Summoners War Trial of Ascension Full Guide

Summoners War Trial of Ascension Full Guide by Reafi

Okay, so this is going to be a long post, and I’m going to be honest with you I’m mostly making it so I can link it in the future so I can just reference it since I get a lot of questions about ToA.

Also keep in mind that in terms of player progression… ToA Normal and ToA Hard will be considered one and the same (those who struggle with toa normal will get similar advice as those struggling with toa hard). Am I qualified to give advice? I’d like to think so. ToA is the main area I exceed in since I tend to have a ton of fun rushing each time it resets (currently rank 1 for toa hard, hopefully will hold it next reset). I also have the chance to play with lots of units because I sometimes sneak into ToA and play around a bit with units I don’t have whenever summoning for a higher level player :) shh… don’t tell them.. it’s merely for educational purposes.

If I use a monster name you don’t recognize.. google it lol this post will be long enough, I would prefer not to explain every type / attribute of the monster I’m talking about.

Common Terms

  • CC = Crowd Control (Freeze, stun, sleep, attack bar reduction, provoke, and silence)
  • atb = attack bar (attack gauge)
  • AoE = Area of Effect (affects all enemies or allies)
  • DoT = Damage over Time (Continuous Damage -> 5% hp reduction, applies when unit gains a turn)
  • w/ = with
  • debuff = harmful effect (don’t get confused, I swap these two a lot by accident)
  • proc = activation of skill or rune effect

Note: not all harmful effects / beneficial effects will be listed, only those that I consider useful in ToA


(for the sake of simplicity, bombs will be excluded.. too much to explain on that, will be addressed in ToA Hard team compositions)

  • Attack Break: The most important harmful effect. This allows you to mitigate (lower) damage from the enemies which allows you to get further even though your rune quality might not originally allow you to.
  • Glancing Hit: Situational and underrated but extremely effective when used properly. Not only does it mitigate damage like attack break (albeit less effective) it also lowers incoming CC. Any hits that are glancing hits will not apply harmful effects. So if the enemy tries to stun you and gets a glancing hit, the stun will not take effect.
  • Slowness: Not as necessary as attack break but very useful when paired up with your own speed buffer. Allows you to take extra turns and bring up skills on cooldown faster. Becomes more necessary when climbing higher as the monster speeds will increase at higher stages.
  • Continuous Damage: Form of damage you can use if your nukers are not runed well enough yet to survive. Most notable DoT monster is Baretta (fuseable in the fusion hexagram). He applies a total of 30% damage when all of his DoTs take effect.
  • Stun and Freeze: These 2 will be your best friend. Whenever you need to recover your hp, turn order, or skills these will buy you time to get situated. They also provide their own form of damage mitigation by completely denying the enemy a turn. There are even teams completely dedicated to denying enemies their turns. These effects are best applied with slowness, as it will prevent their turn AND make their recovery slower.

There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between freeze and stun.. I don’t know where the myth started that one reduces cooldown and the other doesn’t.. but the fact is, they’re the same and they both prevent skills getting -1 cooldown. Go test it out yourself if you don’t believe me, I’ve tested it lots of times.

  • Sleep: Entry level CC for players who have no other options. Of course it comes down to preference but my advice is to stay away from sleep if you can help it. Once you do any form of direct contact to the enemy they will wake up. If you end up using Hathor then make sure to pair her up with units like Thrain or Hemos because their DoTs are applied without contact, ensuring the enemies stay asleep.
  • Attack Bar Reduction: What?? This is a debuff? Technically speaking.. yes it is. If you look at Akroma, she is immune to allHarmful Effects … if you try to apply attack bar reduction she will resist it due to her passive. This means Attack Bar Reduction = Harmful Effect :) This is the most effective form of CC since it affects bosses as well. This is actually the only form of turn denial you can apply to a boss apart from Provoke. In general however.. you will want to stay away from this as your only form of CC when you’re using teams that use DoTs as the damage… enemies need to get turns in order to die from DoTs.
  • Provoke: One of the most important debuffs when facing Boss stages in ToA Hard. This effect allows you to control / direct damage into a specific unit. When an enemy is provoked, they use their first skill on the unit that applied the harmful effect. When you face bosses such as Seara, it’s important to control their turns so they do not 1 shot your units. Some stages provoke is almost a necessity.
  • Silence: Very rare to use but can be useful as it has a similar effect to provoke. It forces the enemy to use their first skill as all skills with cooldowns will be unavailable. This does not work on passive abilities however.
  • Heal Block: Only necessary for certain stages such as Artamiel (Light ArchAngel) who will heal if you do not prevent their heal either from provoke or from heal block. Another notable stage that is made easier with heal block is stage 100 against Ath’taros (Male Boss).
  • Oblivion: Only case I’ve seen oblivion be useful is against the incarnations against Lyrith on stage 100 (Female Boss). Oblivion does not work against bosses but does work against the incarnations. Oblivion also does not work against Akroma, so for those who struggle with Akroma stages… you’re out of luck.


