Overwatch Hero Meta Tier List

Overwatch Hero Meta Tier List by Alarikke

Disclaimer you don’t have to follow meta 100% to win. I’ve myself won games with stupid comps like 4 dps 2 healers. Meta is a guideline more than a rule.
normal meta comp is 2 dps 2 tank 2 healer (2/2/2)
1 dps 3 tank 2 healer is also good (1/3/2)

General tier list highly map dependent, but these give a general idea of the heroes you should pick

Always picksZarya, Lucio
Most of the time picksReinhardt, Ana, Reaper
Good picksGenji, Mccree, Roadhog, Winston, Tracer, Mei, Zenyatta
Situational picksHanzo, Soldier76 , Pharah, Widowmaker, Junkrat, D.va, Mercy
Bad picksTorbjörn, Bastion, Symmetra

Always picks
Zarya, Good at everything. Best ult in the game, Lots of damage, Lots of sustain and Good support ability
Lucio, Speed boost is vital in pushing objectives, Aoe healing is good,Ult is good defensively and offensively

Most of the time picks
Reinhardt, Shield is critical on defense and offense, Decent damage, Powerful ultimate
Ana, Burst healing, can deny healing for easy kills, ulti builds fast and has lots of synergy with other heroes.
Reaper, can 1-2 shot squishies and 2-4 shot tanks, Best Nanoboost target, good survivability

Good picks
Genji, great mobility and damage, ulti synergy with ana, Deflect can be deflect ultimate abilities
Mccree, decent everywhere, great on highground maps (like numbani)
Roadhog, Good pick potential, high damage and self sustain
Winston, Great at pinning down immobile heroes (except reaper), very good mobility and no need to aim
Tracer, great mobility, good damage, ultimate charges fast and deals decent aoe damage
Mei, Great at holding chokes with wall, ultimate charges fast , good at stalling, decent damage.
Zenyatta, Discord kills tanks, Ultimate counters many offense ults, deals good damage on his own

Situational pick
Hanzo, Can get picks with arrow spam, ultimate great with Zarya or for zoning, good mobility , unreliable damage
Soldier76, Good on some highground holds like numbani, outclassed by mccree in most cases
Pharah, Synergy with Mercy, good on maps like dorado and liyiang , can get countered by mccree, soldier, widowmaker and roadhog, ult is too risky
Widowmaker, can carry if you have god aim, otherwise widow is fairly useless
Junkrat, Good on some chokes, countered by winston and heroes that can get highground
D.va, Defense matrix can eat ults, good mobility , outclassed by Winston most of the time
Mercy, resurrection is very good if timed right, great healing, synergy with pharah, other supports are better most of the time

Bad picks
Torbjörn, good but unreliable damage, turret is easy to kill, armor is nice, no mobility, ok on maps like numbani
Bastion, very high damage, ultimate is very powerful, no mobility, cant move when dealing max damage, easy to pin down, needs team to build around
Symmetra, Teleporter is good, no heals cant take healer’s spot and not enough damage to fill the dps spot

Example comps

CompHeroesExample Maps
Normal Choke compMei, Reaper, Zarya, Reinhardt, Ana, LucioKing’s row def, Eichenwalde def, Hanamura def
dive compGenji, Tracer, Winston, Zarya, Ana (or Zenyatta), LucioControl maps, Route 66 atk, Assault maps atk
Triple tank compReaper, Reinhardt or Winston, Zarya, Roadhog or Winston, Ana, LucioControl maps, Hollywood def/atk
Balanced compMcree, Reaper, Reinhardt, Zarya, Ana, LucioNumbani def, Giblartar def
pick compHanzo, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya, Ana, LucioKing’s row atk, Hollywood atk

My current rank is 3850, hope this helps someone. cheers!

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