Destiny Heroic Wrath of the Machine Easy Guide

Destiny Heroic Wrath of the Machine Easy Guide by el2mador

First of, this assumes that you’re familiar with Normal Mode mechanics already.

This guide will simply be about hard mode mechanics and how to handle each fight without hassles.

VOSIK (Phase 1/Start)

  • same as normal
  • at least two runners capping the lightning charges, slamming
  • throw SIVA charges to break his shield; dps and move on

VOSIK (Phase 2/Actual Fight)

Just like normal mode, this is a “throw bomb > destroy monitors > throw bombs > destroy monitors” cycle until his shield breaks and you can damage him – except this time there are six bombs (two per side) that drop.

Because adds can become a nuisance (and more often than not cause player deaths), just like normal mode you’ll want one player per side always handling adds. The adds guys should be using weapons that are great for crowd control (ie. raid auto rifle, zhalo, those that don’t run out of bullets too easily).

The bomb throwers (one per side) will help out with adds too but will always be more focused on SIVA charges. Once they drop, the throwers need to pick them up and someone counts (“3, 2, 1…THROW”). Once you hear the “THROW” – throw it at Vosik.

Immediately after that, you hear the next count (“3, 2, 1… THROW”) – then throw the next set of bombs.

You then shoot down one of the BIG monitors that lights up, then keep repeating the process until you can break his shield. Do damage. Throw the SIVA bombs that drop. Call out which room is lit and run then slide/crouch to get in it.

So again – you only need one player per side throwing – you’ll have two call-outs for the “3,2,1…throw” per cycle.


  • Some players suggested all six throwing, or players throwing their first bomb while standing on the second then throwing immediately. This may potentially risk wipes due to the presence of adds, or because of where the bombs tend to drop. It’s a lot easier to just do two countdowns as it becomes a very… “mechanical” process.
  • It’s good to have at least one sword user per side to take out the captains quickly.
  • Add spawn cycle is the same as in normal mode (scrubs > scrubs > captains > scrubs > captains).
  • On the second and fourth bomb throwing cycle, the monitors will always spawn fairly early (almost after throwing the bombs), so be ready for them.

TL;DR = Make it easy by doing two call-outs for simultaneous bomb throwing, back to back.


Phase 1 Mini Cheese: Everyone stands on top of the container on the back left. Focus on the tank’s turrets and core. A Titan drops bubble just below that container to block dreg projectiles. Hunter throws smoke bomb prior to the group making a run for the tank.

Phase 2 Map:

Let’s assume everyone’s made it to “Start Here: Machine Parts Drop Point”.

Move down the left side as a group, shooting mines, and all. The first set of mobs drop from a skiff – tether them (“purple star #1” icon) and use Raze Lighter to beat them down. One person can do this fine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is moving down below – a bubble is used (“blue circle #1” icon). More mobs will be dropping as well so just use another tether (“purple star #2” icon).

One player (preferably Hunter for smoke bomb) rushes to the top of the Siege Engine (“light blue arrow line”). Use Raze Lighter to take out Meksis (the captain), then the mobs. Help killing the last set of mobs as well (just be sure not to get killed by the spider tank).

The remaining raid group moves happily killing mobs, shooting mines – until they make it near the short incline going up. From here, just drop the machine parts near the short incline (don’t drop it in the hole of course). Find good positions to kill the remaining mobs and… wait.

Once all the mobs are dead, and your teammate has killed Meksis — shoot one of the spider tank’s legs – THE ONE ON THE FRONT AT THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR SCREEN (facing him) – maked as “leg #1”.

Now, you have two choices – you can either kill the tank or avoid it. Killing the tank is self-explanatory; avoiding it is more fun and here’s how to do it effectively:

Shoot leg #1 to make the spider tank kneel. Pick up those machine parts and bring them up the incline (a bit close to the tank). Then quickly press TRIANGLE to DROP those machine parts then jump away. Next, shoot leg #2 – then pick up those machine parts – bring them up the ramp.