  • Defense Buff: Very helpful when using teams that allow the enemy to gain turns. Another form of damage mitigation and can be considered the “opposite” of attack break. Defense Buff helps more when dealing with enemies who can not receive harmful effects or who do damage based on other stats such as HP or DEF proportionate damage. (Yes it lowers those damage amounts) Downside: Units that ignore defense or do set amounts of damage will have a field day.
  • Speed Buff: More necessary than defense buff. If you move more, you get more skills off cooldown which means more heals, debuffs, CC, etc. It also means more damage which lowers the chance of you dying due to RNG.
  • Attack Buff: Only necessary if you are using damage from Nukers or Bombs. If you use either of these teams, attack buff is necessary.


So I’ve been testing around with my alt account Farmer Phil who only uses Farmable and Obtainable monsters and honestly the best way going about ToA Normal is survivability and I can’t stress this enough. Once you get Baretta Bernard Veromos Bella Shannon runed up decently well you should be able to clear it no problem.

Of course it’s dependent on your runes but by the time you have all these units fused / leveled up (no they do not have to all be 6 starred ie. Shannon) then you should be at least good on runes. One good thing to take note on… all runes 5* or higher should be at MINIMUM upgraded to +12. The extra stats help and the extra substats could be the difference between clearing a stage and dying repeatedly. This team works for every single stage in ToA Normal and will carry you quite a bit in ToA Hard.

How it works: Baretta provides CC with despair runes, Bella can sustain enough with heals and provide a 30% atb boost which will double up with Bernard. Bernard provides atb boost, speed buff, and def break / attack break which is extremely useful for boss stages. Veromos will provide additional CC and cleanse any incoming debuffs you receive. And lastly, shannon provides 3 turn defense buff, attack buff, and has an AoE slowness effect. She also brings glancing hit! This debuff is extremely useful against bosses as well.

You should of course use whatever extra units you have but the overall team composition should stay the same if you’re trying to clear it for your first time. The team composition is essentially:

Damager | Healer | Damage Mitigation | CC | Turn Increaser

So the team I provided would fill the roles as

  • Damager = Baretta (doubles up as CC w/ Despair runes)
  • Healer = Belladeon
  • Damage Mitigation = Shannon (doubles up as CC w/ Despair runes)
  • CC = Veromos (doubles up as Damager w/ auto attack dealing DoTs)
  • Turn Increaser = Bernard

Clearing ToA Normal is all about Rune Quality. Just remember that :)


This is where it gets a little complicated. Short answer? There is no specific team that will carry you. You can honestly use anything. I’m considering doing a 3* challenge for ToA Hard where you only use 3* units, simply to show how diverse teams can be.

However, there are definitely team compositions that you can follow in order to get the best results out of your units / runes. First we will list off types of compositions and then we will list off units that are very game changing for ToA Hard.


This team is usually best used by players who are attempting to clear ToA Hard for their first time. It has the lowest stat requirement as the whole principal behind it is denying the enemy turns. This means you do not necessarily need Hp, Def, or Resistance.

Downside? It requires your full attention and can be a bit inconsistent when dealing with units that apply immunity, have complete immunity against certain affects, or just overall refuse to be incapacitated. This team is also less useful against boss stages since bosses cannot receive inability affects such as freeze, sleep, and stun. (this is where provoke comes in btw)

Team Composition:

Damager | Turn Increaser | Turn Increaser | CC | CC |

For example… Baretta Bernard Spectra Woonhak Veromos would work for non boss stages.

Now obviously you’ll want to prioritize using units like Tyron, Verad, Poseidon, etc. who can apply many different debuffs but you’ll most likely have to make due with what you have. Verdehile is a unit that excels when using this team, but if you ever build Mav I would suggest using him over Verdehile. I did some testing and Mav actually provides better turn increasing abilities than Verdehile. Keep in mind if you use Mav you probably shouldn’t use Bernard either, since you will be doubled up on Speed Buff… BUT it’s okay to use Mav with Verdehile if you decide to use two “turn increaser” units.

