Pokemon Sun and Moon Getting Perfect Chaining Smeargle Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon Getting A Perfect Chaining Smeargle Guide by Clarknes

Hello trainers,

This is a kinda lengthy guide so feel free to share it and spread it around. Smeargle is pain in the butt to teach moves in this game but I found a fairly effective way to do it. I figured I’d make a guide on how to do it for all you people out there looking to chain pokemon with it.

Really quick here is the build I made and what I would recommend.

Recycle – Used to reuse berries. Super helpful to get more leppa berries so you can recover PP

Recover – Used to heal. Staying in fights is good and all.

Icicle Spear/Other repeated moves – This one is a bit of a preference. Here you need just an attacking move to take out pokemon. I use a repeated move to break through sturdy, but you don’t have to. Any damaging move will do.

False Swipe/Equivalent Move – Any move that leaves the target with 1 health will work.

So since there are limited double battles teaching a Smeargle these moves is a pain in the butt. Here is a effective way to teach Smeargle any move without a double battle.

STEP 1: Get the Smeargle. If you use False Swipe on it turn 1 it will sketch false swipe and you can start with it. This is super important to do. ALWAYS false swipe it turn 1.

STEP 2: Obtain the pokemon with the move you want to copy. It is best to get it as low level and slow as possible. NEVER teach this pokemon a priority move unless that move is the move you want to teach Smeargle.

STEP 3: get smeargle to level up enough that it can fight that pokemon without problem.

STEP 4: Go to Mount Hokulani and find a ditto. MAKE SURE the pokemon with the move is in the front of the party. Then find a Ditto.

STEP 5: Let the ditto transform into the pokemon, then switch Smeargle out. Keep false swiping the ditto till it uses the move you want to sketch. Then when it does you can freely sketch. As long as smeargle is faster than the other pokemon it should sketch that move fine.

STEP 7: Profit

Simplified Guide by CancerSpeaks

  1. Get into a wild battle with a smeargle. Outspeed it and use false swipe. The wild smeargle will sketch False Swipe. Catch the smeargle.
  2. Catch two trubbish at Malie City – Outer Cape and breed them to get a level1 trubbish. Level up this trubbish to at least level 3, when it learns Recycle.
  3. Get into a battle with a smeargle, leading with trubbish. Make sure you outspeed him and use recycle. The smeargle will sketch it. Switch to your own smeargle and sketch the recycle on that wild smeargle. (Note: make sure you leveled up your Smeargle to level 11, where it learns another Sketch) You will have the move recycle now.
  4. Get into an encounter with a Corsola above level 8. You can find him by fishing at Melemele see. Sketch his Recover move. (Note: you have to level him up to level 21 to learn another sketch.) You now have the move Recover.
  5. Find a Shellder at Kala’e Bay by fishing. These guys can range from level 10-15, so you want to find one that is level 13 or above. Sketch it’s Icicle Spear move. (Note: again, your smeargle has to be level 31 to learn another sketch) You now have the move icicle spear. (Note: You can use a different damaging move if the target pokemon is resistant to Ice types, but preferably a repeat move like OP said)
  6. Give your smeargle a Leppa Berry.

How this works: Smeargle uses False Swipe to lower down the target Pokemon’s HP. When you use the Adrenaline Orb, the target Pokemon calls for help. When it does come, use Icicle spear against it to kill it if it’s not a shiny. If one of your move’s PP runs low. Smeargle will use the Leppa berry. Use the move recycle to get the Leppa berry back. Keep on repeating the process of killing, false swiping and recycling until you get a shiny. (Note: some Pokemon might know moves that damage themselves like Take Down, so watch out for that when false swiping).

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    Btw you can easily let a wild smeargle sketch the move you want to teach it so it will always use that move.

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