  • Shooting leg #1 makes the spider tank get up a bit earlier than normal but that’s ok since we just need to bring those machine parts a bit closer anyway. Shooting leg #2 makes it kneel a lot longer (enough time to move around it and up the ramp).
  • If in case a machine part has been left behind and needs to be ran past the spider tank, your best bet is to have a warlock with self-ress or a hunter with smoke bomb do it.
  • For clutch moments, let’s say there are only two players left but the machine parts have been brought on top of the Siege Engine. One player will focus on bringing the Engine Block to the back; the other will handle Warhead and Driveshaft. Just wait for encumberance to disappear and be patient.

TL;DR = Make it easy by moving as a team and looking at the best spots to nuke/defend on the map linked above; and make the spider tank kneel -twice- then bypass it without anyone dying.

AKSIS (Phase 1)

The entire fight is similar to normal mode EXCEPT that SIVA Turrets will spawn. They do a lot of damage so they need to be shot down asap. They will reactivate every 60 seconds or so.

Do this fight as you would normal mode. Two players per side. One player will pick up cannons and run around per side; one player stays on their side just to pick up bombs that drop and throw them on the glowing panels.

The throwers have an additional responsibility which is to watch out for the SIVA Turret on their side and kill it quickly. Cannon users, if in danger, just fire a charged shot to destroy it – but for the most part the throwers should just be mindful if they’re about to reactivate.


  • When the turret is about to reactivate, you’ll see it glowing bright red.
  • When you see a big red circle on your minimap, that means it’s activated (and someone on their side is lazy and didn’t notice it yet).
  • And, obviously, kill all mobs before rushing the captain. Hunters of course use a smoke bomb before rushing with a sword.
  • Tether Aksis’ platform (near his crotch, hah) to get those shanks floating down. Don’t kill them from up too high or those ammo drops will not drop on the floor.

TL;DR = Make it easy by having your bomb throwers always on the look out for when the turrets are about to reactivate on their side.

AKSIS (Phase 2)

The mechanics are similar to normal mode: kill mobs > kill captains > kill Servitors > throw bombs > DPS/Teleport cycles.

The differences are: – there are an 9 Servitors spawn in total – once you’ve killed one in a side, another of a different element will spawn and will continuously spawn whenever one in that side dies; they despawn when Aksis begins teleporting – you need to throw SEVEN bombs per cycle to break his shield and make him teleport – the SIVA turrets from phase 1 no longer spawn for this fight

The key here is simple. Have one person – a bomb thrower – always on the look out for Aksis’ shield. If it’s quite low, meaning one bomb needs to be thrown to destroy it, then ensure that everyone is in position (especially empowered Guardians).

The throw can be delayed long enough, even while Aksis is casting his SIVA aoe. Just remember to delay throwing the bomb from the last Servitor that got killed, otherwise those bombs despawn if left too long on the ground (around 20 seconds).


  • Continuous Servitor spawn does not take into account their element. This means that there may be cases when two Solars are active at the same time, and you may end up shooting down three+ Servitors of the same color. This is why you need one person to call out the shield health so that everyone knows that only one bomb needs to be thrown before the teleport/DPS cycle.
  • Alternatively as the bomb thrower, count how many times you’ve thrown a bomb on your side. If every side has thrown two, then the last one (seventh) will break his shield.
  • As a cannon user, let’s say you picked up Solar Cannon and there’s a Solar Servitor on LEFT. Once you kill it – ignore left (because two Servitors of the same color will not spawn on the same side back-to-back). Look at middle and right – let’s say middle one died first and right one is still alive. There is a good chance your next Solar target will spawn on middle (it cannot spawn at left back-to-back; it will spawn on a side with a dead Servitor, which means middle).
  • If you’re a highly aware player, you can count in your head and look around at how many Servitors have died already (and assume that those bombs have been thrown/are about to be thrown). This helps you get in position a lot quicker.

TL;DR = Make it easy by looking at the remaining shield on the boss, and being in position when the seventh and final bomb is being thrown.

That’s all. Goodluck, Guardians.

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