If you build your team correctly, the enemy units should never gain a turn. The only stats you will need for this team build are Speed and Accuracy.

More Details:


Exactly as the header reads! This team is favored by people who either dislike ToA Hard, have other things to do like work, or by people who like convenience. Keep in mind this team is a lot slower as the whole focus is around survivability, much like ToA Normal teams.

Downside? It… is… extremely.. slow… These kinds of teams can take anywhere from 5min to 15min to clear a single floor. They are also less effective against stages with lots of healers / revivers since it will most likely take you 20+ minutes for those stages. Also… don’t use this team against Veromos (boss). There are 3 rinas on the 2nd stage… just don’t… trust me you will be stuck there forever.

Team Composition:

Damager | Healer | Reviver | CC | Damage Mitigation/Turn Increaser

For Example… Baretta Briand Chasun Veromos Mav

Teams like this are more dependent on rune quality as you now need Hp, Def, Spd, Accuracy, and even Resistance.

General idea is to survive oncoming enemy attack while you slowly work them down w/ DoTs. Units that have multiple roles are also extremely important. Also!! It is very helpful if you keep as low crit rate as possible. When autoing stages with anti crit passive abilities like Dark Martial Cats or Artamiel.. you’ll wish you had 0% crit. You also don’t need Crit in order to do damage through DoTs.

Here’s a breakdown of the team I just listed.

  • Damager = Baretta (Provides additional CC w/ Despair Runes)
  • Healer = Chasun (Provides additional Dmg. Mitigation w/ Glancing Hit on 1st skill)
  • Reviver = Briand (Also takes role as damage mitigation w/ AoE Attack Break on 2nd skill)
  • CC = Veromos (Takes Additional Support role w/ cleansing and Damager w/ DoTs on 1st skill)
  • Turn Increaser = Mav (Takes additional CC role w/ Provoke and Stun, also helps cleanse w/ 3rd)

So on paper the team might look weak, but when you write it out… you’ll notice how each unit overlaps one another and can take over if one of your units is incapacitated or killed. Teams like this should be synergized as well to provide maximum efficiency when clearing stages. The main pivot units are your Healer and your Reviver. I’ve had instances where it would be down to my Healer and Reviver and would end up getting all 5 units back in time for the last stage, so your best runes should be on these units.

Note: Hwadam can replace briand as a “reviver” even though he doesn’t technically revive, just make sure to provide some other form of AoE Damage mitigation.

Also… good thing to point out is that you don’t actually need to prevent the enemy monsters from attacking. CC from veromos will be enough to stagger their attacks so they do not go back to back. This is a very effective form of CC since it allows you to move in between to get off heals or cleanses. Atb reduction also helps since some of the units may resist, making their attack order even more staggered.

For those who think you can’t Auto ToA Hard. Myself (and a few others that I know of) have already auto’d 1-100. So every stage is capable of being Auto’d. Just bear in mind you might end up swapping units here and there to accommodate the enemy team (ie. Putting Veromos in for Bomb stages)

More Details:


Sigh… okay so I really don’t like telling people about this team because it is significantly faster than using DoTs and it’s pretty much my secret weapon for racing ToA Hard, but since I want this guide to be complete I am going to go ahead and post it here..

The basic idea behind this team is to just cleave / wombo the entire enemy team. What does this mean? Bringing Galleon + AoE Nukes to just plow through before the enemy kills you. Keep in mind that this team is actually slower than DoTs unless you use Amir since he transcends the realms of normal units.

Before I explain!! Take Note!! Monsters in ToA Hard gain huge stat increases in both Hp and Def so normal AoE units will not be as effective. This is where Amir comes into play.

Team Composition:

Galleon | Amir | AoE Nuker w/ CC | AoE Damager w/ CC || Turn Increaser

For example… Zaiross Verad Amir Galleon Mav (my current team)

  • Galleon = Galleon (obviously)
  • Amir = Amir (obviously)
  • AoE Nuker w/ CC = Zaiross
  • AoE Damager w/ CC = Verad
  • Turn Increaser = Mav

Fwa has also been playing around with this team and made use of Mantura, Thrain, and the Dark Lizardman (similar to Amir)… Although it was a bit slower, he proved that you can use very uncommon units even with this type of team. So thank you for that Fwa.

