LoL How To Un-tilt Yourself Guide

LoL How To Un-tilt Yourself Guide by deronlinebanker

Hi I’m deronlinebanker. I’m an unranked ADC who’s playing League for about 1 1/2 months. Throughout the guide I will show you, how to change your mindset to a more positive one.

This will help you especially if you have trouble improving and are stuck, or if you are tilted easily and flame a lot.

This will not be a “just be nice and patient and hold yourself back” guide. I’ll give you practical tools that you can start applying immediately.

Enough of the foreword.

1. Emotions are assholes

You may think that your emotional state is something that cannot be controlled and is just triggered by circumstances that are out of your reach. This thinking is based on our everydays experiences. Think back to the time you were applying for the job you really wanted. During the interview your palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. And you felt that it’s just something you can not control. How should you know that you can? Other people told you that they were behaving the same in the same situation. So you just accepted it as a fact that cannot be controlled.

The same is true with league. You got devastatingly crushed on your lane and are already stressed out. Now some asshole tells you that you’re the worst player ever. You start arguing with that guy and you end up mad as fuck. What happened? The guy put you into an emotional state of anger.

But you know what? That guy cannot do anything to tilt you. YOU yourself decide that you want to get mad now. And all that happens unconsciously.

2. Thinking Consciously

The first thing to do if you want to change your mindset is to bring to consciousness what got you into the negative emotion and being aware that you are in this emotional state now, and that there’s not a single fuck you can do right now IN THIS VERY MOMENT to change it. Just. Be. Aware. That’s all.

3. All your negativity are belong to us

There is something nature brought us that is called Negativity Bias. The point of it is, that we memorize and prioritize negative emotions and circumstances more than positive ones. Basically the whole mankind is running around being bitter motherfuckers all the time. No need to mention that this is one of the biggest causes we let our environment trigger emotions so easily. You’re already mad, and anything that happens to us is just the straw that breaks the camels back.

So what you want to do basically to counteract this, is to consciously remind yourself of the positive things you do. You were doing great in lane and just broke your CS record before that Yi came and kicked your ass so hard that your clothes were knocked backwards like Kriss Kross? Great! That’s cool. Your good play is worth exactly the same as your mistake that led to you getting killed. Remind yourself that you don’t only fuck up, but you are doing great too. That doesn’t mean that you are the greatest player out there and don’t need any improvement, but more that you should focus that you already improved a lot too! We tend to forget that a lot. Bring it to your mind and exploit the negativity bias by doing that.

4. Recap

Now that we covered the root causes why we let ourselves get into negative emotional states we can go ahead and fix it. Just a quick summary of what we did so far:

  • We know that emotional state can be changed.
  • We do that by bringing it to our conscious mind.
  • We stay in a consistent state by focusing on our positive things too.

So the further sections give you tools that allow you to be fully in control of your mental state.

5. Replacing Behavioral Patterns

One thing you can do to change the way of thinking is to replace the way you were thinking before. If you want to read some psychological shit about it you can do so here.

Applying this is easy. Basically you identify the steps that led to your problematic state, and instead replace it with a positive one. In reality this takes practice because you need to identify the toxic state everytime and then consciously replace it. The good thing about it is, that once you did that successfully over a period of time, the replaced mindset will become your second nature and will be stored in your subconscious, so that you don’t have to actually think about it anymore.

You repeat that steps for every new toxic mindset you identify.

So for example. If you get killed and are tilted by it, instead of raging do something productive by the time you are dead. And by that I mean draw a picture in your head how the situation happened. Where did you stand? What led to the jungler killing you? How could you have prevented that?

So if you replace the part of getting mad, by actively thinking what you could have done better you will always do that! Automatically! You basically improve for free. That’s great.

How to apply: For the next 30 days when playing league of legends, identify yourself going tilt. Sometimes you won’t gonna notice that but just try it out and you will get better. After that think about what you can do to replace that behavior. It may be taking a deep breath instead, or reviewing the situation in your mind.

6. Your mind is Photoshop

Humans are visual creatures. Fullstop. We understand and process things more easily if we have pictures of it. Our brain has built-in photoshop which you can use for free. We just don’t tend to use it that much. Sad that adobe is going to lose some customers now.

Try to visualize more things. What exactly led to your last Quadrakill? Chances are high, that it wasn’t just luck, but a series of actions you subconsciously took that led to it. Visualize those situations if you want to improve. Close your eyes and go through the situation again. Fast Forward unnecessary parts and imagine the important parts in slow-motion.

The images will burn into your subconsciousness and you will become more responsive to similar situations in the future.

How to apply:

After every game spend 3-5 minutes visualizing what you did good and what you did bad. Practice this for 30 days and you will become more aware of similar situations.

7. State transitioning

What if I told you that you can ditch a negative state immediately and switch into another state by your choice? You just need to know how to reproduce a certain state. You remember last time you were carrying a game like a fucking steamroller? You could read your opponents minds, you knew which objective to take at which time, you led your team like that shitty wolf led his pack in “The Jungle Book”? You were in flow by the time, and you can recreate the steps to go to that state again immediately.

This is the most influential tool of all that I mentioned but it’s hard to master. I didn’t yet, but I’m trying to get there.

In order to pull this of, you need to identify and recreate the steps that put you into your desired state the last time. You can even transition into states you were never in before, by copying things other people do to get in the state. Tony Robbins did a lot on that topic (just to give a hint where to dig further into the topic).

For example: you want to get into a state of high concentration. Remember the last time you were highly concentrated. How did you feel? What did you think? What was your environment by the time? Try to recreate all those things in order to get into the same state again.

How to apply: This one is a really hard one to pull off and takes a lot of practice. But it is one of the tools that will help you on a shitload of things, so it’s really worth it. I suggest that you dig further into that topic. Just as you should try to consciously think about why you are in a negative state, you should also think about why you are in a positive state and how you got there.

8. What you get out of it

To some of you that may sound like some new-age psychology bullshit. But trust me: Those steps will help you to chill you down and more importantly to stay in control of everything while playing League. Try to apply some of the things I wrote down for a certain amount of time and report back your results. I would really appreciate that.

I didn’t learn that stuff for League, but I wanted to feel better and be a better person in my daily routine. I did not want to give away control to subconscious processes I could not change. It helped me a lot and it still helps me to tackle new things, stay motivated and most important: to not be an asshole. And all that is applicable to League and I am trying to do that everytime I play.

9. Further reading/watching

Youtube – How to hack your biology and be in the zone every single day

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