Dragon Nest What To Do After Level 93

Dragon Nest What To Do After Level 93 by AzureEquinox

So you just got to level 93 and have no idea what to do. You’ve come to the right place mate. This guide will tackle what you can do after reaching the level cap aside from enjoying the main story line. This is my first guide btw so please don’t bite me. I wrote this since the guide featured is outdated for lvl 93. This is not comprehensive enough but is more of an overview of what you can do after hitting lvl 93. This is by no means the only way to play Dragon Nest; you should still experiment and learn by yourself.

Also, credits to kel007 for writing sections 4 to 7, and 14, as well as additional info on mid-game gearing and projected values needed for effective raiding.

1. Character Skill Build

This part is overlooked by most new players, as newbies might not have a full understanding of their class’ most effective skill rotation. The first step is to know what kind of role you’re filling in a party. DPS classes should prioritize the most damaging spells in their job tree. Supports should also maximize their potential by maxing out the right skills. If you’re not sure about which skills to take, it is highly recommended to google a skill build for your class. The SEA forums is kind of a good repository for class skill builds although some might be outdated. You can also check out the NA forums under the classes section. Finally, also the most important, you will almost always need to use a skill reset scroll upon reaching lvl 93, since you might have leveled up some random skills while grinding.

2. Join a Guild

If you leveled up to 93 without a guild, man I have some bad news for you since a 7-part guild costume gives around 10% exp if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, guilds are really useful for when you have a sudden question in-game, or for looking parties for nests, daily quests, etc.

3. Starting Gears

To get to the fun part of this game, you should of course have decent gears. At this point, I’m assuming you have whatever ender gear you picked up in Red Waste/Black Lake Master, along with some level 90 dragon gems/jades. What you should aim for at this point are Theano gears. They’re pretty decent stuff that can easily clear the level 90 nests on hardcore. Theano gears are dropped on gold chests in Abyss dungeons, so you should grind Red Waste/Black Lake on Abyss difficulty. I highly recommend you to form grind parties for this, preferably a party from your guild. You can also solo abyss, but that will take kinda long. If you’re lucky, you’ll easily get your Theano armor parts plus some level 93 jades. Otherwise you’d be bathing in a shitton of food ingredients and guild badges. Be sure to keep some of those surplus armor parts as you can sell them on the market for gold. Side note: Theano equipment should be sealed with a seal stamp before being tradeable. After getting your armors, a good amount of gold, and garnets, you should buy a Theano weapon/secondary weapon for your class in case you haven’t gotten it yet on your abyss grinds. As for accessories, the Cauda earrings/necklace/rings will suffice for now. Just equip whatever your class needs.

4. Daily Tasks/Quests

When first starting out as a level 93, don’t ignore them. Although they provide Goddess’ Lament and Goddess Sparkle (Aura) and jewels in mediocre amounts, they can save you around 100 gold each day, including the gold rewards from the daily quest. In SEA, completing a set number of tasks also rewards you with a “Hero’s Box” which grants you a chance to get Desirous Theano gear without ever touching the nests.

5. Side Quests

If you’re lacking in gold, you can also attempt to complete the side quests. The side quests usually gives around 7 to 10 gold, and at max level, you also get the highest grade jewel for free instead of having to buy or hunt it. Although this doesn’t contribute to the Hero EXP, you can also farm lower grade jewels at the same time and sell them.

6. Extra Dungeons

If you’re still lacking in gold, running the special dungeons such as the Monster Erosion map as well as the daily Theme Park can net you a number of jewels, approximately 20 premium/superior jewels in a week. This translates to a few hundred gold for a few minutes (okay, maybe 10 minutes per day) of work. If you are an active player, farming and cooking are also good ways to make potions and/or sell ingredients for a decent sum. Alternatively, they will also be useful when you decide to raid/nest.

7. Remote Dungeon

Don’t let your heroes/mercenaries idle, send them to remote dungeons! The smallest percentage chance of success is 30%, which is actually rather high. Send 3 heroes you already own and you are basically having a 30% chance (or higher) of getting free items (ranges from equipment to plates, jades and jewels) while training your heroes simultaneously. Two maxed level heroes can be combined using 150 gold to synthesize a new higher grade hero.