This team requires a good amount of speed (so you can go before the enemies).. the highest stat requirement of all ToA Hard compositions, and precise unit synergy. Amir should be able to hit 35-40k damage in Arena (solely w/ Galleon buff / debuff) in order to be effective in this team. To be precise, he gains 30% attack power for EACH harmful effect. Against units in ToA Hard who have substantially larger amounts of defense, Amir can hit for ~30-40k damage. This is about half their Hp for most stages. When placed with very good runes and 3-4 harmful effects, he can 1 shot the enemy units granted that he does not miss his critical hits (60-70k damage).

I’ve shown this team on stream quite a bit and believe it or not… it even works against boss stages. (Even on ToA Hard 100.. although a lot harder to work with)

Video of Cleave on ToA Hard 100 Lyrith:

Before you think “Wow I need units like Zaiross and Verad?? FUCK THIS” … No.. did you read what I said about Fwa? Lol the only required units are Galleon and Amir.. and I also never said this team is easy to obtain. You will need to use the BEST units you have in order to make this work. That is why it’s an end game speed clearing team.


Lastly, we have the bomb team. The team that is probably the hardest to obtain in terms of units since you will need Seara and a good Bomber or two. (preferably you don’t use Jojo)

Why are bombs so good? Because with the buff they received awhile back, the bombs will stun the enemy upon detonation. This gives you CC w/ your damage on a silver platter. They also ignore defense.

Downside?? Heavily dependent on units.. you will need Seara period.. if you don’t use Seara you’re better off using DoTs for more consistency since you can at least stack more HP on those types of teams. Bomb teams are very vulnerable since the bombs are based on Attack power which means less Hp stats for you.

Note: Technically speaking you don’t HAVE to bring Seara for this type of team, if you deny the enemy’s first turn then the bombs will still take effect.. On that note though you’re probably better off bringing DoTs for more consistency. Seara not only detonates bombs immediately when you need them, but she also gets a lot of violent procs and can single out enemies that may have resisted.

Team Composition:

Seara | Bomber | Attack Buff w/ CC or Heal | Turn Increaser | Additional CC

For example… Seara Malaka Chasun Mav Aria

  • Seara = Seara (duh)
  • Malaka = Bomber (doubles up as CC and Damage mitigation w/ his 3rd)
  • Attack Buff w/ Heal = Chasun
  • Turn Increaser = Mav (doubles up as CC w/ stun and provoke)
  • Additional CC = Aria (best w/ Despair for CC role .. also provides damage mitigation)

The idea is to combine both CC and damage by using bombs. They ignore defense so their damage is quite nice when you look at how much of the hp bar goes down. Try not to detonate the bombs if the units are already stunned, as you will want to try to keep them down. Be sure to keep your skills ready before moving onto the next stage. (ie. going into the 2nd wave of monsters with no skills ready is a big no no)

Feel free to combine both DoTs and Bombs for additional damage :)


So after rereading through the different teams I realized that I didn’t really discuss how to prepare for Boss stages in ToA. Since they are all different in the way they function (bosses) we’ll discuss some general tips you can remember so that you can best prepare for the boss. Keep in mind this is generally directed towards ToA Hard mode, but you can take this kind of advice and apply it to ToA Normal as well.

  • Bring a healer unless you have an ATB Reducing team

If you do not bring a healer, eventually your team will die. Because you cannot Freeze, Stun, or Sleep the boss.. the only thing you can do is provoke. Even with Provoke, that one unit will be taking damage and unless you have someone to heal (even if only slightly) like basalt, or self heal / provoke like Mav.. eventually you will die. The healer doesn’t necessarily have to be crazy like Chasun or Ariel.. just enough to sustain any hits you might take from the boss since it is harder to stop them from attacking.

  • Bring Provoke, Heal Block, or Damage Mitigation

For some of the boss stages you WILL ABSOLUTELY NEED to bring Provoke, Heal Block, or Damage Mitigation. If you do not, they will absolutely tear through your team. Some of the main stages that require this are the Occult Girls, Seara, and Artamiel.

  • Don’t Get Cocky

I can’t tell you how many times I have died on a boss stage because I decided “Hey.. I’ll just auto it I already have it in the bag..” Yea don’t do that or else you’ll get a nice taste of Karma when the boss 1 shots your team suddenly.

  • Practice in ToA Normal

I know this will probably annoy a few of you that hate ToA, but this is the best way to prepare ahead of time against Boss stages that you struggle against. Since the speeds are the same in both ToA Normal and Hard, you can get a general idea of how the bosses will react towards your team. If you’re taking a ton of hits and CC then you will most likely die in ToA Hard.. but if you are performing extremely well against the boss whilst taking minimal hits, then you will have a good chance at using that team to clear it when it goes over to ToA Hard. Just a little quick tip.


