Clash Royale All Tank Units Guide

Clash Royale All Tank Units Guide by Edward_A_HAII


Tanks are some of the most useful cards in the game. Their enormous amounts of HP allow them to (as their name suggests) tank very well. However, some of the tanks are not just for tanking (doot doot…BOOM) and others also have the power of glass cannons (BUTTTTTEEERFLIIEESS.) All values in this guide are based on tournament level standards.

The Tanks


Cost: 5 Elixir

Health: 3520

Damage Per Second: 147

Damage Per Hit: 221

Hit Speed: 1.5 Seconds

Health Per Elixir Cost: 704

Damage Per Second Per Elixir Cost: 29 (29.4 if you like decimals)

Targets: Buildings

Deploy Time: 1 Second

Movement Speed: Slow

Rarity: Rare

The first tank unlocked in the game, the Giant is currently the best tank in the Meta, due to his cheap cost (he is the cheapest tank) and decent stats.

Having the second highest health of all troops in the game, the Giant provides excellent health per elixir cost.

Another, previously underestimated thing about the Giant is his Damage Per Second, which is similar to the Hog Rider (147 for Giant, 176 for the Hog Rider.) Having a Giant with a decent amount of health left lock onto a tower can be quite catastrophic, as the Giant will deal a LOT of damage.

The Giant is more flexible than other tanks, due to his cheap cost. Many Counterpush Giant decks (defend, then put a Giant in front of the surviving troops) have become popular recently.

Usually, you want to place the Giant behind your arena tower to build up Elixir for a strong push. However, as mentioned above, it is not always a bad idea to place the Giant at the front.

Lastly, if you find yourself in a pickle, with many troops coming straight for your towers, you can do a defensive Giant. Simply place the Giant so he distracts the said troops and then use high DPS troops (such as Goblins, or Minions) to take out the enemy troops.

[Sp00k warning!]

Giant Skeleton

Cost: 6 Elixir

Health: 2660

Damage Per Second: 106

Damage: 159

Hit Speed: 1.5 Seconds

Death Damage: 957

Health Per Elixir Cost: 433 (point 3333333333333 recurring)

Damage Per Second Per Elixir Cost: 18 (17.6666666667 if you love decimals)

Death Damage Per Elixir Cost: 160 (159.5, to be precise)

Deploy Time: 1 Second

Movement Speed: Medium

Death Damage Timer: 3 Seconds

Targets: Anything (Has the largest attraction range of all melee troops, along with P.E.K.K.A and Mini-P.E.K.K.A)

Rarity: Epic

The Giant Skeleton is probably the worst tank in the Meta, used almost exclusively for defence. (Which he is actually pretty good at.)

With alright (though nothing on other tanks) Health Per Elixir cost, but horrible Damage Per Elixir Cost, the main thing about the Giant Skeleton is his death damage, which takes out all glass cannons and cripples mini-tanks.

The Giant Skeleton is great against slow push decks as it forces them to split push or get their main push wiped out.

Depending on which troops you want to take out, you want to place the defensive Giant Skeleton in different places, so you can make use of the Death Damage Timer. For example, lets say you want to kill a Musketeer and Wizard behind a Giant. You should place the Giant Skeleton in front of the Giant. The Musketeer and Wizard will make short work of the Giant Skeleton and march on forward…. right into the Giant Skeleton’s bomb. If you want to kill melee troops though, (especially slower melee troops) you should place the Giant Skeleton in between the tank and support. You can also use cheap distraction troops (like Skeletons or Goblins) to keep troops in the bomb radius. Freeze works too but is a little expensive. The Log can also push troops back into the bomb’s radius (thanks to fliiint for telling me this.)

When countering the Giant Skeleton, you should place your troops BEHIND the Giant Skeleton. This is great for two reasons.

  1. Chances are they have some support troop behind the Skeleton (a Witch or Wizard for example.) The defensive troop will kill the support quickly.
  2. When the Giant Skeleton dies, it gives the defensive troop(s) time to escape the bomb.

When using the Giant Skeleton offensively (which is something you don’t want to do much) make sure to support it with splash units to prevent it from getting distracted.

Because of the Giant Skeleton’s medium movement speed, you can use very fast troops (like the Hog Rider, for example) to push the Giant Skeleton at fast movement speed (very fast – medium= fast.) This can catch your opponent off guard, and is very funny watching the Giant Skeleton going at turbo speed.

[Sp00k warning over!]


Cost: 7 Elixir

Health: 3458

Damage Per Second: 376

Damage: 678

Hit Speed: 1.8 Seconds

Health Per Elixir Cost: 494

Damage Per Second Per Elixir Cost: 54 (53.7)

Deploy Time: 3 Seconds

Movement Speed: Slow

Targets: Anything (Largest distraction radius of all melee troops)

Rarity: Epic

The P.E.K.K.A is a beast. With the highest DPS per troop and 3rd Highest HP of all troops in the game, the P.E.K.K.A will destroy almost anything it reaches – sadly, it almost never reaches the tower :(

Use her 3 second deploy time to your advantage and use it to build a bigger push. Or… run Counterpush P.E.K.K.A, which focuses on killing your opponent’s troops and surviving to counterpush.

The P.E.K.K.A one shots Barbarians at respective level. (level 1 P.E.K.K.A one shots level 6 barbs ect.) Use this to your advantage when pushing offensively.

P.E.K.K.A also is one of the only cards that synergises with all spells.

Some cards to pair the P.E.K.K.A with are: Wizard, Witch, Prince, Dark Prince and Three Musketeers. All have their strengths and weaknesses when combined with the P.E.K.K.A.

