Duelyst Budget Lilithe Decklist and Guide

Duelyst Budget Lilithe Decklist and Guide by DuelystLilitheAlt

I’m an S-Ranked player who wanted to learn Lilithe, so I made a new account, disenchanted all non-abyssian cards, and started climbing with only commons and rares. A common rumor is that Lilithe is an expensive general and can’t be played effectively on a budget. I’ve found that to be completely false and wanted to dispel that notion with this post. So far I’ve climbed to gold with about an 85% winrate, but I plan on climbing to diamond and I’ll update in the comments.

First of all, here is the decklist:



Playing a deck well is obviously difficult to explain, so if you really want to learn how to play the deck just add me and watch my replays. My ID is ChildOMine and I’d be happy to add anyone and answer any questions if you are online.

A few game winning combos:

Shiro Puppy Dragon + Wraithling Swarm: You can grab 2 mana tiles with wraithling swarm on turn one (if you are going second) and then place shiro adjacent to all of them. This is very strong opener.

Blood Baronette + Shadow Reflection: This is a good finisher that only requires one wraithling on board.

Shadow Reflection/Soulshatter Pact + Saberspine Tiger: Running Tiger lets you mobilize your attack buffs even when your swarm gets answered.

Everything else is just building your swarm play and making good trades. Try to place yourself diagonally between the enemy general and your Bloodmoon Priestess. I’ve found that this is a good compromise between keeping your priestess safe and keeping your wraithlings in the action. Also, you don’t have to play wraithling swarm to surround the general or grab the mana tiles. Sometimes it is best to play them behind you where they can contest the mana tiles and stay safe until you can get out bloodmoon priestess the next turn.

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