A few comparisons I’ve taken note on whilst playing around with different teams. Keep in mind these are SOLELY BASED ON MY OPINION. The teams I listed are objectively effective, but these comparisons are only what I’ve seen / experienced when making new team builds.

Jamire vs. Mav Completely dependent on how long you will be lasting. Jamire is better for short term in terms of getting off all skills twice. In the long run, Mav provides more turns for you and your skills will be used more often.

Atb Reduction vs. Stun & Freeze Against normal stages?.. stun & freeze all the way. Knowing the enemy won’t hit you when their turn is up can be very relieving.. Against boss stages?.. atb reduction all the way. Denying the side units their turns is nice, but denying the boss their turn is even more satisfying. When you go up against bosses like the OG Scissor Sisters, Seara, Poseidon, or even Sylvia.. letting them move EVEN WITH PROVOKE can be a very bad thing. (OG’s violent proc due to 1st skill, Seara increases her atb when she crits so she bombs you right after, Poseidon transfers a harmful effect which could set you up for disaster like with def break, Sylvia brings Verdehile to attack with her causing a chain reaction that makes you lose 2x the turns)

Thrain vs. Hemos Thrain. No questions asked. The only difference between them is their 3rd skill and when it comes down to randomized AoE stuns vs. a single target freeze… I would take a chance with the random AoE.

Verad vs. Poseidon vs. Hathor With Verad’s recent buff.. I don’t think I could even say this is really an opinion.. Verad now has a total of 3 turn denial with his 2nd and 3rd skills. Poseidon brings solely atb reduction + slowness, and a bit of CC on 2nd. Hathor brings Atb reduction and…. 2 turn sleep -.- .. Remember what we said about sleep?
Verad > Poseidon > Hathor

Bernard vs. Verdehile vs. Mav Yes.. this is an actual comparison. I’ve found that when going up against boss stages, Bernard is actually more useful since he brings defense break and attack break. So if you are struggling against Lyrith you might want to try out Bernard. Verdehile provides more physical turns than any of the other two do.. but is dependent on attributes (stage could be full water) and on passives (crit reduction). Mav provides the best survivability. Mav is like what you’d get if Jamire and Bernard had a baby.

Zaiross vs. Baretta Believe it or not, Baretta is actually better in some cases. Overall Zaiross (tanky version) will be better and will provide more CC. The skill reset is absolutely phenomenal in ToA. Downside? Boss stages have a passive ability that gives all units lower cooldowns… this means his 5 turn reset ability is MUCH less effective. Baretta can provide the DoTs and give you a 3 turn atb reduction to use against the boss. Overall? Zaiross. Boss? Baretta


The first boss implemented when ToA was first released. His skill mechanics are pretty simple to understand and I’ll go ahead and skip the information you don’t need.

Main Boss Mechanics: The boss has 2 crystals and a few passives to accompany him. The left crystal applies an AoE Heal block to your team for 2 turns while the right crystal will increase the bosses attack gauge by about 60-70%. (the amount isn’t specified in game)

His 1st passive inflicts a fixed amount of damage to any unit that does direct damage to him. So it won’t matter if your nuker is hitting him or your healer is, he will deal the same type of damage to them. He will also heal a small fixed amount each time this passive activates.

His 2nd ‘passive’ cleanses him whenever he gains a turn. It also permanently increases his Attack power, defense, and speed proportionate to the number of harmful effects removed. This means you should only be applying debuffs that you need to apply such as Heal block, Slowness, and Defense break. Stuff like attack break and glancing hit are pointless since he cleanses before his attack and will only result in the boss getting stronger.

His 1st skill does remove a beneficial effect while also applying 3 turn slowness, and he has the typical AoE Defense break for 3 turns that both stage 100 bosses have.

Strategy? Best one I have is to utilize Heal block + defense break + slowness to deny him as many turns as possible. If you struggle with him gaining turns, ignore him for now and focus on the right crystal. It’s slower than the boss so you should have no problem preventing it from moving. You can also ignore the left crystal if you have any type of cleanser or if your team is fast enough to out pace the heal blocks.

Try to avoid units that apply unnecessary debuffs like Chasun… or better yet have them auto attack on the left crystal. Since you can’t make use of attack break, this is where defense buff is very handy :) Units like Basalt, Shannon, Emma, and Olivia are very nice here and can help you deal with the damage as he gets more cleanses off.