P.E.K.K.A Double Prince, for example, is one of my favourite decks. With incredible attack power and speed (both Princes push the P.E.K.K.A faster) the combo is very good for base racing and destroying everything in it’s path. However, it cannot hit air and is very hard to set up due to it’s high cost.

P.E.K.K.A Wizard is the strategy I used ages ago in Arena 5-7. (ahhhhh, the memories) It is strongest against the Minion Horde. (P.E.K.K.A’s best counter) It’s decent against other things but is easily countered.

P.E.K.K.A Three Musketeers is an ultra high risk, high reward strategy. With incredible DPS, it will destroy anything in it’s path. (hmmm didn’t I say that about PPP too?… Oh well…) However, it can be countered for 9 Elixir (Fireball-Zap for Musketeers, Guards for P.E.K.K.A, for example.) It has great protection against air but is very hard to set up.

P.E.K.K.A Witch is good against Inferno Towers (the Skeletons distract the Inferno Tower) and decent against everthing else. However, like P.E.K.K.A Wizard, it is easily countered.

Defensively P.E.K.K.A is not to be underestimated. She alone can slay many threats, such as Double Prince and whole Giant combos.

Lava Hound

Cost: 7 Elixir

Health: 3000 (4080 with pups)

Damage Per Second: 34 (all pups 270)

Health Per Elixir Cost: 429 (428.57) (583 with pups)

Damage Per Second Per Elixir Cost: 4.9 (pups 39)

Damage: 45 (pups 270 together, 1 pup= 45dps)

Hit Speed: 1.2 Seconds (pups 1 second)

Deploy Time: 1 Second

Movement Speed: Slow

Targets: Buildings (pups anything)

Rarity: Legendary

The Lava Hound is a very interesting card. Alone it is not worth 7 Elixir but depending on how you support it it can be worth it.

The pups have similar DPS to three Elixir Minions.

The fact that it flies is one of it’s biggest strengths – but also one of it’s weaknesses. It is immune to tank counters such as Mini-P.E.K.K.A and Barbarians, but also cannot tank ground units/buildings. (example, it won’t tank an XBow)

Some cards to back it up with are: Baby Dragon, (eliminates most counters and can tank for pups) Balloon, (LavaHound tanks for the Balloon, Balloon tanks for pups) Miner, (last second tank for pups) Goblin Barrel (baits arrows) and LumberJack (Hound tanks for Jack, Hound dies, Jack tanks for pups and when Jack dies, he rages the pups.)

Defensively, the Hound is only worth using as a last resort to tank units such as Musketeers and Wizards.

One interesting thing about the Lava Hound and it’s pup is, if an Ice Spirit or Zap finishes off the Hound, the pups come pre-stunned.


Cost: 8 Elixir

Health: 4256 (5984 including Golemites)

Damage Per Second: 103 (Golemites 42)

Health Per Elixir Cost: 532 (748 including Golemites)

Damage Per Elixir Cost: 13 (12.85) (6 for Golemites)

Damage: 259 (Golemites together 106)

Hit Speed: 2.5 Seconds

Deploy Time: 3 Seconds

Movement Speed: Slow

Death Damage: 259 (106 for both Golemites together)

Death Damage Per Elixir Cost: 32 (13 for both Golemites)

Targets: Buildings

Rarity: Epic

My Favourite card, (if you couldn’t guess from my flair) the Golem has the highest health out of anything in the game. Alone it is not worth 8 Elixir. But, with the right support, the Golem can be very good.

Underused in the current Meta, (because of the lack of Siege, which Golem hard counters) most players will not expect to face a Golem. Elixir Collector is necessary in every Golem deck, as it allows you to build powerful pushes. Only play the Golem in double Elixir or when you get two pumps down. Spells to support it with are Poision, (kills enemy troops) which, along with the Golem’s death damage, can limit the counterpush, killing Barbarians and crippling Mini tanks.

The Musketeer is a good card to support the Golem with as she can snipe Inferno Towers when they lock onto the Golem.

Defensively, the Golem is decent. With his high health, he can distract enemy units for a long time. His death damage also kills smaller units.

Royal Giant

Cost: 6 Elixir

Health: 2544

Damage Per Second: 93

Damage: 159

Hit Speed: 1.7 Seconds

Health Per Elixir Cost: 424

Damage Per Second Per Elixir Cost: 16 (15.5)

Range: 6.5 (Outranges all buildings apart from Arena Towers, XBow and Mortar.)

Deploy Time: 1 Second

Movement Speed: Slow

Rarity: Common (Why?!?!?)

Perhaps the most hated card in the entire game, (although Giant is catching up) the Royal Giant is a ranged tank… Wait what?

With his common rarity, he is easy to over level, and with his long range he hard counters Siege decks. He does the same Damage Per hit as 1 Barbarian and the Knight.

Known for being easy to play, it is very hard to stop the Royal Giant getting hits onto the tower. However, he is NOT overpowered. Just over leveled.

The Royal Giant is great at chipping down towers.

When one arena tower is down, the Royal Giant can be placed in a position where he can immediately hit the Princess Tower without being hit by the King Tower,

To counter him, a reactive Inferno is the best counter. High DPS units such as Barbarians are very good against the Royal Giant. Tesla only pops up when the Royal Giant enters it’s range meaning it cannot be outranged by the Royal Giant.

Defensively the Royal Giant is alright, but not as good as other options.


Thank you for reading this guide, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Did I miss anything? Did you learn something new?

Please leave you opinions below.

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