8. Dragon Gems/Jades

As you grind, you might come across these gems. Simply mouse over them to see their stats, and equip them on your theano gears. There are in total, 6 kinds of armor gems and 10 kinds of weapon gems in this level. The five armor pieces as well as your earrings and necklace have one armor gem slot. Your two weapons and two rings will each have one weapon gem slot. The armor gems/jades have two variations. Main stat (Str/Agi/Int) + Vit and main stat + crit. It really depends on you which variation you’d want. Do you want more critical hit ratio or more HP? Also, your helm gem slot can equip a so called “Variant Dragon Jade” (that’s what we call them in SEA at least. Not even sure if other servers have this) which can potentially have both HP and Crit values and scales better when enhanced. I’ll talk about jade enhancing in a while. In SEA, you can obtain them on Guild Menu –> Guild Bonus –> Guild Contents for 100 gold. For attack jades, the two main variations are physical attack jades and magical attack jades. I’ll expound on the 8 more jades in the next section.

9. Elemental Conversion

The other attack jades are the four elemental conversion jades (Abyss, Iceberg, Heatwave, Lightning – that’s how we call them in SEA at least), and the four elemental enhancing jades (Dark, Light, Lake, Fire). This section will only matter to neutral element classes, so for classes which have an element on their attacks already, just use four elemental enhancing jades for your weapons and rings corresponding to your class’ element. Now, for DPS optimization in this level cap, elemental conversion is kind of a must since most classes have a -20% elemental resist skill and non-raid nest bosses all have a 0% elemental resist stat so that’s already a 20% damage boost. To convert to an element, you must equip an elemental conversion jade to your main weapon. The most recommended but expensive element is dark then light since skill rings can give 4.11% dark/light damage. Dark element has more potential due to the existence of tough earrings/necklaces – an old item which increases dark element damage by around 10%. They’re really expensive though since that’s basically like a 10% damage increase which is really huge. Anyway the easiest way to get an elemental conversion jade is by buying it at the Trading/Auction House. In SEA, one abyss jade is around the worth of 20 garnets. A conversion jade will give you a -15% element attack but dont worry, you still have three other attack jade slots to fill so you should also buy three elemental attack jades corresponding to whatever conversion jade you used (ex. abyss jade + 3 dark jades). Each elemental attack jade gives around 8% element damage, so that’s 24-15 = 9% elemental damage for you. That’s basically +9% base damage. Coupled with skill rings/costumes/elemental buffs/debuffs and that’s really a huge amount of damage boost you’re getting. Final note: only consider converting to an element if you’re sure you’re gonna reach at least 15% elemental attack, which is kinda easy due to titles, and free costume rings w/ element, since you’re sacrificing four destruction/magic jades which in total gives around 16% atk boost.

10. Skill Accessory Crafting

Skill accessories can grant one of your skills a “+1” rank up, basically making them more effective. These skill accessories can be crafted at the blacksmith, under the craft menu. To craft lvl 90 skill accessories, you need jewelry fragments and fragments of brilliant skill, the former can be obtained by disassembling level 90 accessories while the latter can be farmed in Hero’s Battlefield. Crafting an accessory gives it a random stat boost. You can mouse over it at the craft menu to see the different stats you can obtain. Skill rings are a good start also for DPS classes as you can randomly get a dark/light elemental boost.

11. Enhancing Gears

I’m assuming you have level 93 gears here. To enhance theano, you need garnet which can be farmed on abyss dungeons. Ideally you would want a +10 on everything from helm to secondary weapon. Also, there’s this thing called enhancement transfer where you can transfer an enhancement level from one piece to another. As Porphi pointed out, Theano gear still isn’t available for enhancement transfer so take care on that one. Requirements are that the gears must have the same level and rarity. So for example, you bought a +12 Cauda Glove in the AH/TH. You can then transfer that +12 to your main Cauda weapon. Just check the blacksmith for this menu. You’d need Spera and gems for this which are relatively cheap at TH/AH. By the way, I highly recommend not to use your protection jellies at the moment.

12. Enhancing Dragon Gems/Jades

Enhancing jades will give you a tiny boost to your jade’s stats which grow exponentially as your jade’s level increases. Also, variant dragon jades give a really significant boost when enhanced compared to other jades. To enhance jades, you need labyss and jade fragments. Jade fragments can be obtained through disassembling dragon jades while labyss/Drakonite can be obtained by running Distorted Zone/Twisted Territory and Daidalos Nest. Lvl 93 jades are capped at +8 at the moment while lvl 90 jades can reach +15. At +11 you can get FD from jade enhancement. Also, using jellies while enhancing gives a 100% success rate. I only recommend you do this on higher levels since materials can be expensive at that point.