LYRITH BOSS STAGE 100 (Female Boss)

Considerably harder than Ath’taros due to the mechanics of how she works.

She also comes with her own set of passives, however, she has a intricate system of “incarnations” that are based on turns. Overall her main skills are almost exactly the same as Ath’taros, except for that she doesn’t apply slowness on 1st skill.

Immediately starting the match you’ll notice that she absorbs your attack bar, revenges, AND has reduced crit chance… this is important to remember for later. After you attack her she will spit out 2 incarnations.

Main Boss Mechanics There are 3 incarnations in total… Red, Green, and Blue

Red – Counter Attacks whenever attacked with direct damage. Main attack is an AoE Provoking skill that does damage. Does not provoke when under an inability effect.

Green – Absorbs your team’s attack gauge whenever attacked with direct damage. Main attack is an AoE attack that heals her back 100% of the damage done. Does not absorb your attack bar when under an inability effect.

Blue – Gains increased defense, damage proportionate to defense, and -50% crit chance when attacked with direct damage. Main attack is a powerful single target attack that stuns the targeted enemy. Abilities stay in effect even while stunned.

How do the incarnations work? Basically Lyrith will only spit out 2 when she splits. This means one of those incarnations is still inside her. Whichever incarnation she holds in, is the ability she gets. (She spit out Green and Blue? She now counter attacks any time you attack her) Keep in mind this does NOT give her that units main attack.. so she will not single target stun you or AoE provoke you.

Essentially you have 5 turns to kill both incarnations before she tries to absorb them. If she absorbs them it’s a very big set back. She will gain increased stats as well as increased damage on her AoE Skill. She will also get the abilities of whatever incarnations she absorbed. If she absorbed the green one back in she will now start healing back her HP as she does damage to you.

If you manage to kill both incarnations before the 5 turn timer is up, she will attempt to absorb the incarnations, resulting in her being stunned. You can do all of your damage during this period as she can not counter attack or heal. Keep in mind though.. if she held in the blue incarnation.. she will still have increased defense as well as -50% crit chance … annoying huh..

After her stun is up she’ll move once or twice with normal attacks and then will spit out 2 more incarnations.

Then just rinse and repeat as necessary! :)

Which Incarnation Do I Kill First??

It mainly depends on what kind of team you are using. From my experience I’ve always found the Green one to be the easiest to deal with.. but some people find her to be the hardest. Here’s a break down of how you prepare..

  • Green = Will gain tons of turns… prepare by attempting to never touch her unless she is is stunned. If Lyrith withholds her she will also get a ton of turns.
  • Red = Easiest to deal with if you brought attack break. If not you could end up killing yourself through Counter Attacks on one of your squishier monsters. Prepare by also not attacking her unless she is stunned. If Lyrith holds her in just apply attack break and she will do little to no damage.
  • Blue = The easiest to deal with if you can kill the incarnations fast and are looking to clear it safely. She is really hard to deal good damage on so prepare for a very long fight. Easiest to deal with if you brought 2-3 atb reducing monsters. She is your “Get Out of Jail Free” card. If neither Green or Red are stunned (or Lyrith has one of them) and you have not stunned anyone, you can attack the blue one with no consequences. So I channel my hits into her until I can get set up.

At all times I view the Kill order as:

Green -> Red -> Blue

It really does help leaving blue for last since you can still channel hits into her whenever necessary. Just be careful not to let her stun hit you, and only go after the green or red incarnation when they are stunned / frozen.


Now of course he CAN sometimes work for stage 100 against Lyrith.. but you know who is 10x more effective against Lyrith? Bernard!! The defense and attack break are so freaking helpful you wouldn’t even believe it. He also doubles up as your turn increaser. Why shouldn’t you bring verdehile? Because he is weak against every single one of the incarnations.

  • Green = She will absorb your team’s attack gauge whenever hit with direct hits .. that means you verdehile
  • Red = She will counter attack whenever hit with direct hits .. that means you verdehile… again
  • Blue = Reduces crit chance by 50% .. so now verdehile is half as effective.

Basically if you bring him prepare to only every get full potential out of him when red or green is stunned. Attack break can help deal with damage too for the counter attacks but preferably you should just bring Bernard.


I know this is a very long guide, I am hoping to cover all topics in this one post so I can reference people back here. It’s easier than making a video too since people can find their needed topic more easily. If you guys see any corrections that need to be made or would like to give tips on formatting feel free to let me know. Also, I’m open to criticism so if you think you have a new / better team than any of the ones I provided, let me know and I’ll either refute it or add it to the list :)

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