means you can max out a pokémon stat in 63 sessions in level 3, wich lasts 31:30hrs, you can use beans to double the speed, wich means you can max an EV in 15:75hrs without an inch. (Training is active even if the 3DS is off)

  • Creation: 45 boxed mons, 45 Plain Beans, crate limit: 20 beans
    • Level 2: 60 boxed mons, 120 Plain Beans, crate limit: 30 beans
    • Level 3: 75 boxed mons, 225 Plain Beans, crate limit: 50 beans
  • Level 1: 6 pokémon limit
    • Level 2: 12 pokémon limit
    • Level 3: 18 pokémon limit
  • Isle Avue This island has two uses:
  • Increase your pokémon friendship
  • Hatch eggs for you

When a ! appears above the egg, it’s about to hatch

  • Isle Avue is pretty simple, but warning: when your pokémon is more than 24hrs, it’s happiness begin to drop, so be careful to not let leave here for too long, and the egg hatching speed is slow, but in one night, pokemon like rockruff hatch quick.
  • If you put pokébeans in the crate, pokemon happiness increase faster, and eggs hatch faster.
  • Creation: 60 boxed mons, 60 plain beans, crate limit: 20 beans
    • Level 2: 75 boxed mons, 150 plain beans, crate limit: 30 beans
    • Level 3: 90 boxed mons, 240 plain beans, crate limit: 50 beans
  • Level 1: 6 pokémon limit
    • Level 2: 12 pokémon limit
    • Level 3: 18 pokémon limit

Upgrade gives more room for pokémon to relax, and increase hapiness faster and hatch eggs faster too.

The Raft Hut

This is where Mohn resides, you have three options in here:

  • Upgrade islands
  • Exchange Poké Beans
  • Send a Bean Bottle
  • Upgrade islands: pretty self-explanatory, you can upgrade your islands here, when the pelago is maxed out (all 5 islands at level 3), Mohn gives you 10 rainbow beans
  • Exchange Beans: You can give rare beans such as Patterned Beans and Rainbow beans to Mohn, and in exchange he’ll give you the following:
    • 1 Patternet Bean: 3 Plain Beans
    • 1 Ranbow Bean: 7 Plain Beans

This is quite useful as you can only upgrade islands using plain beans, so the other aren’t completely useless for this porpuse

  • Send a Bean Bottle: You can spend 7 Plain Beans and send to another players, i don’t think that this function is StreetPass based because i don’t have many 3DSs in my area and i found one in each island one day


  • It’s better for you fully develop ISLE ABEENS first, because you get even more beans when you upgrade it, wich helps developing Poké Pelago
  • Bean Yield is completely random sometimes, at night, the odds of reiciving Rainbow Beans from the beanstalk are bigger than waiting a night. (This is from my experience and may vary from game to game)
  • If you’re beggining, don’t finish the tutorial when Mohn asks you do to so, tap the beanstalk until you can’t recieve Beans anymore
  • You can drag the stylus on Isle Abeens to collect the Beans
  • The Isle Aphun treasures are mainly random, i’ve seen people complain about the lack of Dusk Stones in their games, i find them in almost every expedition
  • In Isle Aphun it is better to take a path depending onwhat you want, if it’s Golden Bottlecaps, use more Rare-Treasure paths, if you want ice stones, use more Rare Stones paths
  • Isle Aphun is also your only way to get more Ice Stones in the game
  • Training to level 100 in Isle Evelup takes a lot of time, 2 months, 1 if you’re using Beans, it’s better to use it to raise your mon to level 50 or raise the EVs of it
  • If you’re too lazy to catch mons to reach the requirements, breed Magikarps! The hatch time is pretty fast and you’ll have a box full of it in no time!
  • You can get 15 Plain Beans in a Pokémon Center Café per day if you order something (i think this applies to all PMC in Alola)
  • fun fact: you can soft reset the pokemon that stays in abeens, if the pokemon you want is here, save, of it don’t stays, soft reset and try again, maybe also the items from aphun, tests are appreciated (thanks to

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