Destiny 365 Light Without Fireteam Guide

Destiny 365 Light Without Fireteam Guide by vpz

Here is how I got to a bit over 365 as a solo player (no fireteam required). It is quite simple and works every time.

To kickstart progress:

  • Buy a 350 vendor ghost.
  • EDIT: Buy two 350 vendor armor pieces. Buy a 350 vendor weapon.
  • Pickup a 350 Iron Lord artifact from the RoI story progression.


  • Run Sepiks Perfected (320) over and over. It is short, it is rare to wipe, and doesn’t require a fireteam. EDIT: Choose this strike from the director.
  • Use 3oC to get exotic engrams and save them for later.
  • Save any legendary engrams that drop.
  • Equip whatever higher light blue item you get.
  • Save any strike keys until after 365.
  • Don’t infuse up your gear – just use the blues.
  • Save packages until you absolutely have to grab them in order to keep from losing them (which will happen if you roll over). This will get you the highest light possible for those items. I got a class item with each package.
  • Ghost drops were rare but I did get them occasionally and didn’t get stuck on progression due to ghost.
  • Eventually you will get stuck due to the artifact. So like your artifact is 351 and you are 361 but all your other items are 363. Any new blues will be 362/363 so you have to get an artifact upgrade or you will be stuck. If you can, decrypt saved legendary armor engrams and hope for an artifact. This worked for me. Worst case use a strike key and you should get a blue artifact. But save that strike key for later if you can. You will get stuck again on the artifact when your light is higher, but legendary engrams top out at 365 so they won’t help with an artifact later.
  • Once you get to 364/365, then decrypt legendary engrams and collect packages you’ve been saving.
  • If you have an exotic engram for a problem slot then you might consider using one. I plan on holding them for problem areas post-365.
  • With your 365+ items, infuse a set of good gear for whatever you like to do.
  • If you have other characters save your extra 365 blue items to infuse up those characters too. Once I got the first character to 365 the other two were 365 in no time.

Now you are at 365/366 so you move on:

  • To progress after 365 you have faction packages, strike key rewards, Nightfall rewards, exotic engrams, Wrath of the Machine raid, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner. Regular Crucible can reward legendary weapons and class items over 365. Archon’s Forge can reward class items over 365.
  • Run Normal (320) and Heroic (350) strike lists to continue to get strike keys to have one for when your artifact becomes a sticking point again. I’ve had better luck getting keys in the normal list than Heroic as of this week. Remember to use your 3oC so you get exotic engrams while you hunt for strike skeleton keys.
  • If you have saved resources like strange coins, motes, armor parts, weapons parts, etc. then after 365 you can start dumping those into factions to get higher light gear.
  • CoE weapon and armor rewards only go to 365, but House of Judgement package rewards go to 385.
  • Doing Court of Oryx, especially the bounties, gives rep with Eris and her packages have a chance at an artifact up to 385.
  • Again at some point your artifact will be a problem. This is when you go into a strike that has the loot item chance you prefer the Heroic (350 light) strike list and use one of your strike skeleton keys. So I’ll run the regular 320 strike list for a while to get a key, then go to the Heroic 350 strike list and wait for one I want (Like I wanted a higher primary so I did Cerebus Vae for a Treads Upon Stars and I got a high light blue artifact too – so I got two upgrades from one strike key).

I reached 375 on my main yesterday and still have plenty of materials left to burn to get faction packages. I’m concentrating on one character for now and using the hand-me-downs to build the other two so they are raising more slowly but they are progressing.

EDIT: People in the comments are reporting that they have gotten 366+ artifacts from the 320 light strikes. It might have been RNG for me but I used several keys in the 320 list with no artifacts and got one in the first 350 strike list chest I tried. The strike specific loot was fine in either list it was just the artifacts for me. But again might have been just RNG.

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