13. Heraldries/Plates

This part is straightforward, just buy/craft which plate your class needs. Crafting a plate costs 15 jewels. Plates can be obtained through numerous sources like the colosseum shop and priestess of darkness. You can equip eight different enhancement heraldries/plates, four different fellowship heraldries/expedition plates (can be obtained on Desert Dragon and Ice Dragon Nests), and four skill plated. Skill plates are plates which can boost your skills in many ways such as damage increase, cooldown decrease, effect chance increase, etc. Skill plates can be obtained through priestess of darkness goddess sparkle/goddess aura store. You can also obtain skill plates from the dimensional rabbit, although what you’ll get are random. Goddess sparkles/auras can be obtained through nests and dissassembling gears such as felis/coma/desirous theano. The center slot on your heraldry page is “special”, heraldries obtained through certain mounts go here. Tbh this slot is kinda useless for PvE so this part is not a priority at all. If you do decide however on getting one, I suggest the Manticore Gravity Ball skill since that could help in some mechanics (DDN sand trap)

14. Talismans

Assuming a DPS or partial DPS class, the first four slots on the left should focus on your main ATK stat and ATK attribute. For instance, Assassins should focus on AGI and Attk Power on their leftmost slot at 200%. While STR also adds to Assassins’ attack, it does so rather miserably. This can then be followed by talisman that adds critical, critical damage, health/vitality depending on your needs. If choosing to place life and vitality talisman between only the 175% slot and 125% slot, placing the life talisman at 175% and vitality talisman at 125% will add more HP than the other way round. This doesn’t account for the slight but negligible increase in defence. The four rightmost slots are usually left for defence, magic defence, health and vitality. Rarely, the order will be opposite especially for support classes, but the upcoming skill changes is likely to place greater emphasis on their ATK. Some better-geared players may have an Ultimate Talisman that adds Final Damage or have rare-grade (blue) level 90 Talisman that performs better than a level 93 magic-grade (green) high grade Talisman. Crafting a rare-grade Talisman can be done using Brilliant Talisman Essence, which may be obtained on Desert Dragon Nest or bought from the Nightmare store or Trading House, as well as several other common items at any blacksmith. Alternatively, if you’re lazy like me, you can also disassemble the unused talisman into fragments and sell them in the trading house for some decent sum.

15. Nesting

Now that you’re decently geared, you can start nesting yay~. Go with your guildmates/find a pub party and you’re all set. All nests (except the Solo Minotaur) are at the Garden of Time and Space, at the center of the Saint Haven map. Nesting is a wholly different experience for people who have never nested before. Nests are a “boss marathon” wherein each boss as their own unique attack patterns which you must learn how to dodge. Also bosses have way considerably higher HP than dungeon bosses. I suggest you learn first the ArchBishop/Manticore (ABN/MANTI) nests on either normal or hardcore since at this point, they’re one of the easiest nests and learning their attack patterns could help you on other nests. Next, I suggest the Daidalos (DDL) nest. With your gear, hardcore is easy but you should still want to learn the boss attack patterns. DDL can drop Coma gears, Labyss, and High Grade Essence of Life which are useful for mid game gearing. After that, you can take on the Hot Sand Desert Dragon Nest(DDN). Theano gears are enough for normal difficulty. This nest is really challenging but fun since each boss has their own insta-kill attack mechanic. After that, you can take on the Returned Typhoon Kim Nest (TKN). Attack patterns get progressively harder per stage on this one. Clearing this nest gives you Garnet/Desirous Theano (better than Theano)/stuff.

16. Mid Game Gearing

Clearing DDN can give you “Coma Evolution Hammer Fragments” which can turn an epic Coma gear into a Unique one, giving it better stats. You can also get Evolution Hammer Fragments at the priestess of darkness. You need thirty to build one evolution hammer. Check the blacksmith – craft – common goods – evolution hammer for the recipe/materials needed. Superior Alteums can easily be obtained in Distorted Zone and Diamonds, on nests/NPC trade. A typical midgame gear is a full Evolved Coma set, all around +10~+12. Disclaimer though, the newly released lvl 93 Nightmare/Starlight weapons have way better raw stats than evolved coma so it’s up to you whether you still want to invest or wait for the lvl 93 nightmare dungeon. At the time of writing, it would take two full months to save Nightmare points for a lvl 93 Nightmare weapon so if you’re not overly casual, gathering materials for evolution is still recommended. Side note, in my case, Evolved Coma weapons +11 were enough for me to clear DDN HC.

17. Raids

When you think you’re decently geared, try to look for a guild raid run/practice party. In this cap, the two available raids are the Red Dragon Nest and the Ice Dragon Nest. Start with the Red Dragon. Same procedure as the above nests: learn attack patterns, master them, clear the nest. Red Dragon Normal gives shit loots, save for the Time Cube which is an ingredient for a long-term goal, which I will explain later. When you’ve found yourself a permanent raid party which is willing to run with you on HardCore, do HardCore. Each run gives two Legend Red Dragon Wraths, which are used for crafting late-game equipment. If you aren’t able to find a raid party, you can take the sad way and pay for RDN HC runs, where people will carry you and you’ll get the two wraths at the end. Paying for runs can be effective though, if you have many +lvl 80 characters and want to get Legend Wraths faster since you can only run RDN HC only one a week. The Ice Dragon Nest at this moment is untouchable by people without late-game gear so I’ll get into that. Some approximate figures to aim for. Depending on class, for Red Dragon Nest Hard Core, your health usually needs to be above 1.4 million to 1.5 million HP while your armour damage reduction (for opponent of equal level) should be at least 30% to 40%. Support classes like Saint are expected to have at least 45% to 50% reduction. As for damage, again this varies with class, final damage, skill buffs/debuffs et cetera, but don’t expect much if your attack is below 150K, assuming 0 FD and elemental attack. With the upcoming Awakening patches for classes like for Saint, whose healing relic changed from being solely % to % + MATK, a minimal 150K MATK is also recommended to heal the party from near-death to near-full health, especially with the numerous party wipe mechanisms.

18. Late Game Gearing

You need three Legend Wraths to craft Red Dragon Legend (RDL) shoes and gloves, five wraths for RDL Upper Body, Lower Body, and Helm, and seven wraths for each weapon (main and secondary). At first glance in the crafting menu, the base stats are really shit compared to your Evolved Coma but take note that RDL gears shine when enhanced to +12~+13 since aside from HP and Atk Power, stats are also enhanced (str/agi/int). For example, a +12 LRD Cannon gives around +24k ATK along with ~3k AGI if I’m not mistaken. Also, they give a FD set bonus. If you’re a support class, however, you’re not really required to invest in RDL gears since the armor stat from lvl 93/evolved 90 gears are significantly higher than RDL. A final note, RDL gears have three dragon gem/jade slots. One skill jade, and two enhancement jades. You can also equip legendary attack jades into your RDL weapons which give a significant boost to your stats. As a DPS class, you might also want to consider buying RDL accessories since a 3-part gives a FD set bonus. People with +13 LRD weapons and +10 LRD armors are considered gods. On a side note, enhancement costs are hella expensive. Without a discount, enhancing a +11 weapon to +12 costs around 9.5k gold. I highly recommend you to use your jellies at enhancing LRD gears if you do decide on getting them.

19. What to Do After Full RDL Gear

You can easily join nest parties at this point; if the Ice Dragon Nest 4-man is released in your server, that’s your next goal and next nest to learn. Take note that the 4-man nest is much easier to clear than the 8-man nest since bosses’ attack and HP are decreased here. Clearing IDN 4-man on Normal is already a big enough feat in itself. When you can clear IDN 4-man HC, you’re respected by most people.

20. Long Term Goals

At one point while checking the craft menu, you must have noticed the Genesis Ring/Genesis Necklace and its stats. The difficulty of getting its materials and its stupidly OP stats are the reasons the Genesis Accessories are on the long term goals. If you want, you can farm the different cubes required for the ring. You can see where to farm each cube by checking its Attainment Location when you mouse over it. Another long-term goal or a late-game goal, rather, is to clear the 8-man Ice Dragon Nest. Personally, I just recently found a raid party and since we suck, we still havent gotten past the last HP bar of the first boss. Still fun though; if you feel like you’re really OP geared at this point, please do try out this nest.

Last notes

Thank you for reading that guide, and if you have anything to add, please drop them at the comments. If you think I overlooked something, please feel free to comment it so I can add a section about it. Any criticisms are welcome.

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